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Wanted: Canberra’s least confrontational gym or health club

By gungsuperstar 26 August 2012 52

Hi all, this is the increasingly expanding Bill.

I never thought I’d be the type. The type that gets up at 5.30am to go to the gym. Or who gives up time at the pub after work to go to the gym. But alas, after too many beers after work, my doctor has finally convinced me that it’s time to give up the smokes and pizza and get into a gym.

So I’ve never set foot inside a gym. Without having done so, everything I’ve heard from friends and colleagues, and everything I remember from high school suggests that I hate jock culture.

So I’m looking for Canberra’s least confrontational gym or health club. I don’t know if I’m dreaming – but what I, and many in my situation need is a complete absence of pretension, of jocks, of yuppies, of any sort of judgment whatsoever.

For the purposes of what might be a useful resource in a society increasingly aware of obesity, it might be nice if people suggested any particular features that the gym has – for example, I’m interested in gyms with a swimming pool, and with access to a personal trainer to get me started. Others might be interested in other features.

I’m prepared to travel pretty much anywhere in Canberra to at least check out the right gym.

Thanks Rioters

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Wanted: Canberra’s least confrontational gym or health club
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[…] Wanted: Canberra’s least confrontational gym or health … – You’ve never set foot inside a gym, but you think most are full of yuppies and jocks and you’re prepared to travel across Canberra to avoid them. […]

kakosi 10:34 pm 07 Sep 12

Take up swimming and walking instead. A lot less traumatic on your body and a hell of a lot cheaper.

sportsmum 8:52 pm 07 Sep 12

I realise that this is a few weeks after the original post, but can I suggest you consider a personal trainer instead of a gym? It seems like you might be in need of some specific, tailored information on both diet and exercise and a good PT can offer this. Bec Brown at Peak Performance in O’Malley is great, I’ve also heard good things about Flames Fitness and Elite Physique, and I’m sure there are other good trainers out there. A trainer can get you started, show you the path and then you can follow it after you stop seeing the trainer. Best of luck to you.

TanyaGendle 3:31 pm 29 Aug 12

I would check out strive holistic personal training in Deakin. They are located in a big house and all the training rooms are private, not only do they offer one on one training, they also can help you with you diet.

Gav75 8:21 pm 27 Aug 12

I would highly recommend Energy Fitness Center in Holt; Very helpful, knowledgeable and motivating staff and a very friendly atmosphere. They provide health assessments, programs and PT packages at very reasonable prices.

Traveller 8:14 pm 27 Aug 12

Hi Bill,

Glad you checked out Evo at Hotel Realm today. I have been a member there for around 5 months and it is best gym I have ever been a member of! Having access to the pool and steam room is what sold it for me.

I go before work and on the weekends and it is never packed. They also give you a free towel each morning which is very handy.

It is an older crowd in the gym, all very polite and friendly and there is absolutely no looking or gawking going on.Their customer service is also excellent, I wrote to them when I first joined as there was a very things that I thought could be improved and they responded promptly and fixed them.

I used to be a member of Fitness First in Deakin but it was very dirty and no pool.

Good luck with your journey and I hope you find the right gym for you.

friskyfilly 7:30 pm 27 Aug 12

I love going to the gym and Im fairly self conscious of my size too and can easly feel intimidated by the fit and fantastic, but I still go. You quickly get over the nerves when you realise only a small percent havethe “perfect body” and they are usually too busy checking themselves out the whole time to even notice you. The majority of people are no different to you all there with the same goal in mind, to get fit and stay healthy. everyone has their headphones on and in their own worlds. ages range from late teens (not so may) up to 80 year olds. I went to body blitz a few years back regularly and was so surprised at how many senior citizens were there in the weight and cardio area. That was a nice frendly gym and i believe now 24 hours.

I now go to energy fitness in Kippax and love it. I think the most important thing is to join a gym close to either home or work, whichever you will be departing from to go there the most. If you have to travekl far yo wont feel like it and choose to go home instead. I love energy fitness. Iused to be a loner at the gym, but this is close to my home and so many people/friends are members that i now have a gym buddy and finding it to be more social experience and enjoyale than i thought Id ever be willing to do. staff are nice, know your name, equipment is high end, classes and really goodand its a reasonable orice too.

biggest thing though dont worry about who else wil be there, just focus on your goals and before you know it you will be chomping at the bit toget back there. gym buddys are good they help to get you there so maybe join with a friend or go to a gym where you know people, but do make sure its within your locale. Good luck soon to be shrinking Bill

gungsuperstar 7:02 pm 27 Aug 12

birder said :

I do think exercising helps with losing weight beyond just the calories burned. I feel better, more energetic, happier. Also, I think more carefully about what I put in my mouth, because if I go to all the trouble of getting up before dawn, working out like crazy, etc., then I don’t want to eat it all away in a few bits of a Krisy Kreme.

This is the essence of my thought process too. Without a semi-serious training regiment, the dietary changes I tried to make failed miserably. If healthy activity becomes a normal part of my lifestyle, then health eating is bound to be as well.

Thanks to everyone for their kind, helpful, insightful posts. In particular Gigantor, I found your post quite inspirational. And people tell me that the comments section of the Riot Act is full of trolls!

I’ve checked out a couple of gyms today – I checked out the one at Hotel Realm, the one at Rydges Capital Hill, and Club Lime in Civic (despite it’s lack of pool). IF I’ve found my gym today, it’s Hotel Realm – but I’m going to keep looking at some of the places suggested in this thread.

Unfortunately it wasn’t until reading the suggestions in this thread that I realised that swimming pools in a gym were a rarity – as much as anything else I’ve said, that probably indicates my level of ignorance over gyms. I thought every gym had one!

Genie 5:04 pm 27 Aug 12

I would highly recommend the Aqua program at the AIS ! Brilliant instructors

Alternatively since you sound like you’ve never exercised before and have no idea what you’d be doing I’d recommend giving Andy at Trick Fitness a call. They write you a tailored program and run you through it every session. It’s great motivation and also great to learn the basics of what exercise you should be doing for you.

CISAC and Flames Fitness are the 2 gyms I would recommend you never join.

watto23 4:53 pm 27 Aug 12

From all the posts, you should have realised now that you’ll be fine at a gym.
I also find a regular personal training session at the gym helps keep you motivated.

you just have to keep trying to find out what motivates and works for you.

Athryn 4:14 pm 27 Aug 12

Hey mate,
I’m pretty much in the same boat as you. I’m really over weight as well and really self consious of the way I look.
I joined Fit n Fast recently and been a couple of times. They don’t seem to be too bad. They don’t have a pool but heaps of cardio equipment. Best of all they’re really cheap!! With my membership, I can also bring a budy to train with me. If you’re interested the offer is there to come along with me and try them out.

dtc 2:47 pm 27 Aug 12

Mothy said :

Shared the OP’s apprehension initially about being judged by jocks and yuppies (read: people who “belong” in a gym to the fat-man’s mind), but was pleasantly surprised to be left well enough alone. I don’t know what caricature of human interaction my paranoid mind thought was going to happen, but think of it as the gym equivalent of having sand kicked in your face and you’re there.

The jocks and body builders are mostly focused on how they personally look. They only care about you if you might look better than them (or lift more or whatever). The smart ones then might admire or ask you about training; the dumb ones scowl hard at you and pretend they havent seen you.

If you dont challenge them, they honestly will not care at all – some might try to help you out, but thats it.

I forgot to add in my earlier post two things:

1. weights/resistance exercise is pretty good for losing weight as well, dont focus on aerobics

2. get a PT to explain everything to you first, dont just rock up and start lifting stuff. The ANU has (had?) a few classes eg strength and flexibility, which took you through all of the lifts

Good luck and go for it.

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