What is Vicki Dunne talking about?

johnboy 30 July 2009 20

The Liberals’ Vicki Dunne has put in a strong bid for worst media release of the year.

It begins with a headline attacking Mary Porter that I can’t even re-publish for fear of legal action and goes on incomprehensible about some issue with Hawker shops.

I don’t claim to know everything that happens in this town. But if it’s news to me then I can say a pretty large chunk of the population is in the dark too.

So, anyone want to explain what on earth this is about?

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20 Responses to What is Vicki Dunne talking about?
RayP RayP 10:23 pm 31 Jul 09

Dunne has been doing some useful things in the Assembly.

It was Dunne who pushed forward the improvements to the FOI Act.

And it’s good she has put forward proposals for improving the process for judicial appointments.

More generally, I think its impressive that the Liberals are managing to run from opposition a positive agenda for improving the integrity of government in the ACT.

This is good work that needs to be done.

Thumper Thumper 9:36 am 31 Jul 09


ant ant 9:32 am 31 Jul 09

Is she the one who looks like she’s wearing a couple of sausages on her face?

disenfranchised disenfranchised 7:07 am 31 Jul 09

It doesn’t matter what she talks about! Dunne thinks she is a genius and tells everyone she and Humphries are the brains trust of the Liberal Party. Think about it…she actually believes that! Her fellow Liberals have been underwhelmed by her efforts over the years. Her strategy is to continuously scheme and be the last one standing. When schools were announced by the Stanhope regime as closing down in 2006, Dunne struggled as Shadow Education Minister to make any ground. Her colleagues noted her lack of action on that issue. We remember the bill not paid and being taken to court (front page Canberra Times). Many of us also remember the front page Canberra Times story about the overseas trip and the failure to provide a short report. She is a hard right wing non event with an ever declining vote. Dunne remains a prime example of an overpaid MLA on the public payroll sucking up all the benefits while at the Assembly. She is certainly not Minister material (should the Liberals fluke some electoral result in the next decade). She should move on.

Pelican Lini Pelican Lini 12:27 am 31 Jul 09

VD 4 CM?

Anna Key Anna Key 9:01 pm 30 Jul 09

Vicki Dunne talking incomprehensible rubbish??? Here’s another scoop, today is Thursday

NickD NickD 6:06 pm 30 Jul 09

The extreme (and possibly libelous) headline is certainly out of kilter with the mild content of the release. How is getting a URL wrong (if this is actually the case) ‘rorting’ ?

From looking at the ACT Liberals’ website I’m also amused to see that Gary Humphries would rather die than see paid parking in the Parliamentary Triangle: http://www.canberraliberals.org.au/html/s02_article/article_view.asp?article_id=843&nav_cat_id=-1&nav_top_id=-1 Who’s writing press releases for these guys?

RayP RayP 1:55 pm 30 Jul 09

These two models, Assembly and local councils, are not exclusive.

I think that the ACT needs to have local councils, eg a Tuggeranong Council and a Gungahlin council.

The Assembly and local councils might then have some chance of exercising effective supervision over the ACT bureaucracy and giving ACT citizens a real opportunity to participate in the decisions that shape their city.

rodent rodent 1:30 pm 30 Jul 09

I’m not sure if the media release has since been fixed, but the attributions are correct and it doesn’t need fixing.

It’s a poorly written media release, but ultimately it conforms to journalistic/media release practice. If someone is speaking for many lines (like in this), it’s standard to not end each sentence with attribution (because only one person is talking).


“Words. More words.

Words. Even more words. Et cetera.

Words. Talking,” Mrs Dunne said.

is correct.

ant ant 1:23 pm 30 Jul 09

This kind of thing just highlights why it’s so crazy to have a minature parliament to run a city. These people are being paid out of the public purse to do trouble-making like this: technically, it could be argued that this is exactly her job. And plainly, it’s pretty pointless.

A council model would be far more effective.

Wraith Wraith 12:47 pm 30 Jul 09

Who cares, its just more useless noise out the Assembly building.

p1 p1 12:13 pm 30 Jul 09

Maybe she is practicing for flame of the week?

MrMagoo MrMagoo 12:02 pm 30 Jul 09

I hope the Liberals Lawyers weren’t planning a long lunch today.

It’s laughable to say the least and typical of Mrs Dunne’s incomprehensible ramblings.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 11:47 am 30 Jul 09

Have a look at their website: http://www.canberraliberals.org.au

Still got the election candidate team pictures rotating on the home page, including Bill Stefaniak!

Or maybe they are getting the jump on the 2012 ACT election, and they know something about Bill we don’t???

Gobbo Gobbo 11:39 am 30 Jul 09


But even so, most of the relase doesn’t make sense. No weblinks given to be wrong etc.

It looks more like someone didn’t know what they were looking for and wrote a release when they couldn’t find it?

Still, you could be right, in the 20 minutes it took me to post after looking, I suppose someone from Mrs Porter’s office could have totally changed the web-site to make Mrs Dunne look a bit foolish.

RayP RayP 11:31 am 30 Jul 09

Or perhaps it has since been fixed.

Gobbo Gobbo 11:17 am 30 Jul 09

I just visited Mary P’s website.

Under Community consultation I found out that the Hawker retailers were currently being contacted at the moment, a planning study will then take place and a public meeting will be held in September.

Dunno which web-site Mrs Dunne couldn’t find this out on? Perhaps if she went to the right one? 🙂

Spectra Spectra 11:14 am 30 Jul 09

dvaey: In fairness, the “I” parts are all in quotes, while the “Mrs Dunne” parts are not. It would make far less sense if she was quoted referring to herself in the third person.

As for the rest of it, I haven’t the faintest idea what she’s going on about, but I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if the government had referred people to a website for information, gotten the address wrong, and had no information even at the right site. I suspect they reckon that saying “you can find more info at such-and-such a location” is enough to dissuade most people from looking into it further. And sadly, they’re probably right.

housebound housebound 11:13 am 30 Jul 09

That’s a really nasty headline.

That said, the release isn’t the worst I have ever seen. She just needed a few more attributions (‘Mrs Dunne said’) to make it clear who ‘she’ and ‘I’ are in any sentence.

Now I’m trying to remember the worst one ever …

dvaey dvaey 10:54 am 30 Jul 09

I think the confusing part, is that she refers to herself in some places as ‘I’ then in other places as a third person (‘Mrs Dunne’).

Has she got some work experience kids in her media office maybe?

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