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Thumper 24 November 2005 112

Googling around I came across this little gem about ghosties in Stromolo Forest which is interesting given that it no longer exists. (Do ghosts get toasted?)

All in all its a reasonably well written and interesting little piece that led me to wonder, does anyone else out there have any ghost stories about Canberra, or has anyone witness anything freaky as such? Is there any haunted houses in Canberra? Ghostie spectral motorbike riders, etc?

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112 Responses to Weird stuff in Canberra
James-T-Kirk James-T-Kirk 9:49 am 27 Feb 08

Hey – We dropped the ghost sex thread – It should be resurrected – How could we convince one of these ghost chicks to go for it, or to go for it with another ghost chick – Could we film it – We are, after all “Canberra – The Porn Capital”

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 5:45 pm 26 Feb 08

For Haunted, try teh War Memorial. I went to dinner years ago with a bloke who was CEO of teh AWM back in the 80’s. He’s ex-Army and seena bit of war. Anyway, he was telling us about his first night walking through teh place after hours. Long story short, he was about to walk thtrough teh Hall of Valour when one of the staff advised him to take another route. He ignired the advise and reckons when he got halfway thouygh teh hall, the hair on his arms, neck etc.. stood up and he became very cold. He reckons he just knew he wasn’t alone in there. He reckons he ran straight back to his office and never walked through the Hall after hours again.

There’s also a book about Haunted Canberra which has a story from an old WW2 digger who says he was feeling faint while walking through the gallery a few years ago. He says he was on the point of collapse when a bloke in a WWZ uniform caught him and led him to a seat, whgile talking softely to him to “”rest a while, digger”. After a few moments one of the volunteers staff came to see if he was alright bringing him a glass of water. The Volunteers said he’d been watching the old guy for a few minutes noticed him stumble, regain his footing and then awkwardly stumble to a seat. The old bloke said that if it hadn’t been for the actor in WW2 uniform he’d have been in real trouble and asked if he could thank the person in the uniform. At this point the volunteer again advised that had watched the old guy for some time and there was definately no-one dressed that way in the gallery that day. Odd.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 5:07 pm 26 Feb 08


Its not like we described it as the only cornucopia of supernatural delights in the area, or that it was open for the public…

You are responsible for your own actions, and if you happen to get caught trespassing, it is nobody’s fault but your own.

EtFb EtFb 4:44 pm 26 Feb 08

An open mind is not something to be proud of, if it’s so wide open that your brains have fallen out.

Besides, everyone knows these hauntings are all caused by the Flying Spaghetti Monster as he wafts about trying to catch ninjas.

wishuwell wishuwell 12:48 pm 26 Feb 08

I had a really big night out on Friday and I woke up on Saturday morning in my own bed and don’t know how I got there. Really spooky seems to happen on a regular basis.

Paul Paul 12:38 pm 26 Feb 08

So much for the haunted house at Michelago. I went for a look and its only a large derelect building which has been vandalised. Plus, I’m being prosecuted (trespassing plus they’re pointing the finger at me for vandalism)for my troubles. The owners have stepped up the security and I got sprung. It’s not worth the trouble or risk of prosectution.

ghosts ghosts 5:28 am 13 Jan 08

i came across this web page on accident while tryin to work out why michelago is haunted… I have been their with 3 of my mates and we all saw kids one was playin with a basketball i have heard it used to be an Orphanage but i can’t find any proof behind the story…. I use to work at the hyatt in canberra for about 18 months i did my fair share of grave yard shifts in room service the storys of a girl who is around eight years old i know are true she tends to be downstairs in the function centre… As workin grave yard shift you have to collect breakfast cards of peoples doors at 330am i would always dread when that time would come… the front two wings were the worse as it is the original building and the rest weren’t built til later one… From the storys i could find out while working their the girl died in the late 20’s to mid 30’s the hotel was originally built around 1925 and was named hostel no 1 it was used mainly by government so to find out when the girl died would be very hard… the area she can be found supposeable used to be the pool area and she drowned though some people say here parents suffercated her… if any one has questions just ask or if u can help me out please do so…

Lilli Lilli 10:08 am 02 Jan 08

geneoid, the white house in Michelago is on the left of the Monaro Highway in a bunch of trees. Heading towards Michelago, you’d be forgiven for missing it (indeed you just notice a big crop of trees on the left). Heading back towards Canberra you wonder how you missed the house, as it suddenly looms out of the trees. I can’t remember it’s exact whereabouts, but if you follow the highway you shouldn’t miss it, shortly after the Michelago sign I believe.

I did end up visiting awhile ago with a group of friends and although we intended on investigating inside the house, we didn’t. There were lights on (seemed from a bulb, not a torch) and we opted out of an encounter with someone/thing. We asked around later and apparently someone had taken up renovating the place – not sure of the truth in this story but it is worth keeping in mind that actually going into the house is considered trespassing.

Thumper Thumper 9:20 am 02 Jan 08

Happy new year Fluges,

I like to keep an open mind about these things.


el ......VNBerlinaV8 el ......VNBerlinaV8 10:38 pm 01 Jan 08

OMFG – Ghostsex? h0tT!!1!11!!!11!

VYBerlinaV8 VYBerlinaV8 10:08 pm 01 Jan 08

D’ya reckon the old chick would sit on my face…?

nyssa76 nyssa76 7:34 pm 01 Jan 08

No Fluges, it’s called having an open mind.

If there was a little girl’s spirit at your place, I doubt she’d make herself known to you as you see it as nothing more than an opportunity to take the piss.

Human beings also tend to believe the fallacy that we are the only life forms in the entire universe (a bit egomaniacal).

I’d love to see your face if you ever came in contact with a ghost….

Fluges Fluges 6:09 pm 01 Jan 08

Hi Thumper. Happy New Year. At my place, not far from Lake George, we have a grave in the middle of our backyard – a young girl who died a long time ago. If I believed in Harry Potter, vampires, and the tooth fairy, I might have seen the young girl around the place occasionally (in appropriate period costume of course), but I don’t, so I haven’t.

I know that a lot of people believe in the supernatural and will pay good money for ghost books and tours of haunted houses (I’ve been to the Tower of London, Port Arthur, Sarah Island and Freo Gaol myself, although, obviously, at the wrong time of day). I guess it is also perfectly reasonable to accept that, not only do these poor tormented souls, the ghosts, exist in some sort of after life, but their cars do as well …

Thumper Thumper 1:58 pm 31 Dec 07


it’s called Old Hag syndrome and not really that unusual.

It’s believed by some, including the church in the middle ages to be the devil, either disguised as a female, an incubus, or male, sucubus (sp?)

Or it could just be a really bad dream.

I should try and explore it my book, whenI get around to writing more.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 12:56 pm 31 Dec 07

I actually saw a doco on the entity last night.. it is actually a phenomenon I have experienced a quite few times. Wake up completely paralysed and see a tall dark shadowy figure in the room.

I always put it down to sleep paralysis – but the strange thing is that most people that suffer it have the same hallucinations either an old woman sitting on their chest or a tall dark shadowy figure..

The two scariest incidents I have suffered were seeing the tall shadow dude sitting on the desk in my old room saying to me in my head “not bad huh” and waking up paralysed being dragged off my bed (actually woke up half way down the bed).. Most of the time though there has been no hallucinations but something paralysing me and not allowing me to wake up properly or situp.

Has scared the crap out of me – despite being mostly cynical of it.

Thumper Thumper 10:20 am 31 Dec 07

Difficult to prove either way Mr Fluges.

Except for the scary monsters bit, they only exist in the mind of one Mr D Bowie 😉

Fluges Fluges 9:17 am 31 Dec 07

Get a grip on yourselves children. There are no such things as ghosts and scary monsters. You’ve been watching too much TV.

Sands Sands 10:56 pm 30 Dec 07

When I was tarting myself around Canberra as a teen I used to go up to Red Hill Lookout and when you looked to the left there was a dark patch and then you looked to the right and there was another dark patch (ie, the large areas without lighting) and then of course you were standing in the third dark patch – these three ‘black spots’ formed the witches triangle. The ‘dark side’ used to work it’s magic from any of those three spots. It worked from Mt Ainslie as well (that was one of the dark patches).

It sufficiently freaked me out. But not enough to stop me from tarting.

geneoid geneoid 10:24 pm 29 Dec 07

Hi, just wondering if someone can post the where abouts of the white house in michalego – keen to go out there…. tks,

Thumper Thumper 12:30 pm 10 Oct 07

I could probably write it….

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