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Canberra’s Best Bike Shops


Canberra's Best Bike Shops

Whether you ride for fun or have a serious passion for cycling, finding a bike shop you can trust is incredibly important.

When you’re buying a new bike, purchasing gear, or getting your current bike serviced, you want to be sure you’re getting the best possible bike shop experience. That’s why we have read through your feedback and collated a list of the top 5 bike shops in Canberra.

Have a read, and if you don’t agree with our list, let us know in the comments below.

Let’s get right to it.

What Makes a Great Bike Shop?

A fantastic bike shop can improve your ride quality and the longevity of your bike and peripheral equipment.
So, what should you be looking for in your next go-to bike shop? Here’s what we think:

  • Knowledgeable. Staff at the best bike shops know the ins and outs of cycling. They can recommend the best bike for your needs. And, they can perform comprehensive services and repairs on your bike.
  • Affordable. We don’t mean cheap as chips, but the best bike shops in Canberra are reasonably priced.
  • Passionate. If you’re a passionate cyclist, you should be able to share that passion with the staff at your chosen bike shop. Organised rides and other group activities make the experience even better.
  • Reliable. You drop your bike off for a service and have a fantastic experience. Six months down the track, you get another service. This time, it’s rubbish. Excellent bike shops are consistent and reliable.
  • Well-stocked. Great bike shops offer an extensive range of brands, gear, and other cycling equipment.

The Top 5 Canberra Bike Shops According to You

RiotACT’s editorial team has combed through 19 years of on-site comments to compile a list of the most recommended businesses according to you.

To be listed in our Best of Canberra series, each business needs to have consistently received positive feedback on RiotACT and maintain a minimum average of 4/5 stars on both Google and Facebook reviews.

Cycle City

Operating since 1975 they’ve been around longer than most, they recently relocated to their new three-level store in Fyshwick which stocks a large range of bikes, clothing and accessories. They also have a full on-site workshop which offers bike servicing, repairs and restoration. Rioter WalkTheWalk was happy with their experience commenting “Great service and reasonable prices.

The Cyclery

Located in Fyshwick, their industrial warehouse-style shop stocks a huge range of bikes and frames, components, accessories, wheels, tubes, tyres and apparel. They also offer a fitting service which matches your unique anatomy to your bike setup. In his Google review, Kevin Slattery said he thinks they’re “The best bike shop in Canberra. The staff are helpful and know their stuff when it comes to getting the right bike and set up.

Ride Shop

Based in Braddon, they stock bikes from brands like Avanti, Cannondale, Malvern Star and Trek and components from Avid, Campagnolo, Fox, Shimano and Sram. They’re also an authorised Campagnolo pro shop. They’re a favourite among Rioters, with comments like “…good service and good range of bikes from MTBs to commuters to high-end road bikes” (Felix the Cat) and “friendly and knowledgeable, willing to offer to go out of their way, great servicing” (Dreaded Lurgee).

Goodspeed Bicycle Company

Bicycle manufacturer that has been operating since 2012. Their four signature model steel frames are all designed and hand built in Australia and available through a small network of workshops and mechanics. Luke Miller gave them a great review on Facebook, saying “Myles was very approachable, friendly and knowledgeable. He was more than willing and happy to answer all the questions I had. The bike feels great after the service he performed…

Onya Bike

With stores in Civic and Belconnen, they also have a newer flagship showroom in Woden. If you like Giant, that’s their specialty. They also provide servicing, as well as suspension, wheel build and bike fitting. Corey Bacon gave them a glowing review on Facebook, commenting “Best damn bicycle shop in Canberra. Service is 1st class, the staff are very helpful and want to be there and they have everything you need and if they don’t they will get it.

Who did you pick?

Thanks to our commentators who have provided insightful feedback on the best and worst Canberra Bike Shops.

If you believe we have got it wrong, please let us know.

Please comment below detailing your experience with Canberra based Bike Shops. Who would you recommend? Who would you use again? Who would you steer clear of?

What's Your Opinion?

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54 Responses to Canberra’s Best Bike Shops
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Beau Locks Beau Locks 11:18 am 10 Jan 10

Some mates of mine did their research for a kid carting setup, and concluded that a Chariot is the only way to go. The build quality is superb, harness excellent, and it’s about as safe as you’ll get, too. Flying Furniture will sort you out, but if you know anyone in North America who’s planning on coming over sometime soon then get them to procure one for you.

On the bike shop front, my experience is that many bike shops have one or two really solid mechanics. The X factor is whether some other monkey will service your bike. I wouldn’t buy anything from the Lonsdale St Cyclery (because of one particularly rude and snobbish staff member, as much as anything else), but their workshop is solid, and their head mechanic is excellent. Bike Culture in O’Connor can also be very good, if variable (again, depending on the mechanic). Unfortunately, they’re pretty pricey compared to some other outfits. For all round good guys, good service, and good prices, I don’t reckon you can go past Mal Adjusted. For my purposes it’s the best bike shop in town.

I avoid all three bike shops in Phillip, the one in MItchell.

aronde aronde 10:05 am 10 Jan 10

emd said :

You could also consider a cargo bike. PS Bikes get the proper European ones imported – they’re based in Melbourne, but come to Canberra once a month.

I can vouch for the cargo bike – I use it for transporting the kids, doing the shopping etc and hardly need the car anymore. They are expensive though you can now get cheaper versions that come out of China etc but not as good quality of course. emd do you have a Christiania?

For bike shops Cycle Surgery in Florey is great for whatever you are after.

hairy nosed wombat hairy nosed wombat 8:34 am 10 Jan 10

A cheaper option is put your pannier racks on the front wheels, and the baby seat on the back. When I did this I had no real problems with my balance.

Baby seats are only good until the child is 18 mths/2 years old (I forget how many kilos mine was rated to, but check at the bike store). After that you will need a trailer until the kiddo is old enough to ride for them selves

I-filed I-filed 8:07 am 10 Jan 10

The cyclery at the LYneham servo is competent, knowledgeable, friendly and well priced.

TP 3000 TP 3000 10:16 pm 09 Jan 10

The bike shop at the back of Kambah Village is a great one. He has been running it himself for years & is interested to keeping you happy.

c` c` 8:45 pm 09 Jan 10

We bought our chariot from Flying Furniture: by my wife’s account a very agreeable transaction.

I’ve also had my bike serviced at bike shed. I bought from but they had no problems servicing it. I’m looking after my own servicing now but I my experience with Bike Shed and Onya Civic has been pretty positive.

I use the chariot to ferry work clothes to the office fortnightly. Apart from an obviously more strenuous ride, the way the chariot is attached and performs makes it almost transparent to the riding experience.

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 7:05 pm 09 Jan 10

Blingerific said :

Only one to avoid is the one in Mitchell.

+1 Will only let you test ride a bike around the carpark out front with practically an armed guard watching over so you don’t abscond with the bike. Guy who owns the shop is not a cyclist at all, he is only there to make money, the more the better.

Blingerific said :

Green Grocer in Goulburn also gets a very good wrap from most serious riders I know…

+1 for great deals on bikes (mostly road bikes though) but don’t let them service your bike…

Rideshop in Braddon have good service and good range of bikes from MTBs to commuters to high-end road bikes.

Londsdale St Cyclery have a good range of bikes and parts but are more orientated towards the serious road cyclist.

TLC Cycles in Phillip are pretty good all rounders.

Onya Bike in Tuggeranong have very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff (and good range of bikes and parts), young bloke there spent easy 15 mins explaining to me the differences between the different rain jackets.

Join Pedal Power and get a 10% discount on parts at most bike shops in Canberra (not Bike Superstore Mitchell).

smilesr smilesr 6:28 pm 09 Jan 10

If you’re not going to use a trailer often then you can get a cheapee at Kmart – Repco brand for around $180 I think. I’ve got one and its fine. Probably not as light or strong as the more expensive, but as I said, if you’re not going to use it often… I also had a rear childseat but I was always worried about tipping over and of course, I couldn’t use panniers anymore.

basketcase basketcase 6:04 pm 09 Jan 10

There is also Simon at the Florey shops (Cycle Surgery) I bought a general purpose rack from him, but in the process got a run down on oddites in different racks, including those suitable for baby carriage. It appears racks ain’t racks.

I actually don’t like the idea of carrying a baby around on the back. One of my recurring nightmares is from the 50s when I knocked a mother off her bike, she was carrying a baby on the back and it just spilled out onto the dirt road. IIRC, “no damage was done” but the memory unfortunately lingers on.

I had a pair of saddle bags, and when the grand kids were younger and smaller, could drop them into the bags to take them for a ride.

Blingerific Blingerific 5:13 pm 09 Jan 10

Only one to avoid is the one in Mitchell. My usual haunts are Mal Adjusted’s or Bike Shed Braddon (as I ride a variety of bikes I tend to use Mal for big travel fun or custom bikes I have and Bike Shed for everything day to day). It depends on where you live really, most town centers have a good bike shop not far away.

Green Grocer in Goulburn also gets a very good wrap from most serious riders I know…

astrojax astrojax 4:49 pm 09 Jan 10

contrary to the otherwise sage shiny flu [#2], steer clear of lonsdale street cyclery – they’re arrogant and high minded, refusing to service my bike a couple years ago because of the brand. other times i have felt a bit snubbed cause i wasn’t a lycra-lad, so for that i give them bad press here and hope they lose more custom.

the bike store in o’connor shops is ok, if a little small and niche, but mal adjusted in wooley street dickson is ok.

happy riding.

georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 4:04 pm 09 Jan 10

We have one of the proper bike trailers for our little guy, with seatbelts. He also wears a helmet.

The trailer is fairly heavy, but I tend to stay below 25km/h when on the bike with the trailer attached (yes, I have a speedo).

Postalgeek Postalgeek 3:29 pm 09 Jan 10

Just check the allclassifieds for kiddie trailers like the Pacifics. People are selling them all the time. Not suitable for very young children if it’s a bench seat.

If you want to travel with a very young child, I would recommend a bucket seat that provides their body with far more support and cushioning. The Croozer range should do the job, or Chariots at the high end at about $1000. Chariots are the way to go if money isn’t an issue as they have suspension and provide the best ride for your child. Go on eBay for Croozers. Flying Furniture has some of the best local prices for new trailers.

Trailers have several advantages: safer for the child if you come off; more protection for the child from weather; the loading isn’t top-heavy: you can use panniers; you can carry stuff in the trailer; you can carry two children; higher profile (light that sucker up with flags and blinkers); they double as excellent off-pavement strollers and joggers.

Child seats have the advantage of a slimmer, shorter profile, and allow for speedier travelling. I also own a rear child seat but have only used it a couple of times, I prefer travelling with the little one in a trailer if time isn’t of the essence.

Other than that, tristero’s recommendation should do the job.

I regularly use Onya (Fyshwick), Lonsdale St, and Maladjusted. I can’t comment on other shops.

vg vg 1:24 pm 09 Jan 10

Child seats on a bike are a pet hate of mine. Border on child abuse.

You stack and your kiddy has no chance.

Best bike shops in Canberra are the ones the cyclists get their bikes done at. Maladjusted, Bike Shed, Rideshop, Bike Culture and Lonsdale St would be my picks

pierce pierce 12:35 pm 09 Jan 10

Steer well clear of The Bike Shed in Braddon – they have no interest in putting a person on the right bike for them and focus only on moving the most expensive stock out the door. (Ask them about getting fitted for a bike under $2k and hear the laughter).

The handful of times that I’ve been in there looking for parts they have always pushed the more expensive (but often worse) components and tried badly to fast talk me.

No one that I’ve spoken to in the Canberra bike scene thinks very highly of them either.

Maladjusted, Onya Civic and Bike Culture are far more reliable.

emd emd 11:16 am 09 Jan 10

You could also consider a cargo bike. PS Bikes get the proper European ones imported – they’re based in Melbourne, but come to Canberra once a month.

Start at one end of Lonsdale Street and work your way to the other end. There’s a new bike clothing shop just opened – I think where TJ’s motorcycles used to be, next to Pink Inc women’s clothing. The Bike Shed next to Unit Concepts and opposite Brindabella Baby had a good range of child bike seats and kids bikes when I was there the week before Christmas, and I got good advice on how to choose.

s-s-a s-s-a 10:51 am 09 Jan 10

You can always buckle a backpack into the child seat for commutes – I have seen this done alot.

Trailers are great the cheap ones weigh a ton, but even the light ones ($$$$) are heavier than a child seat. Child seats are also good for lower back massages while riding (and handy when you forget warm gloves on a coldish day – tho little freezing hands shoved up your back is not quite so pleasant).

When you have child in the seat you can’t walk away from your bike. Trailers are handy for that, and for being able to keep child comfortable when it’s cold. In a bike seat the wind chill is considerable and you will need to turn them into Michelin toddler before setting off any time it’s even vaguely coolish.

Trailers can be a PITA when trying to negotiate bike paths with narrow gaps and those stupid chicane thingies (which are just as much fun with a hitch bike).

Which area are you in? Hardly worth recommending somewhere at the other end of town for just a service.

tristero tristero 10:49 am 09 Jan 10

Stupid nintendo. Note for above: it should be Weeride.

shiny flu shiny flu 10:48 am 09 Jan 10

Check out Lonsdale St. Cyclery.

From memory they have a child seat that slides onto a rack that can also be used with panniers.

Obviously balance with a child seat can be a safety concern if the bike slips away etc. Whereas the trail is much more stable. I guess it really depends though, if you’re planning on another child, a 2 seater trailer is a good idea. Also could use the trailer (sans kids) for big grocery shopping trips etc.

tristero tristero 10:47 am 09 Jan 10

You need to look into a wiiride.

I’ve been using one for the past two years since the little one was almost one (almost outgrown it at three now). Better balance and I have a rack and panniers on the back.

The best part is the attachment. Loosen the thumbscrew and remove it. My wife drops our child and the seat in at childcare in the mornings – I pick the seat and little one up on my bike on the way home from work.

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