Want to go on the hunt this halloween?

johnboy 18 October 2009 12

The following has crossed my desk thanks to the wonder of facebook.

Elena Kirschbaum, green candidate for the Legislative Assembly, whip cracking acrobat, and flourishing event organiser is putting on “The Halloween Hunt” for your enjoyment:

The Halloween Hunt is a treasure hunt suitable for families, groups or fly solo. Get a map at the beginning of the day, solve clues, find different places around town, search on wheels – bike, skateboard, segue or car. Be the first one and get the treasure.

Lots of fun, compete for prizes, do something different on Halloween. Run by the same team that brought you the Pirate Hunt in 2008.

$10 a ticket, to register email Elena.Kirschbaum@hotmail.com. Discounts for big families or groups that register together.

Location will be announced a couple of days before to all registered participants.

Sounds like a hoot.

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12 Responses to Want to go on the hunt this halloween?
elena_k elena_k 3:44 pm 21 Oct 09

The hunt should run for around 1.5 – 2 hours. Roughly. I suggest having wheels of some kind – a car, but more fun on a bike, skateboard, roller blades, etc.

I can tell you it will be running across a couple of suburbs in the inner north of Canberra, but exact start location will be texted out to registered participants a couple of days before. So email me to register your interest!

Any more questions I can answer here or you can email me!

blueberry blueberry 2:43 pm 20 Oct 09

Poo poo to the poo pooers who probably would not know a fun community activity if it jumped up and bit them on the bum.

This is gonna be a blast, Can’t wait. I had a rad time at the pirate hunt even though we lost miserably. Hopefully by treasure hunting skills have improved since then. 🙂

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 2:17 pm 20 Oct 09

“All Hallow’s Eve” is actually British celebration, with pagan origins. Though the Yanks have adopted and “adapted” it. (To its detriment in my humble…)

bd84 bd84 9:00 pm 19 Oct 09

American rubbish. Any kids coming to my door get nothing.

sepi sepi 5:22 pm 19 Oct 09

Sounds good to me – how long will it take – is this an all day thing or an afternoon, or how does it work? can we get a bit more info? How big can the teams be?

elena_k elena_k 4:31 pm 19 Oct 09

Canberrans are constantly complaining that nothing interesting ever happens in Canberra. Well, here you go. Halloween is just an excuse to run an event that will be fun and a bit different.

If this offends you, don’t come.

If you want something fun to do then do come.

Email address is actually elena_kirschbaum@hotmail.com.

This hunt is for fun. Nothing more or less. It has nothing to do with the Greens, or any other political message, other than I’m running it and I happen to be a former Greens candidate. It is not a pro-American political statement, and it’s not an ironic anti-American statement either. When I ran a pirate themed treasure hunt on International Speak Like A Pirate Day I was not making a political pro-pirate statement either.

I’m just trying to run something for fun. Really shouldn’t be such a big deal I reckon, get over it! 🙂

Chop71 Chop71 2:52 pm 19 Oct 09

…… and Canadian

Jim Jones Jim Jones 2:51 pm 19 Oct 09

How is the green party “trenchantly anti-American”?

Ralph Ralph 1:41 pm 19 Oct 09

Doesn’t sound very carbon neutral.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 10:42 am 19 Oct 09

‘different places around town, search on wheels – bike, skateboard, segue or car.’

A segue is not a form of transport. Its a continuation from one topic of discussion (or music piece) to another.
A Segway is a form of transport which is illegal to put on the road in Australia.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 10:22 am 19 Oct 09

Halloween is an Americanism, no right-thinking Australian would have anything to do with it, American television is corrupting our kids, it’s not even the right season, it’s not our way, what ever happened to Australian values, it’s lollies not candy, Americans are ignorant.

Am I doing it right?

Trunking symbols Trunking symbols 10:20 am 19 Oct 09

A few questions: a/ Where is the money going to? b/ Why is a Halloween event being held on November 1st? c/ Why is a party which is trenchantly anti-American holding an event to commemorate an American holiday? and d/ Why is this person touting herself as “Green candidate for the Legislative Assembly” when the next election is not due until October 2012? PS: The Hotmail address is a bit dodgy as well.

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