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WARNING: Johnboy is a reptoid. Apparently.

By PsydFX - 23 May 2009 100

Whilst waiting for the bus today, I came across the following notice that was taped inside a bus shelter.
The notice states:

Did you know??? The following people are not who they pretend they are – you read and believe their UNTRUTHS!!!
in reality they are LYING and are in fact reptoids ( reptilian humanoids) JESSICA GOOD!!! JOHN GRIFFITHS!! MARK PARTON!! SIMON DEERING NIGE”) KATY GALLAGHER ALSO
know the truth now –

When I got home I had a look at the website to see if it was some kind of weird joke, and from what I can work out I think it is.

I do find it funny that the guy has taken the time to pixelate his face in his videos, I find it even funnier that at 0:59 on the May 21st video that he moves just a little too fast for his pixels and end up displaying half of his face.

Hopefully someone out there recognises him and can give us some insight into his mental health status?

[ED – wow, so this is what the bigtime looks like…]

UPDATED: Well, with his most recent video our lad is obviously fabricating evidence (either that or I’m really a Reptoid overlord and I think they’d be sleeping with more swimsuit models). So I think elaborate spoof is firming as a favourite.

What’s Your opinion?

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100 Responses to
WARNING: Johnboy is a reptoid. Apparently.
Thumper 12:46 pm 23 May 09

Apparently we’re all greys. It said so on his website so it must be true.

However, I’m not feeling very grey…

Granny 12:42 pm 23 May 09

Personally, I’m with Tony. The Gatormen theory has a lot to recommend itself.

Granny 12:40 pm 23 May 09

Is that a lizard on your shoulder or are you just happy to see me?

BenMac 12:34 pm 23 May 09

His website is linked to

So i’m guessing his name is Chris. Just another young pube with too much time on his hands.

Granny 12:32 pm 23 May 09

Trust no one, astro! Trust no one!

; )

Granny 12:31 pm 23 May 09

Coincidence? I think not! Get that chip off your shoulder, Chad ….

astrojax 12:29 pm 23 May 09

astro speaks with forked tongue, of course (which makes the raiders skipper a good candidate too, no?)

astrojax 12:28 pm 23 May 09

everyone knew johnboy was a reptiod – old news.

didn’t know granny was one, but! ; )

p1 12:24 pm 23 May 09

i have looked at the website yet, but does ‘fightTRUTH’ suggest spreading lies?

gun street girl 12:23 pm 23 May 09

That’s one distinguished (not to mention intimidating) list of reptoids there. I think it’s missing an Australian Idol contestant or two, though.

Granny 12:21 pm 23 May 09


Granny 12:14 pm 23 May 09

I thought it was quite sweet that the poster goes to the trouble of explaining what a reptoid is, and even comes with illustrations if you still don’t get it!


Too much Dr Who perhaps?

deezagood 12:02 pm 23 May 09

He could be onto something regarding Stanhope though …. those darting eyes, that nervous tongue flicking

Thumper 11:57 am 23 May 09

I should also admit, that yes, I too am a lizard…

Thumper 11:56 am 23 May 09

Hahahahaha, that is sooo funny.

I always said that Lawson weas a secret alien base did I not?

Who is laughing now hey 😉

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