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What do you think about the Gungahlin Drive improvements?

By montana 14 September 2015 21

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The below information is from the TAMS website:

Project background

Gungahlin Drive is currently experiencing considerable congestion, particularly during peak periods, as traffic accesses the Mitchell commercial and industrial precinct. This traffic congestion is expected to increase as the Gungahlin Town Centre and greater Gungahlin area continue to grow.

In late 2014, engineering and development consultants SMEC were commissioned to undertake traffic modelling and analysis for a range of potential upgrades on Gungahlin Drive. This analysis found an additional southbound lane and intersection upgrades on Gungahlin Drive from Well Station Drive to the Barton Highway to be the best way to address these congestion issues.

Scope of works

Works will involve the construction of an additional southbound lane on Gungahlin Drive from approximately 500 metres north of the Sandford Street intersection through to the Barton Highway off ramp. The widening will predominantly occur in the median.

Minor works at the Well Station Drive/Gungahlin Drive intersection will signalise the left turn out of Well Station Drive and provide a second left turn lane.

Other works will include new and relocated street lighting, adjustment to the shared path south of Sandford Street and stormwater system adjustments.

What do you think about these improvements?

People coming from Palmerston,  Nicholls, Ngunnawal seem to be getting screwed over. They now have to wait for an extra traffic light cycle being put in for the wells station to GDE exit lane.

If they had made an exit lane longer than the length of a single car, they wouldn’t have such a problem, as cars would be able to get up to speed and merge.

I also don’t see how putting in an extra lane on the GDE will really help those cars turning left from sandford street exit any faster. So now instead of giving way to two lanes of oncoming traffic, they now have to contend with three lanes of oncoming traffic?

The net result I predict is that there will be a bottleneck where cars are desperately trying to get out of the left lane to avoid turning left onto the Barton Highway exit.

What’s Your opinion?

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What do you think about the Gungahlin Drive improvements?
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chewy14 1:11 pm 18 Sep 15

montana said :

chewy14 said :

montana said :

chewy14 said :

“People coming from Palmerston, Nicholls, Ngunnawal seem to be getting screwed over. They now have to wait for an extra traffic light cycle being put in for the wells station to GDE exit lane.”

How so? Surely the left turn green will only operate when people are turning right from Wells Station onto GD or turning right from GD to Wells Station. There won’t be an extra cycle, it will fit into the existing cycle.

What about outside of peak hour?

Currently if there are no cars turning right onto GDE from wells station, nor any cars turning right from GDE into wells station, they would have green lights, but now they might get a red light needing to wait for cars turning left from wells station.

The only reason why they HAVE to make new traffic lights there is because its going to be 2 lanes turning left in order to fit more cars in. But why not make the exit lane longer, therefore fitting in more cars?

No, they won’t have to wait. The new left turn lights from Wells Station onto the GDE will be signalised so that it is only green when the right turners from GD to Well Station have a green or the right turners from Wells Station to GD have a green. There won’t be an extra cycle for those left turners, they’ll simply fit it into the existing cycle with two left turn lanes.

Did you actually read anything that I wrote? I can see that you merely repeated yourself.

So you’re saying that if im driving from wells station at 2am and want to turn left on GD, I have to wait there at the red lights until someone comes along to turn right from either wells station or GDE?

As I said, there will be 3 possible triggers to make the southbound GDE lights turn red. Currently there are only 2 (not including pedestrian triggers)

Yes I did repeat myself because it looked like you simply didn’t understand what I’d written.

You claimed that people from Nicholls, Palmerston and Ngunnawal were getting screwed over somehow by the inclusion of these lights. The only time this could possibly apply is if they had an extra cycle of time for the left turners from Wells Station to GD during peak periods.

I’ve said that the most likely sequencing of the lights will involve those left turners getting a green at the same time as the right turners from GD to Wells or right from Wells to GD. At this time of day there will always be people turning right from GD to wells or wells to GD so the actual time waiting won’t be any longer.

But yes, outside of peak hour, there may be occurences when the only person triggering the light is someone turning left from Wells to GD and they trip the lights. Are you suggesting that potentially having to wait 30 seconds at a set of lights outside of peak hours is getting “screwed over”?

And can I take a wild guess that you live out in one of these Gungahlin suburbs and don’t want to have to wait the slightly longer period very occasionally outside of peak hours?

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