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Weekend water use takes off

By johnboy 19 January 2009 29

It wasn’t even that hot yesterday, and yet somehow you all managed to burn through a stonking 194ML.

So has everyone just gotten sick of emergency measures stretching into long years?

What’s Your opinion?

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Weekend water use takes off
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sepi 10:24 pm 23 Jan 09

This article states that mature trees in suburban gardens reduce heat of homes, and save water on air conditioning. Saving water by restricting home garden watering may be a false economy, merely encouraging water use in air conditioners.

Holden Caulfield 7:04 pm 22 Jan 09

On what planet are top loaders better than front loaders? That’s just loopy speak.

And frankly, I’d rather sacrifice some of my “allowed” domestic water use if it meant I got to wash my car at home once a month.

Thanks tylersmayhem, I really appreciate that.

poptop 11:02 am 21 Jan 09

Can we regulate to prevent people flushing if they only do a number 1? The old “If it’s yellow, that’s mellow; if it’s brown, flush it down”?

Fines for gratuitous flushing!

sepi 10:12 am 21 Jan 09

On the weekend at the pool I realised that my toddler is frightened to stand on green grass – finding it too spiky – grass is a total unknown thing to many small kids now – so sad.

Exemption for childcare centre lawns I say – they are about 3m square anyway, and not likely to empty the dam.

tylersmayhem 9:20 am 21 Jan 09

Absolutely no flowers in vases, of course no swimming pools anywhere…unless greywater is used, a ban on all top loading washing machines (despite them working better than front loaders) and only two loads in a front loader per week per household, complete ban on dishwashers (despite them probably using about the same amount of water used doing dishes several nights in a row if the machine is only put on when full), no ridiculous fun waste of water (i.e. super soaker’s or water balloons)…

Please continue, that would be great.

tylersmayhem 8:43 am 21 Jan 09

That’s right people, the conservation of water is more important than staying cool in summer, watering your gardens that bring you so much pleasure, and washing your cars which are important to keep in good shape. I look forward to the next suggestion and ACT Gov. plans to limit water consumptions by humans, one shower per day limit, and animals can only be washed on every odd week.

I can keep going with the list if you like?!

monomania 12:43 am 21 Jan 09

If Canberra averaged 50ML above the target till the end of March we would use an extra 3.5GL of water. If water inflow matched the 139ML target figure, our reserve would drop from 107GL to 103.5GL. No need for anyone to get their cossies in a knot.

I think Actew can see a bad case of restriction fatigue coming on or Mark Sullivan gets a bonus based on every ML of water below target at financial years end.

I’m sick of the constant harping about targets and now adds on TV telling us when to water and how long to shower.

Who are they trying to kid. At present usage our water supply is secure. Unless Actew simply stop milking the Cotter and pumping from the Murrumbidgee (15GL for both in the year to July) levels won’t get much below 50% even with another bad year, and could be significantly higher

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