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Washing Machine Repair

By Garema Place 19 July 2013 7

Anybody recommend an honest and reasonable washing machine repair outfit?

I’m in the Weston Creek area.

My four-year-old Fisher & Paykel MW512 is on the blink.

When filling, the water comes in spurts, and the machine will not begin a cycle, sounding the out of balance beep instead.

Suspect the out of balance switch is the problem.

In asking friends and neighbours for a repairer I’ve heard some nasty stories about call-out costs, unsatisfactory repairs, rip-offs etc. Thus my request for help from fellow Rioters. Thanks in advance.

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Washing Machine Repair
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dougpb 11:49 am 22 Jul 13

M&C are not the repair agent even tho they will repair it. F&P have independent repair techs. If the water is only going in spurts it could well be the water valves which is very common with these machines too. But yes it could be the balance switch. I fix these machines for a hobby and am happy to help

niftydog 9:54 am 22 Jul 13

I’d say you’re likely to find Mayner & Cochrane ARE the F&P service agent. They are the agents for just about everything else.

I fix all my own stuff, generally, so I can’t comment on their repair service. However, I know that trying to buy parts from them is a complete waste of time. They are quite disinterested in selling to the general public and rarely have (or seem able to obtain) the parts that I’ve needed over the years.

WD40 won’t get inside the switch which is where the problem is. If you’re close enough to spray the switch with scented sewing machine oil, then you’re close enough to replace it.

veronicamars 5:37 pm 19 Jul 13

I would phone Fisher and Paykel 1300 650 590. They first try to see if it is something you can fix yourself and if not will tell you who their service agent in Canberra is.

birder 5:19 pm 19 Jul 13

We had a TERRIBLE experience with Mayner and Cochrane. In fact, I was thinking about posting it here to ask for advice. Our dryer was malfunctioning, and they sent out a young guy who literally googled the problem on his ipad. He recommended we get a new control board. They never called and we had to track a control board down ourselves. They came to install it and said it was fixed. It wasn’t fixed, and we asked for our old control board back and a refund of the cost of the part. We have complained by phone and by letter and they have completely ignored us. We spent $350 with these idiots and the dryer is in the exact same condition as before they looked at it. If we were in the US, we would take them to small claims court, but I’m not sure what the process is here.

wildturkeycanoe 5:10 pm 19 Jul 13

Googling the problem also seems to point to the out of balance switch. Locating it if you can and giving it a jiggle apparently may work and doesn’t involve electrical work. Perhaps some WD40 to fix the corrosion?

niftydog 4:08 pm 19 Jul 13

If it’s anything like my old(er) F&P machine, replacing the microswitch is very straight forward. You’ll find it has corroded and the switch contacts will have a high resistance.

You can buy a suitable part at Jaycar. However, it does mean dismantling the controls which will expose some mains wiring so if you’re not comfortable with that then don’t do it. The microswitch will also need to have it’s actuator arm cut off to expose the switch plunger. They aren’t the greatest quality switches so you may want to get a spare for next time – but it will get you going again.

PigsFly 3:01 pm 19 Jul 13

I would definitely call Mayner and Cochrane. We made the mistake of calling someone else to fix our stove element that was on the blink only to be told we were imaging things and that will be $110 thanks. M&C turned up on time, got the stove fixed and were out of here in no time. They were a little pricey but the stove is as good as new and they gave us a warranty with the repairs they did. They’re coming again next week to fix our dodgy dishwasher – hopefully they’ll fix it just as efficiently.

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