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What’s going on in health and disability?

Thumper 28 March 2008 17

No links I’m afraid but it appears that Katy Gallagher has again had her competence called into question, this time by a former Queensland woman suffering from a number of debilitating afflictions.

From what I can gather at this stage, the woman moved here with her husband, an AFP officer, late last year and applied for disability benefits somewhat akin to what she received in QLD.

These disbility payments were not forthcoming for reasons unknown to me. However, the woman has now taken to holding a hunger and medication strike outside the legislative assembly building for the past two days and nights, and if reports on the radio are correct, might die this weekend.

Other reports have alleged that no-one from the government will see her and that she had been abused by one of Gallagher’s staffers. It has also been mentioned that the government is merely following procedure, which you can take which ever way you want.

Apparently Brendan Smyth and Vicki Dunne have taken up her cause.

Frankly, it sounds like another Gallagher not responsible stuff up which would not surprise me. However, I would like to hear the full story before making any judgement.

On the governments side was the fact that the woman did not seem, in my opinion, to be in total control of her mental facilities. Possibly on account of the hunger strike and her illness?

Any Rioters out there that have any more knowledge of the issue? Is the whole thing a beat up or not?

I’m making no assumptions at this stage so post away with what you know.

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17 Responses to What’s going on in health and disability?
pelican pelican 7:47 pm 29 Mar 08

I can’t comment on the differences between QLD and the ACT but it would highlight an issue that should be addressed in the disparity between disability services between the states. Another issue COAG could be encouraged to address. The disabled and carers get such a raw deal I am not surprised that someone has been so moved to make such a bold and brave statement.

sepi sepi 9:55 pm 28 Mar 08

CT had a piece on this.

She had a support program of funds in QLD, then moved down here for hubby’s work and finally got a support program of money, but limited to one year (to be reviewed after that).

She can go back to QLD at any time in a year, and be guaranteed of her original support, but after that she won’t. Yet the ACT will give her exactly a year of payments, then won’t say what they’ll do.

She only has a few years left, so she wants hubby to stay here where he is employed.

It does sound pretty frustrating.

mutley...again mutley...again 5:19 pm 28 Mar 08

I’m having trouble driving this thing today – that should have read:
“Sorry Thumper, I should have ended my post ;-)”

Thumper Thumper 4:07 pm 28 Mar 08


I need a beer…

Cheers 😉

farout farout 3:57 pm 28 Mar 08

Wouldn’t let a dog out on a night like this. If she can stay outside the legislative assembly building for two nights without food, she’s a regular Houdini.

mutley...again mutley...again 3:05 pm 28 Mar 08

Damn it – I lost my comment!!

Sorry Thumper, I should have ended my post .

I’ve been a reader of RA for at least 5 years and had 3 (I think) different log-ins (because I forgot passwords) and actually think you are very even handed when dealing with the f**kmuppets that make up the legislature in the ACT.

I think you need that beer – I know I do

smokey2 smokey2 3:01 pm 28 Mar 08

Some extra services are provided by Qld government and this is what I think she is on about. Pity the media cannot explain this bit a bit more clearly as not every state or territory provides the same benefits.
Does she expect special treatment due to her husband being AFP as opposed to working in the corporate sector?
Moving states to gain employment opportunities is not very well handled by any of our governments.

Dante Dante 2:56 pm 28 Mar 08

LOL. Both parties are as useless as each other at this current stage. This isn’t a beatup, it’s just a comment on the sorry state of the local government.

But the labor devoted will claim it is, and the lib ‘stooges’ will claim it isn’t.

Anyone up for the Minister for Territories again?

tom-tom tom-tom 2:52 pm 28 Mar 08

Once again thumper ignores fact and reason to launch an attack on stanhope, yawn.
This is a federal issue. nothing to do with gallagher. Personally i think it’s disgusting that smyth and burke are trying to take advantage of this poor woman as a point scoring excercise.

Mælinar Mælinar 2:51 pm 28 Mar 08

mmm beer

Thumper Thumper 2:34 pm 28 Mar 08

I do believe however that this is to do with support services and not pensions, which I know are a federal responsibility and not the states.

Actually, who cares!

It’s getting close to beer time 😉

Thumper Thumper 2:32 pm 28 Mar 08

Well, they are the ones making the news.

I could say that Pratt has said whatever, but he mever does, and no-one ever reports it.

of course, you could also post your own anti lib or pro ALP story?

What’s that? You haven’t? Then stop complaining sunshine.

And if you’d been reading I questioned Burke and Smyths motives yesterday.

Apart from that, you can’t read, or have very poor comprehension skills.

On the governments side was the fact that the woman did not seem, in my opinion, to be in total control of her mental facilities. Possibly on account of the hunger strike and her illness?

I’m making no assumptions at this stage so post away with what you know.

Do you have anything add?

mutley...again mutley...again 2:26 pm 28 Mar 08

Geez Thumper, why do you always report the negative stuff about our illustrious leaders?

Liberal stooge indeed!


poptop poptop 2:00 pm 28 Mar 08

The Feds are responsible for the Disability Support Pension and provide part funding for a range of other support services.

The Department of Disability, Housing and Community Services tells us:

“The Commonwealth State and Territory Disability Agreement (CSTDA) provides the basis for the provision and funding of specialist services for people with disabilities who require ongoing or long-term episodic support. The Agreement is negotiated every five years. Under the current Agreement the Australian Government is solely responsible for open and supported employment services. The ACT Government is responsible for accommodation support services, respite care services and community support and access services with the Australian Government contributing 17% of funding to these services. Advocacy, information, print disability services and research and development are all jointly funded.”

So it sounds like this person has lost any specific funding (usually called Individual Support Packages) to support her special needs because the money is in Queensland, or wherever she came from.

barking toad barking toad 1:55 pm 28 Mar 08

Perhaps that should have been “dusky”

barking toad barking toad 1:54 pm 28 Mar 08

She could go back to QLD and receive all the benefits of the sensational health system they have with all the dodgy dusty doctors.

If she’s going to do the Bobby Sands I’ll bet the claim’s already been lodged for funeral benefits.

Hopefully the cremation’s after 9pm tomorrow so as not throw earth hour out of balance – with all the emissions etc.

Fiona Fiona 1:20 pm 28 Mar 08

Isn’t the fed gov’t responsible for disbility payments etc?

whereas it’s services that you recieve from the states?

though that could be what you mean by “benefit”..

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