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Water Tank rebate madness

By johnboy - 12 July 2005 29

Vicki Dunne has put out a media release attacking changes to the water tank rebate scheme.

The whole thing is very confusing. The Government seems to have belatedly realised that only people with money can take advantage of a rebate scheme. The changes make watertanks economical only in new houses. In any event watertanks are uneconomical with the current government price of water and bring only warm fuzzies. Hence their predominant use by those who wish to cheat water restrictions in their gardens.

Vicki does make some interesting points about their use in general.

“If every household in Canberra had a tank we would store less than 1 per cent of the water we could store in the Tennent Dam. The cost of the tanks would build that dam twice over.”

But who cares about practicalities when there are warm fuzzies to go around.

What’s Your opinion?

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29 Responses to
Water Tank rebate madness
Maelinar 11:44 am 13 Jul 05

I only know one Jo, and last I heard she was posted to Darwin 🙁

LurkerGal 11:36 am 13 Jul 05

Mael: lolololol

Maelinar 11:22 am 13 Jul 05

I was only a Sig in the Aus army, I was Infantry in NZ, however we learned RATEL in that role.

Actually it’s just exposing loophole terminology like ‘Military Intelligence’.

or ‘Say again over’
‘again over’

LurkerGal 11:20 am 13 Jul 05

ooh! I might know him then!

Thumper 11:18 am 13 Jul 05

Given that Mael spent about 15 years as a Sig with both NZ and Australian Army I think he’s aware of that….


RandomGit 10:46 am 13 Jul 05




Figure that one out out 😛


LurkerGal 10:38 am 13 Jul 05

you end every sentance with “over” EXCEPT when you are ending the conversation, when you use “out”. We learnt that on day 1. Anyone who used “over and out” had to do 50 pushups.

Maelinar 10:28 am 13 Jul 05

Perhaps the conscripts can be put to good use installing water tanks..

Thumper 10:27 am 13 Jul 05

I agree LG,

bring back conscription!


Maelinar 10:09 am 13 Jul 05

Actually the saying comes from a problem with military etiquitte and doctrine.

On one hand, you must end every sentence with ‘Over’

On the other, you must indicate that you have finished your conversation with ‘Out’

Hence the creation of the term ‘Over and Out’. No real reason to use it personally other than to add a little flavour to the end of my sentence 🙂

Maelinar 10:05 am 13 Jul 05

QRU AR then.

LurkerGal 9:57 am 13 Jul 05

LG gets very cranky about over and out. It is a contradiction. Either you are “over” (waiting for the other person to talk) or “out” (ending the conversation.

No one uses this except on the tv or the ignorant.
Bring back conscription!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thumper 9:38 am 13 Jul 05

Over and Out????

Bloody septic!


Maelinar 9:28 am 13 Jul 05

Having read the media release, I must say poor Ms Dunne is BADLY informed!

What the hell are these people thinking? – A water storage capacity at every house in Canberra would cause less drain on the dams, and water would be more appropriately utilised around the common household.

Given the current construction rate of housing in Canberra I don’t think that the capacity would be too far off what a dam could hold either. I have also been out to the dam in Queanbeyan just before the rains started and it could best be described in brewing terms as ‘the dregs’. (generally the stuff you wouldn’t drink).

So just how did we make this leap of intelligence to be comparing ‘empty’ dams with storm water catchment and use ?

I’d actually sleep more soundly knowing that the water which came off my roof was put to better use than running into a stormwater runoff and eventually out to sea, which is a criminal negligence waste of our most precious resource.

I have actually been looking recently at installing a rainwater tank at my house, it would appear that there is absolutely no reference to how to get one, where to get one from, or even being able to purchase one via rates or ACTEW billing. If there is, I would appreciate a link ;P

There is plenty of garbage about the benefits of getting one, and how to set one up – here’s a novel thought; If I’m thinking of installing a rainwater tank I’ve probably already thought of how it will be used, what I’m looking for is how and where to get one!

Over and Out.

Thumper 8:29 am 13 Jul 05

I work within a Federal government Environmental program.

We are responsible for small grants to promote sustainable agriculture and better natural resource management, or to put it simply, to plant trees and do other good stuff for the environment.

We operate on a dollar for dollar system. The landowner contributes one dollar to his on ground works, and the Federal government contributes a matching dollar. It works very well.

I can’t see why the ACT government doesn’t operate in the same way. Surely a water tank has got to be better than sucking stored water out of our dams.

And even more surely, if the average punter is willing to put up half the cost then this also has to be a positive.

What I see here is a government who really couldn’t care less about the lack of water or the ways to rectify the problem, and instead are quite happy to put forward some sort of policy that looks good on paper but in no way addresses the issue.

I for one cannot afford to put a water tank in. However, if the government was to contribute 50% of the cost I would seriously think about taking out a loan to do it.

However, now that it has to be connected to toilets and dishwaters, etc, making the cost therefore much higher to the individual, I can in no way afford to do it.

Surely there must be someone in this government, or opposition who has some semblance of intelligence?

After all, isn’t the whole point of the exercise to save water?

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