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Water Tank rebate madness

By johnboy 12 July 2005 29

Vicki Dunne has put out a media release attacking changes to the water tank rebate scheme.

The whole thing is very confusing. The Government seems to have belatedly realised that only people with money can take advantage of a rebate scheme. The changes make watertanks economical only in new houses. In any event watertanks are uneconomical with the current government price of water and bring only warm fuzzies. Hence their predominant use by those who wish to cheat water restrictions in their gardens.

Vicki does make some interesting points about their use in general.

“If every household in Canberra had a tank we would store less than 1 per cent of the water we could store in the Tennent Dam. The cost of the tanks would build that dam twice over.”

But who cares about practicalities when there are warm fuzzies to go around.

What’s Your opinion?

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Water Tank rebate madness
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Kerces 9:48 pm 14 Jul 05

How can you see people’s email addresses if you’re just an ordinary jo(sephine) blow user?

seepi 6:43 pm 14 Jul 05

Not at all. The plants cost far more than the water. It might make me consider a water tank for outside though.
Plants are like an investment – a tiny magnolia in a 10 cm pot will cost 6.00 and take years to be able to look after itself. a Bigger one in a 20 cm pot will cost 10.00. One that you can plant straight into the ground and actually see (1 metre tall) will cost 45.00. ONe that is a couple of metres tall costs 300.00. So once you have nurtured the tiny plant into something big, you don’t want to see it die due to the lack of a bit of water.

johnboy 11:10 pm 13 Jul 05

OK Seepi,

so if water rpices were doubled how would that affect your thinking on the garden?

seepi 11:03 pm 13 Jul 05

But back to the govt subsidy – I don’t see why it is any different to have a tank for water ing the garden OR a tank for usinghte washign machine. Assuming you were already doing both, then you have saved the same amount of water.
And before anyone tells me to stop watering my garden – mine is 40 years old, and I would not choose those plants now, but I think it is really sad if 40 year old trees die because I couldn’t get them through the drought.

johnboy 8:30 pm 13 Jul 05

OpenYourMind is just about bang on the money.

Once the proposed pipeline into the snowy scheme (where our environmental outflows end up anyway) we can pay for water at the same rates the cotton farming bastards are and within that market we’re a tiny drop.

so long as ACTEW have the sense to price properly who cares?

personal watertanks should be left to individual choice and lets get government policy out of it.

but can we stop pretending there’s a water shortage when we’re selling the stuff at ridiculously low prices?

Maelinar 4:20 pm 13 Jul 05

my name is contained within my email address young padawan.

I always preferred Chocolate Mousse.

LurkerGal 4:11 pm 13 Jul 05

As in “Maybe he IS Mel Torme”? One of my favourite movies.

Thumper 4:00 pm 13 Jul 05

No, but he may be Mel Torme….

How do we know that he is not Mel Torme I ask you?

(Okay, vague reference to the movie Top Secret, Val Kilmer’s finest film…)

bonfire 3:52 pm 13 Jul 05

maelinar you arent paul lowry are you ?

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