What exactly needs to happen NOW (or maybe MON)?

Genevieve Jacobs 4 December 2018 50

The mysterious words appeared in Canberra skies at lunchtime. Photo: Facebook.

Most often the words in the sky are pretty clear: Marry Me, perhaps, or even No Tax. But at around 12:30 pm, Canberrans were mystified by the appearance of three letters that could be urgent (NOW) or making a date for the future (MON).

But what does it mean? Commenters on the Canberra noticeboard group speculated it was everything from a date night to an abbreviation for the name Monica.

Others pointed out that when pilots are training for skywriting, NOW is a good word to practice, as connecting to O is widely used, while N and W help with joining straight lines and making quick turns for each line before wind moves the line.

There’s still other speculation that the skywriting might be connected to a protest against children in refugee detention on Manus Island. But if so, it’s a far from clear message for the vast majority of viewers.

Region Media has attempted to call several skywriting companies without success, so let us know what you think. What does the message mean?

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50 Responses to What exactly needs to happen NOW (or maybe MON)?
Iaian Ross Iaian Ross 9:08 pm 04 Dec 18

Well given that the N was more diffused than the other letters, it was probably written first. The word was most likely "Now"

Jordan Mulach Jordan Mulach 9:03 pm 04 Dec 18

Katie Urquhart ah, was not meant to be Mon

Gabriel Spacca Gabriel Spacca 8:17 pm 04 Dec 18

Hey Mon! Chill out!

Alexia Monk Alexia Monk 7:39 pm 04 Dec 18

Ahhh the bloody Christians! Got us good Coral O'Callaghan

Shannon Ginders Shannon Ginders 7:14 pm 04 Dec 18

Shane Strong what we saw today

Rachael Hughes Rachael Hughes 7:04 pm 04 Dec 18

🤭 me sending a message to my kids to clean up NOW!! 😂

Anthony Davies Anthony Davies 6:05 pm 04 Dec 18

MON not NOW. 🤣😂🤔🤭

Josh Rosner Moore Josh Rosner Moore 5:53 pm 04 Dec 18

Call an election...NOW

Brydie Kelly Brydie Kelly 5:33 pm 04 Dec 18

Maybe it's MON 🤔

Rob Sanders Rob Sanders 5:26 pm 04 Dec 18

Contact your federal MPs and tell them to vote against the anti-encryption bill. https://junkee.com/encryption-assistance-access-bill/183994

    Daniel Duncan Daniel Duncan 5:32 pm 04 Dec 18

    it looks like Labour is backing it as well.

Elizabeth Sokic Elizabeth Sokic 4:55 pm 04 Dec 18


Faye Dela Torre Salcedo Faye Dela Torre Salcedo 4:52 pm 04 Dec 18

It’s MON day?

Angelika Po Ma Angelika Po Ma 4:34 pm 04 Dec 18

Kids off Nauru.

Adam Wade Adam Wade 4:31 pm 04 Dec 18

Natural Organic Wines

Grant Tobias Grant Tobias 4:26 pm 04 Dec 18

Anyone else see the irony here - use a plane to pollute the sky with a message on climate change...

    Matthew Nott Matthew Nott 10:56 pm 04 Dec 18

    cheap shot! There's always one. Thanks for the feedback!

Housh Fallah Housh Fallah 4:12 pm 04 Dec 18

They were actually ordering wonton soup but wrote it upside down and bailed after three letters once they realised

Dave Wilkinson Dave Wilkinson 4:04 pm 04 Dec 18

Now..is the time for climate change action..

    Angela Whyte Angela Whyte 4:07 pm 04 Dec 18

    While flying around for an hour burning aviation fuel 💁🏻‍♀️

    Belle Tissott Belle Tissott 7:55 pm 04 Dec 18

    Tony Morris you a climate scientist??

Angela Whyte Angela Whyte 4:04 pm 04 Dec 18

I love that you used my photo 🤗

Maureen Cummuskey Maureen Cummuskey 4:03 pm 04 Dec 18


Simon Anthony Kaye Simon Anthony Kaye 4:02 pm 04 Dec 18

Climate-change action.

    Ben Roberts Ben Roberts 4:20 pm 04 Dec 18

    There is irony. How much carbon and fossil fuel went into creating NOW? 🙄

    Lynn N Ross Reynell Lynn N Ross Reynell 5:05 pm 04 Dec 18

    Ben Roberts 🤔

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