What smartphone apps does Canberra need?

johnboy 14 April 2010 44

iphone screenshot

It’s been a long, hard, and not entirely successful journey getting ACT services onto the internet.

The bad news is that the mobile data revolution is going to require another round.

So what applications should ACT instrumentalities be working on to take advantage of a future where everyone has a handheld GPS/Camera/InternetConnection?

Three starters for mine:

    1) Crimestoppers. Take a photo, hit the send button, Crimestoppers gets a GPS coordinate, a photograph and any description you choose to add.

    2) Taxi. Taxi company gets your GPS coordinates, any address detail you choose to add, and your name and number. Bonus points if it displays where your despatched taxi is up to on its way to you.

    3) TAMS. Much like Crimestoppers, and a bit like the Chief Minister with his little digicam but for all of us. Potholes reported in realtime.

Anyone else got any bright ideas?

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44 Responses to What smartphone apps does Canberra need?
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Jazz Jazz 3:48 pm 14 Apr 10

I am giving some consideration to a building a riotact application. It in theory would access all of the content, reviews, etc on Riot but geotagged to locations & businesses in Canberra. Would you all go for that?

gospeedygo gospeedygo 3:29 pm 14 Apr 10

None, only stoners stare at their hands.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 3:21 pm 14 Apr 10

p1 said :

Dealer search.

To find your nearest sympathetic doctor.

Fixed it for you.

jasere jasere 2:57 pm 14 Apr 10

Thoroughly Smashed said :

So you can dob them in while on the move?

well that is at your own risk I for one never ever use my phone in anyway while driving

p1 p1 2:47 pm 14 Apr 10

Dealer search.

To find your nearest drug dealer.

Deano Deano 2:38 pm 14 Apr 10

Well, based on previous RiotACT articles we need:

* Housing Trust House Proximity Detector – calculates the distance to the nearest Housing Trust house. For use when looking for home to buy or rent, or just parking your car.

* Cyclist Counter – reports sightings of cyclists using on-road cycleways. Builds up statistics to be misused by both sides of the argument.

* The Greens Augmented Reality App – Replaces cars with bicycles, buses with light rail and car parks with playgrounds complete with grass, flowers and fairies.

* Postcoder – Another augmented reality app that tags everyone in view with their postcode. Lets you select who is worthy of speaking to and who to avoid.

* L Plate Mapper – An extension to Google Maps traffic feature that shows the location of all learner drivers on the road.

* Windscreen Washer Alert – Notifies you if you are approaching an intersection with a window washer so that you can divert in time. If you get too close, the screen displays a message you can hold up to tell them to F*** Off.

* Bogan Tourist Trail – Allows you to add points of interest for various bogan monuments around town.

* The ALP Candidate Game – Players try to become the ALP candidate in a safe Canberra seat. Battle against factions for preselection only to be thwarted in the higher levels by the political staffer.

astrojax astrojax 2:22 pm 14 Apr 10

what’s an ‘instrumentality’ that could work on these applications?? is real english??

something that magically hails a cab between ten to three and three fourty in the afternoon would be useful.

AngryHenry AngryHenry 1:54 pm 14 Apr 10

Dealer search.

Gus929 Gus929 1:23 pm 14 Apr 10

LOL @ ACTION on Twitter. If only.

Google Transit integration for ACTION (which would allow most smartphones to give good realtime directions via google maps) was announced last June for launch last July.

Last word I saw about it was from back last August: http://the-riotact.com/?p=13459

Muttsybignuts Muttsybignuts 1:04 pm 14 Apr 10

I’d like an App that tells me when I am within 100 metres proximity to Dickhead P platers.

aronde aronde 1:04 pm 14 Apr 10

Maybe the ACT bike path map? They could update it at the same time (last one seems to be 2005) as it seems to be missing a few new suburbs and has a number of errors.

PM PM 12:53 pm 14 Apr 10

Location and closing times of Canberra’s pubs.

Thoroughly Smashed Thoroughly Smashed 12:34 pm 14 Apr 10

jasere said :

Some kind of name and shame for Canberra’s bad driving

So you can dob them in while on the move?

preacher preacher 11:56 am 14 Apr 10

An ACTION Timetable/ nearest bus stop app that updates if the bus is late/not coming at all.
Unless ACTION already do that via Twitter.

jasere jasere 11:15 am 14 Apr 10

Some kind of name and shame for Canberra’s bad driving

p1 p1 11:13 am 14 Apr 10

1) Crimestoppers. Take a photo, hit the send button, Crimestoppers gets a GPS coordinate, a photograph and any description you choose to add.

I vote for this since it would be incredibly easy for them to set up. All they need is to advertise a number for people to text to, and have someone at the other end with the software to read the GPS data in the Exif.

M0les M0les 10:56 am 14 Apr 10

Hear hear! 1st Action map/timetables. Then add routing and GPS integration (e.g. “how to I get from here to there and when?”)

Tempestas Tempestas 10:34 am 14 Apr 10

An ACTION Timetable/ nearest bus stop app it can’t be hard. Again bonus points if it could tell you next bus in X minutes using GPS.

A mash-up of Allhomes and ACTPLA data could be valuable for house/rent hunting

Some sort of Health services portal with current wait times in A&E, advice on what Clinics/Pharmacies/Radiography alternatives might be available.

Lets face it most of these would just need an appropriately coded website and that would enough.

Zusi4114 Zusi4114 10:15 am 14 Apr 10

If by smartphone you mean something like an i-Phone, I reckon we need an Action bus app, something similar to sydneys travel website where you can type in where you are and where you wanna go and it gives you all public/walking/cycling options, like an auto-timetable, actually canberra just needs this as a website aswell..

mikal mikal 10:11 am 14 Apr 10

I would think a ACTION timetable website which wasn’t hilariously bad would be a good first step.

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