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Volvos Subarus invade Crisp Circuit

By johnboy 23 January 2006 17

The Canberra Times is reporting on a Subaru plunging into a house in Bruce yesterday.

While the lack of injuries is a testament to Subaru engineering, I ask you; Is safety the only reason the new generation of oblivious morons has switched from Volvo?

Is it by accident or design that those most likely to crash into things drive the safest cars?

What’s Your opinion?

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17 Responses to
Volvos Subarus invade Crisp Circuit
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midnitecalla 8:51 pm 29 Jan 06

actually el ther is one getting around with a chevy engiine and four speed was converted a decade ago. great thing about it is it didnt take much to do. as for commodores and falcons i do own one of each along with a Skyline silhouette from 1988. all gr8 cars to tinker with and easy enough to self repair although the skyline and holdens computers can go off at times to my frustration.also my partner owns a volvo gle 262 v6 wagon. easy as pie compared to moderns and still runs on 3 star unleaded.

Blossy 5:30 am 28 Jan 06

I just want to buy something safe.

shauno 1:03 am 28 Jan 06

Has anybody seen that beaten up old Rolls Royce getting around with some young guys driving it. Ive seen it a couple of times a while ago. Funny as.

Was thinking of doing that myself for a laugh because you can pick them up pretty cheaply. Then employ some vagrant off the street to drive me around. Id get him a uniform and a hat.

el 7:34 pm 25 Jan 06

If I were to do a Volvo I’d have the the thing looking dead stock, standard rims, hubcaps, sunvisors etc with a 340 mopar engine lurking beneath.

RandomGit 4:25 pm 25 Jan 06

…… I love my Camry.

Special G 2:41 pm 25 Jan 06

Thumper, What about the fully sick exhaust and the spoiler that would keep an aircraft on the ground? Throw in a midnight special sticker, a metallic changy colour paint job or something like that and you would be right for next years nats. Beats a hotted up Toyota starlet.

Thumper 8:00 am 24 Jan 06

I’m happy with my old Commodore. It goes like a train and looks alright.

Volvos are fine. I just wouldn’t want one. Although, it would be fun to slap a body kit on one, lower it, whack a set a decent rims and rubber under it, and generally make it not look like a volvo.

midnitecalla 9:26 pm 23 Jan 06

also be for any comments on my driving ablities

i have been driving for 22 years, 18 professionally, and have actually driven most performance and luxury marques and models, and you get appalling drivers in all not just volvos , excels and any other snobberistic class of car you care to mention.

midnitecalla 8:32 pm 23 Jan 06

as for volvos not being a drivers choice this smacks of snobbery and possiblity of not everdriven one. i have seen these cars win Bathurst and ice raced in europe where you wouldnt have the backbone aardvark to tell the drivers that they were slow witted.also having driven one and found i was able to put the frightners on a brock holden . i have a few performance cars myself but some times my mothers robbie francivic special can bwe a rather efreshing drive as seeing all the surprised faces is a real treat!.Volvos are equipped as standard with lsd, extractors, watts link suspension variable power steering, fuel injection ect all before “holden” and “ford ” decided that it was a n advancement for the common car. so give me a bloody volvo over a tinfoil nancy boy car any day.

also i found i can fix them with the old time methods not reliant on some computer nerd in a dealer ship.

if its good enough for the vikings its good ennough for me

Thumper 1:02 pm 23 Jan 06

hehe… Cop proof, that’s cool.

The one that piss me off are young P plate chicks in Hyundai Excels. They think they are more invincible than I thought I was when I was 18. And they more aggressive.

And that’s a scary thought.

maybe Volvo’s should be compulsory for some people.

colsim 11:44 am 23 Jan 06

One thing about the volvo though, they’re pretty well cop-proof. I have a mate who got to the stage where he felt so invisible in his that he was able to beep them when they cut in front of him.

aardvark 11:18 am 23 Jan 06

Absolutely right! People who were nervous about their driving abilities bought a Volvo for protection. Then they go out and drive badly and prove their own fears correct. The Volvo driver generalisation was the best, most accurate, generalisation ever made. Nowadays these folk are switching to Saabs, Audis and 4WDs, as you say. Trouble is you can’t generalise about Subarus bec plenty of them are driven by capable drivers. The thing about Volvos was that they were such crap cars to drive that no reasonable driver (car choice not motivated by fear) was ever found in one.

There’s another group who are appalling drivers but don’t admit it to themselves so they buy “pseudo-sporty” cars, notably – the Celica. These are people to beware.

johnboy 10:36 am 23 Jan 06

And if you check out the ads on this page you’ll find many opportunities to become a subaru driver yourself…

Actually i arrived early and left late so i didn’t see the cars at the party.

colsim 10:30 am 23 Jan 06

Hmm, possibly not bad driving per se, but they do seem more aggressive than most. (And that visibility blocking thing shits me no end)

Special G 10:21 am 23 Jan 06

Is this a comment about your friends JB, after seeing 3 almost identical silver Subaru’s outside the housewarming the other night.

johnboy 10:15 am 23 Jan 06

4wd’s are dangerous but i can’t say I personally notice the same degree of bad driving.

colsim 10:12 am 23 Jan 06

I thought they’d all moved on to 4WDs Johnboy. Maybe we just need to update the Volvo jokes.

(But yes, I’d say you’re right is the short answer)

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