Watch: Brown snake slithers into Jindabyne Bowling Club

Hannah Sparks 11 January 2021 39
Snake on floor inside Jindabyne Bowling Club.

A brown snake inside Jindabyne Bowling Club.

The staff and customers at Jindabyne Bowling Club were surprised to see a brown snake slither up to the bar at lunchtime on Sunday (10 January).

A video on social media showed anxious patrons gathering around the snake as it moved towards a table and chairs near the bar.

Michael Jamieson was behind the camera and said no one knew exactly how the snake got into the club. Some patrons suggested it crawled under the door, while others questioned how it wriggled its way to the bar from the front door without anyone noticing.

Michael said an older male patron took the situation into his hands by pinning the snake with a barstool before picking it up and placing it in a bin.

Another patron then carried the snake in the bin out of the club.

Michael said the snake was unharmed and was happily set free by Lake Jindabyne.

Brown snakes are one of Australia’s most dangerous snakes, known for their bad temper, and are responsible for more deaths each year than any other. Australians are used to seeing brown snakes outside in paddocks and near dams during summer, but rarely inside their own watering hole.

One patron even put a plate out for the snake, in case it decided to return for dinner!

However, everyone inside the club was able to see the funny side once the snake had been removed.

Michael wondered if the snake had completed the club’s COVID-19 check-in, while a Facebook commenter said the snake should have been cut off because it was legless!

Original Article published by Hannah Sparks on About Regional.

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39 Responses to Watch: Brown snake slithers into Jindabyne Bowling Club
Capital Retro Capital Retro 4:59 pm 11 Jan 21

Given that hundreds of snakes must have been dispatched by number 5 irons on golf courses, that snake was a real thrill-seeker heading into a golf clubhouse. The snake should be counting its blessings given that all golf clubs were in their lockers.

Matty Kolar Matty Kolar 7:11 pm 11 Jan 21

Michelle A Herr we even have deadly snakes who get thirsty don’t we Trevor Doyle

Jim Roy Jim Roy 7:31 pm 11 Jan 21

Fella wants a schooner, all good.

Luken Stevenson Luken Stevenson 7:31 pm 11 Jan 21

Brett missed all the action

Trevor Doyle Trevor Doyle 8:04 pm 11 Jan 21

Well it is bloody hot down here , every one likes a little tipple ..... and Michelle A Herr that’s deadly snakes not the pretend deadly..... these are the top 10 deadly along with the other 9 Australian snakes

Jamie Whaat Jamie Whaat 8:19 pm 11 Jan 21

James Winter assume you were the older male gentleman that removed the snake?

Greg Batten Greg Batten 8:48 pm 11 Jan 21

Love the bushie with the bar-stool, and the know-how to wrangle a brown-snake without harming it. That's the real Australia.

Julia Evans Julia Evans 8:54 pm 11 Jan 21

Peter Hanisch Good thing we didn’t go there.

Anne T Turner Anne T Turner 9:02 pm 11 Jan 21

Well he probably needed a good gin and tonic. Who doesn't these days!

Sabrina Costa Sabrina Costa 9:18 pm 11 Jan 21

Guy Metcalfe thirsssssssssssstyy

Katy Did Katy Did 9:24 pm 11 Jan 21

So, a snake goes up to a bar and says......

Kelly Grosse Kelly Grosse 9:31 pm 11 Jan 21

Mark Watt happy hour $4 snakebites

Brett Olzen Brett Olzen 9:33 pm 11 Jan 21

Give that Brownsnake a Beer 🍺🍻

Janine Gilchrist Janine Gilchrist 9:56 pm 11 Jan 21

Courtney Welsh share with your house mates

Tom Ethan Tom Ethan 10:14 pm 11 Jan 21

Harrison Myles I am a slippery little snake

    Harrison Myles Harrison Myles 12:28 am 13 Jan 21

    Tom Ethan its the wildest pub/squash court in town

Lucy Kealey Lucy Kealey 10:55 pm 11 Jan 21

Liz Hancock Jo Polkinghorne Robyn Delves ... we best be prepared for many eventualities!

Kevin Hodder Kevin Hodder 11:32 pm 11 Jan 21

3 schooners later and it was legless

George Watling George Watling 12:18 am 12 Jan 21

Poor thing.

Moira Campbell Moira Campbell 6:39 am 12 Jan 21

Juan Stewart Jacinda Fothergill-stewart how did it get through security though? 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Jacinda Fothergill-stewart Jacinda Fothergill-stewart 9:38 pm 12 Jan 21

    Moira Campbell must have been working at Woolies!

    Kate Pope Kate Pope 1:18 pm 14 Jan 21

    Moira Campbell and should it have been wearing a mask?

    Moira Campbell Moira Campbell 6:02 pm 14 Jan 21

    Kate Pope this serpent was not COVID safe!!

Rebecca Buckland Rebecca Buckland 6:56 am 12 Jan 21

Keirryn Zifovich watch out!

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