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What price principle? About $20,000

By jennib - 7 August 2007 44

ACT Greens Senate Candidate Kerrie Tucker has displayed a disgusting lack of principle in accepting a $20,000 donation from the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU), and demonstrated that her green credentials are not as important as a fat pile of cash, ACT Senator Gary Humphries said today.

The ACT Greens website includes a list of donations made to the party in the past 12 months, prominent among which is a $20,000 donation from the Organising Fund of the ACT Branch of the CFMEU.

Senator Humphries said that he was flabbergasted to discover Mrs Tucker would accept a donation from the union given its strident support for further logging of Tasmania’s old growth forests and opposition to key aspects of the Green’s environmental policy.

“I mean, this is the same group that cheered John Howard when he announced an extension of logging in Tasmania in 2004, and which has consistently opposed any moves to lock-up Australian forests – what on earth is Mrs Tucker doing getting into bed with them by accepting such a substantial donation?” Senator Humphries asked.

“Are her so-called ‘green credentials’ just a front which disguises a secret passion for logging? Or is her campaign simply going so badly that she has no choice but to accept donations from all comers?”

“Either way, I believe Mrs Tucker has some serious questions to answer – to her fellow Greens, her supporters, and the wider ACT electorate.”

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44 Responses to
What price principle? About $20,000
Ralph 8:41 am 08 Aug 07

Tucker won’t win a senate seat in the ACT. Fact. If anything she actually is splitting the left vote and boosting the chaces of the libs getting a second seat.

As for the rest of the left wing loonies posting here, don’t count your chickens RE Howard losing.

Keep up the good work Gary.

barking toad 8:33 am 08 Aug 07

The Greens with a balance of power in the Senate is a frightening prospect.

It puts them in the position of being able to hold legislation to ransom unless there is agreement to some of their loony policies which are detailed here

mlm 8:23 am 08 Aug 07

Am I the only one who sees the irony in a Liberal Senator citing the CFMEU’s support of John Howard as a demonstration of their moral foibles?

It was also nice of RA user Senator Gaz to fix up the real Senator’s spelling mistakes. Good capitalists that they are have gone with ‘principal’ in the press release on the Canberra Libs site.

To those worried about loony Greens policies should they be holding the balance in the Senate, while they might negotiate some a few minor loony concessions from the party in power, they would not actually be the ones forming government.

jemmy 11:59 pm 07 Aug 07

She would hold the balance of power only til July 08 when the States’ senators take their seats. To be honest, given the very contentious legislation that is being passed without even being read at the mo, I’d rather put up with Green’s rubbish for 6 months for the benefit of having a serious house of review.

noodle 11:43 pm 07 Aug 07

What to do? The Howard government is appalling, and should go. But I couldn’t in good conscience vote for Kerrie Tucker, knowing she might actually get in and hold the balance of power. Setting aside the CFMEU donation hypocrisy, Kerrie’s policies are mad. Do you really want to vote for someone who would be happy if Canberra was smaller? I like the fact that we’re finally growing into a city, while keeping the best aspects of a relaxed lifestyle here too.

Pandy 11:13 pm 07 Aug 07

Even Barnett (husband of Pru Goward, “liberal MLA for NSW) in todays Canberra Times had a go at the silliness of the religious right taking control of the Liberal Party. Gazza is a member of the above. Gazza’s government brought in the anti abortion “talks” that any one wanting to have an abortion in the ACT would have to listen too.

Need I say more?

pierce 10:26 pm 07 Aug 07

Actually, on further investigation, I see that the Senator’s position is established as strongly anti-abortion, meaning that the sizable donation makes a lot of sense.

Of course, the question as to why someone with such an unequivocal position on the matter was made chair of the senate committee to investigate RU486 but that’s another matter.

I withdraw the charge of rank hypocrisy on this matter.

pierce 9:38 pm 07 Aug 07

Yeah, this is far worse than receiving a $30000 donation from opponents of RU486, Right to Life, in 2005/2006 Gazbag.

More sad, shrill bleating from a party in decline.

(Of course, if the CFMEU had kept their donation under the new donation declaration threshold of $10000, up from $1500, I guess noone would have known at all)

boomacat 9:20 pm 07 Aug 07

Yeah the donation from the CFMEU is definitely sus, no doubt about it.

But it would be great to see the Senate become a genuine house of review, whichever of the major parties wins the House of Representatives, so I’ll be thinking seriously about voting for the Greens.

And it would be very interesting to look at some of the companies donating money to the Liberal party.

But no getting away from it, the donation is a bit hypocritical. That’s if the allegation is true.

Woody Mann-Caruso 8:26 pm 07 Aug 07

Isn’t the CFMEU running ads at the moment bagging the Howard government’s stance on climate change?

Pandy 8:09 pm 07 Aug 07

I would rather vore for Kerrie and put up with her looney policies than to vote for a party that has troops fighting Bushs’ war on terror and locks-up innocents or puts them under control orders.

Oh I am still a youngish man and I would like to see a young man (or chicita) with vision and charisma (Obama sigh)leading our country, rather than some old fart of 70.

So Gazza I think you have some serious questions to answer about what you support.

cranky 7:59 pm 07 Aug 07

I’m all for Howard losing his Senate majority at the earliest opportunity.

But is electing this individual the only way of accomplishing the task?

Her party’s policies are anathema to me. It would be a close run decision to decide the greater evil.

jemmy 7:29 pm 07 Aug 07

If Tucker gets in, the Govt loses its majority in the Senate at once (instead of July 2008) and the Senate immediately becomes what it should be, a house of review.

For that reason alone, irrespective of party politics, I hope she’s elected.

I-filed 7:14 pm 07 Aug 07

Sorry, should have said delivered an address sponsored by the CFMEU at the folk festival…

I-filed 7:13 pm 07 Aug 07

Kerrie Tucker’s association with the CFMEU goes back quite a way – she delivered an address at a National Folk Festival I think back in about 1995, and I expect they’ve been funding her in various ways ever since. She’s suss.

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