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Well, it bucketed down for a bit

simbo 31 December 2006 18

Anybody who’s actually in Canberra may have noticed a great burst of rain between around 3:30 and 5pm this arvo – I was inside the new bit of the Canberra centre when it happened, and spent about an extra hour in there, watching some dripping in the lobby of the Dendy (largely ’cause, well, they’ve got comfy chairs and a good view of the overhead window pane.

Also went over to Canberra Reperatory’s happy hour, and discovered that some of our costume storage had been hit by a few drips, so spent a chunk of the arvo moving clothes and stuff into the (slightly more waterproof) main theatre.

Anybody else got “sudden attack of rain” stories they want to share particularly?

[ED – Maelinar sent in the following wintery scene from the middle of summer]

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18 Responses to Well, it bucketed down for a bit
bubzie bubzie 8:58 pm 31 Dec 06

Calwell shoping center actulary flooded, it was so weird, and outside, there were cars that were like.. (i dont know how to explain this, dont mind me..) had water up to the bottom of their was just weird.

And heck, my computer’s blown up twice because of thunderstorms! i wanna see it happen again, lol!

and i totally agree, happy new year everyone.

nyssa76 nyssa76 7:44 pm 31 Dec 06

Still hearing thunder and seeing lightning here down south. I’m just waiting for my comp to blow up!

Dark clouds and lots of rain.

Thumper, no flame from me. You’re 100 right.

To everyone: Have a Happy New Year!

seepi seepi 7:35 pm 31 Dec 06

Still no rain here…………….

Thumper Thumper 6:56 pm 31 Dec 06

By the way, is now a good time to suggest, once again, that the government is being incompetent and lazy in their approach to water conservation and management?

I’m sure subsidised water tanks would be rather full after the last few days.

Hmmm, does that mean less water usage from our dwindling supplies?

I would suggest yes.

Sorry if I am talking sense here, there are much more important things to do, such as Al Grassby statues, used friendly gaols, etc….

Flame me if you want, but you know that I am right. Lazy, pathetic, useless, short sighted governance. Nothing more.

Have a sincerely good new years and new year all Riotacters, from all spectrums of life and political persussion.


Thumper Thumper 6:38 pm 31 Dec 06

I should add, have a thought for the SES.

Imagine being on a roof fixing a broken tile or whatever when this is coming down.

Nope, it’s not fun at all…

Thumper Thumper 6:35 pm 31 Dec 06

Serious rain attack happening in Tuggeranong right now.

Really serious. Roads have turned to rivers.

And I saw an old bloke with a grey beard hurriedly building a large boat.

Maelinar Maelinar 1:24 pm 30 Dec 06

I took photos of the hail if anybody can post them on my behalf…

andy andy 12:48 pm 30 Dec 06

in the canberra center.. bee drivin back from wagga and was like “is that a storm on the way” in the rear view.. but decided it was just the tint that made it look a bit odd.

anyway, waiting for some people who decided to print out 5 years worth of photos in one go, my gf says “hey whats that, is it rain”
it was awesome.

peeved peeved 11:33 am 30 Dec 06

Extremely entertaining watching the various responses of people at major public building on the foreshore.
Guy on a scooter took off about five minutes before the downpour, arrived back TOTALLY soaked and spent about ten minutes wringing himself out in the loos, thought it was great fun.
Numerous (mostly members of the younger generation) walking into the foyer, and on seeing the rain muttering bareley intelligible expletives as they rang their mommies to come and pick them up.
Stoic older members of staff marching boldly into the breach with “I don’t care, I’m going NOW.”
And the hordes standing at the front doors waiting in hope for it all to be over before the building shut at five o’clock.
We got bucket loads and it was all swallowed instantly and gratefully into the grasslands and gardens.
How good would the party in Civic be on NYE if it bucketed like that (evil chuckle).

crabb crabb 10:35 am 30 Dec 06

We were in the cinema at Manuka. Missed half the dialogue of the first 20 min of Casino Royale due to rain-then-hail noise, then 5 min later the whole cinema was evacuated due to flooding in the foyer. When we got out, many shops in Franklin St were sweeping / mopping water too. Lots of hail lying around.

nyssa76 nyssa76 10:25 am 30 Dec 06

Lots of wind here in Bonython, and even some rain.

Vegie garden is truly stuffed.

seepi seepi 9:55 am 30 Dec 06

Damp is good! We got good rain but no hail in hackett. And it rained in Collector, Goulburn etc for once too.

Anyone got any good weather sites to suggest apart from bom?

Thumper Thumper 9:45 am 30 Dec 06

Charnwood got hammered by high winds and rain.

Pity it didn’t keep going….

dusty dusty 9:37 am 30 Dec 06

It pissed down here in Narrabundah. Lots of leaves knocked off the trees and my tomato plants got almost flattened. Piles of hail everywhere like snowdrifts.We got 50 mm in our rain gauge. It flooded the roads here and in Fyshwick. Lots of debris on the roads today, and very damp.

Bartron Bartron 9:22 am 30 Dec 06

got the edge of it here in weston creek. Still a lot of rain and a bit of hail (not much though). I don’t have to worry about watering the garden for a while though 🙂

Swaggie Swaggie 8:48 am 30 Dec 06

Zip all rain in Tuggers but we did get the wind – and then some – I’ve got a garden that resembles a war zone to prove it 🙁

bighead bighead 8:36 am 30 Dec 06

I was at work. we had a great view of it all, quite funny watching all the cars pile up under the commonwealth av. bridge. We had about a 10cm cover of water in the car park, all the drains were covered by dry leaves and dirt because it had been so long.

Pandy Pandy 7:50 am 30 Dec 06

Nothing in the far south AFAIK

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