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What price principle? About $20,000

By jennib 7 August 2007 44

ACT Greens Senate Candidate Kerrie Tucker has displayed a disgusting lack of principle in accepting a $20,000 donation from the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU), and demonstrated that her green credentials are not as important as a fat pile of cash, ACT Senator Gary Humphries said today.

The ACT Greens website includes a list of donations made to the party in the past 12 months, prominent among which is a $20,000 donation from the Organising Fund of the ACT Branch of the CFMEU.

Senator Humphries said that he was flabbergasted to discover Mrs Tucker would accept a donation from the union given its strident support for further logging of Tasmania’s old growth forests and opposition to key aspects of the Green’s environmental policy.

“I mean, this is the same group that cheered John Howard when he announced an extension of logging in Tasmania in 2004, and which has consistently opposed any moves to lock-up Australian forests – what on earth is Mrs Tucker doing getting into bed with them by accepting such a substantial donation?” Senator Humphries asked.

“Are her so-called ‘green credentials’ just a front which disguises a secret passion for logging? Or is her campaign simply going so badly that she has no choice but to accept donations from all comers?”

“Either way, I believe Mrs Tucker has some serious questions to answer – to her fellow Greens, her supporters, and the wider ACT electorate.”

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What price principle? About $20,000
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Gungahlin Al 4:39 pm 09 Aug 07

Ant Pant: yeah funny – ha ha.

Never been on the Greens website, not a member, don’t see the Canberra Times unless I can flog the boss’s copy on rare occasions, didn’t read the letter you claim to have been printed, didn’t write it.

But I did write every word of my comment above.

If you find some thread of familiarity to it, that would be because it is a FACT. That you’ve heard something like it before is good, because perhaps it might be sinking in.

What’s the adage? Tell them, tell them, tell them, tell them some more, and when you are just about ready to be sick before saying it again, then the message might be almost getting through…
What you’ve got to do to cut through the crap that is spun by the old parties who want people to keep on believing their spiel about “wasted votes” – which the prior comments I referred to were testament too.

If you’d been paying attention to my comments over the last year or more, you’d recall that I have often espoused voting Greens, Democrats, independents, other minors (that are bonkers anyway…) – anyone to make sure that the majors don’t end up with absolute majorities. Why? Because that’s BAD for democracy. BAD for good government. BAD for their communities.
Governments should be answerrable to their constituents on each and every decision they make – not just every 3 or 4 years.

The actual point is that each group needs to have someone to vote FOR. I don’t think it’s unreasonable for politicians to have different and varying views. Quit whinging – it’s the way it is.

Maelinar 11:45 am 09 Aug 07

These people are represented – they cast their collective vote, and their representative is in power. It’s time to get a grip on the fact that you are a minority and that nutbag christian zealots outpopulate the other minority groups.

What I can’t see is why right to life is seen as a right wing issue, in NZ it’s a left wing issue, categorised amoung handing out money to bludgers and free everything and all the other bleeding heart issues.

I thought Right wing theory was more aligned to the science of the debate and allowing experiments on unborn foetus stem cells etc.

In this case, the science being if the election to abort is made by a sane, voting, otherwise normal person, then get out the steak knives and show us your medical superiority.

“Your party really needs to get a grip on life and accept main-stream values if they ever want to lead another government in the ACT.”

There are a lot of people who have both religious-oriented and other more traditional views. These people should be represented. Simply because someone disagrees with a throwaway ‘free love’ Gen Y type opinion doesn’t make their opinion any less valid.

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