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Weird stuff in Canberra

By Thumper - 24 November 2005 112

Googling around I came across this little gem about ghosties in Stromolo Forest which is interesting given that it no longer exists. (Do ghosts get toasted?)

All in all its a reasonably well written and interesting little piece that led me to wonder, does anyone else out there have any ghost stories about Canberra, or has anyone witness anything freaky as such? Is there any haunted houses in Canberra? Ghostie spectral motorbike riders, etc?

What’s Your opinion?

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112 Responses to
Weird stuff in Canberra
Absent Diane 2:49 pm 24 Nov 05

A mate who worked at the hyatt graveyard shift had several incidents….. one of the freakiest he told me was walking into the function room and hearing what sounded like fingers being run around the edge of every wine glass in the room…. Canberra does have a vibe about it though…

nyssa76 2:46 pm 24 Nov 05

Oooh yeah, before I forget, ScreenSound (still do?) did ghost tours at night in the basement. Apparently a door slammed shut on this one group and it was the only way to get out – no one could open it and you could only lock it from the inside. Scared the shit out of the tour group – funnily enough it was a group of kids from a remand centre 😉

Mr Evil 2:42 pm 24 Nov 05

Yeah, there’s something weird going on in Canberra:

– I saved a document on my computer this morning, but when I just went to find it, it wasn’t there.

– Every time I put socks in the wash they come out a different colour.

nyssa76 2:35 pm 24 Nov 05

Simto, it’s only in the “old” part of ScreenSound. In the library a woman fell to her death (small walkway). In the courtyard – far right corner – there is the ghost of an Aboriginal woman.

In the toilets on the 2nd floor several ghosts have been “felt” or heard – it’s the best place to be if you want to relieve yourself.

Going up the stairwell to the 2nd floor is also quite bad. [Friend used to work in ScreenSound]

Also, at Telopea Park School one stairwell is reknown for people seeing “hanging” spirits (re: Sixth Sense). It used to be on the site of a hanging tree.

LurkerGal 2:17 pm 24 Nov 05

You have to do the Tim the Yowie man tour if you want to know all the haunted places in canberra. I can highly recommend it!

Blossy 2:09 pm 24 Nov 05

You people are freaking me out – I have to go home tonight to my little townhouse where I live *alone*…

simto 1:45 pm 24 Nov 05

The building that now houses the National Film and Sound Archive apparently has a few ghosts from their previous existance as the School of Anatomy.

bonfire 1:44 pm 24 Nov 05

this whole thread simply proves how the greens get elected.

justbands 1:06 pm 24 Nov 05

I know my sister-in-laws place in Wanniasa has experienced many weird things. Details escape me, but I will ask her again about them & report back. I do know that several of her relatives will not stay overnight in the house.

redneck_ninja 1:06 pm 24 Nov 05

Westbourne Woods near the old Yarralumla Brickworks are pretty spooky, very Blair Witch-like. I seem to recall some story about a ghost of an aboriginal boy or something…

Swaggie 1:01 pm 24 Nov 05

Blimey Kandy A, That was just so…. hilarious, Ha ha cracked me up…never heard anthing so funny since, oh, 12.57pm.

Kandy A 12:46 pm 24 Nov 05

Ive heard that Canberra is an entire ghost town every Christmas and long weekend

Mr Evil 11:51 am 24 Nov 05

Some ACT politicians are pretty spooky sometimes…….

jube 11:27 am 24 Nov 05

I lived in a house on Captain Cook Cres in Griffith when first moved to Canberra at the age of 2 1/2 (approx 30 yrs ago). I have very vague recollections of a lady there, but both my parents have told me about the ‘lady’ that used to come to the side of my bed each night to talk to me. My mother was sceptical of my father’s stories at first, but one night she got up and I was in their bedromm, and she heard a voice calling out from my room – she went to look and saw the ‘lady’ there. We also promptly moved out a short time later.

The kicker to all this: I worked in sales for a local cable company about 2 years ago, and had a sales appointment at this house (I know which house on Captain Cook Cres it is, but for the sake of the current tenant, I’ll hold off on the number). After the usual sales talk, I turned to the tenant and said “If this sounds strange, please ignore me, but does anything….different….occur in this house?” and his reply was “Oh, the ghost you mean?”. Apparently he takes in Asian students as boarders, but has been unable to get any of them to stay in my old bedroom for more than 2 nights, after which they make polite excuses and move out. He clams he has also seen her, and from the sound of it she hasn’t changed a bit.

So there you are – a real haunted house in Canberra. If anyone has questions, leave them in the comments and I will do my best!

Geoffco 11:26 am 24 Nov 05

I’m pretty sure Tim the Yowie Man has run ghost tours around town before…

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