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Wanted: Canberra’s least confrontational gym or health club

By gungsuperstar - 26 August 2012 52

Hi all, this is the increasingly expanding Bill.

I never thought I’d be the type. The type that gets up at 5.30am to go to the gym. Or who gives up time at the pub after work to go to the gym. But alas, after too many beers after work, my doctor has finally convinced me that it’s time to give up the smokes and pizza and get into a gym.

So I’ve never set foot inside a gym. Without having done so, everything I’ve heard from friends and colleagues, and everything I remember from high school suggests that I hate jock culture.

So I’m looking for Canberra’s least confrontational gym or health club. I don’t know if I’m dreaming – but what I, and many in my situation need is a complete absence of pretension, of jocks, of yuppies, of any sort of judgment whatsoever.

For the purposes of what might be a useful resource in a society increasingly aware of obesity, it might be nice if people suggested any particular features that the gym has – for example, I’m interested in gyms with a swimming pool, and with access to a personal trainer to get me started. Others might be interested in other features.

I’m prepared to travel pretty much anywhere in Canberra to at least check out the right gym.

Thanks Rioters

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52 Responses to
Wanted: Canberra’s least confrontational gym or health club
Martlark 6:43 pm 26 Aug 12

just go to any gym. Keep going. Don’t think of what others are thinking. They are not the barrier to you looking after your self. That is you. Take some music , podcasts or radio, then concentrate on what you are doing. After a few months you’ll release that you worried about nothing.

Sandman 6:03 pm 26 Aug 12

If you do the run from the yacht club towards yarralumla there’s a whole pile of “excercise points” with a basic piece of equipment and instructions on how to use it. Completely non-confrontational, easy on the wallet and no lock-in contracts.

Rollersk8r 5:50 pm 26 Aug 12

My 2 cents is forget the gym, or at least don’t make it the be all and end all. And I say this as a gym member of over 10 years. In my opinion it’s about 20% exercise and 80% diet and lifestyle when it comes to turning things around. I’ve been very active for many years but never really lost weight until this year, when I ate the same as my wife on the Michelle Bridges 12 week Total Body Transformation. Not a super blokey thing to do – but even cutting corners lately (beers on the weekend) I’ve lost 30kgs since January.

bigM 5:44 pm 26 Aug 12

I hate the perception that people who go to the gym often are gym junkies n roid freaks n whatever else.i can assure you that there will be idiots at every gym because they seem to be attracted there but they won’t be the ones your scared of,they’ll be the dumb ones who sit in the weights area looking at themselves in the mirror doing sweet f&$@ all n have no interest looking at blokes train,they’ll be annoying all the young girls while they r attempting to training without idiots trying to pick them up.
Plus it’s all about timing,you go at 530am,it’s full of public servants who don’t care.pick the one closest to you cause I can guarantee you won’t want to drive across Canberra early in the morning to go to the gym

Lazy I 5:24 pm 26 Aug 12

SnapperJack said :

Southern Cross Health Club is the best gym in Canberra. Very few roid freaks, helpful instructors, a large range of equipment and classes and very reasonable rates.

What price are they charging new members?, can’t find it on the site.

As for the O.P, if you are going into a gym worried about what other people are thinking, you’ve failed already. Your attitude sounds like you’re making excuses before you even start.. “I don’t go to the gym because it’s full of wankers, jocks and yuppies”.

The reality is your health problems are probably better solved by diet and lifestyle changes anyway… sort that out before you go drinking the kool-aid from a PAYG PT that a few limp wristed bicep curls twice a week will solve all your ailments.

crazyfish 3:06 pm 26 Aug 12

With a nod to postalgeek, who I think has a good point, if you are in Tuggers Active Leisure Centre in Erindale is very good value. It has a 25m indoor pool, lots of machines, large weights gym, seperate stretching area and a wide variety of classess. Personal trainers are also available to help get you started by designing a program for you etc. From my recent visits there, many of us are in the same situation as yourself.

Frustrated 3:06 pm 26 Aug 12

BWobbly said :

I use Anytime Fitness in Tuggeranong. It’s basic, no screaming instructors, very reasonable rates and you can visit whenever you like. I recommend them.

Except for the loud TV’s constantly tuned to ChannelV and the equipment that seems to take weeks to get fixed when broken!

ThatGuy 1:53 pm 26 Aug 12

Element’s Fitness on Moore Street in Civic –

Big focus on martial arts there however they do have PT, boot camps, etc. The weights area is relatively small but has everything you really need (you don’t need five different machines for various renditions of bicep curls right?).

Having the martial arts focus means that the people using the weights area are only interested in improving their fitness rather than body building. Plus, the owner has and will kick out douche bags.

No swimming pool however.

Postalgeek 1:30 pm 26 Aug 12

You’ve never set foot inside a gym, but you think most are full of yuppies and jocks and you’re prepared to travel across Canberra to avoid them. And you’re concerned about judgemental people. Riiiight.

My suggestion is that you drop your judgement about who goes to gyms and go to one close by, or one that offers programs or classes that will work for you. Then stick your ear plugs in and get to work.

Hovelites 12:39 pm 26 Aug 12

Northside Fitness Centre is very low key with nearby health shops and cafes nearby for after exercise refuelling.

Or ANU Sports Union – lots of equipment and sporting teams and no pressure.

gentoopenguin 12:30 pm 26 Aug 12

Lake Ginnenderra walking track…

SnapperJack 11:59 am 26 Aug 12

Southern Cross Health Club is the best gym in Canberra. Very few roid freaks, helpful instructors, a large range of equipment and classes and very reasonable rates.

joingler 11:52 am 26 Aug 12

I used to be a member of club lime. It was slightly confrontational but that could be because I’m a rather sensitive person.

Lime Belconnen has a swimming pool. The staff there were fantastic, I met up with a trainer each month (sometimes different, sometimes the same one) and they adjusted my workload according to my availability and needs. They even helped me out with my diet which was also pretty bad at that point. None of this cost any extra than the monthly rate It wasn’t cheap though. I think I was paid $140 sign up then $80 a month and that was the student rate. I stopped my membership after 12 months as I no longer had the time or motivatino to go. The other good thing about club lime is they have locations everywhere.

My friend goes somewhere in Queanbeyan. I am unsure of the name but she loves it there. Really friendly atmosphere and she really gets along with the staff and other clients.

BWobbly 11:36 am 26 Aug 12

I use Anytime Fitness in Tuggeranong. It’s basic, no screaming instructors, very reasonable rates and you can visit whenever you like. I recommend them.

Panhead 11:33 am 26 Aug 12

northside gym in dickson

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