What’s great about Canberra?

Blewy 10 August 2007 36

Hi guys,

I am putting together a website dedicated to what’s great about Canberra. All the great places to visit and things to do that people from out of town don’t know about. I’m just sick of people whinging about how boring and crap and cold Canberra is, but find the real problem is that people don’t share their information. Canberrans generally stick to their own set of friends, so outsiders find it hard to get to know people and the good places to go, so they end up at the War Memorial or Parliament House and then say how boring the place is.

So i need some input. If you have any favourite things to do, places to go to eat or just hang out, your favourite bands to watch or venues to watch them, favourite events, favourite days of the week and what’s on, your favourite places to visit in the Canberra surrounds (like the Beach or Snow being so close). But basically why YOU love Canberra.

This will no means be a 104.7 favourite Hairdresser or Gym type site, just real people with real stories about their real experiences in Canberra.

For example, I love live music. Monday night bootleg sessions down the Phoenix rocks, but interstate people that don’t know about it, would miss it. I want them to know about it, so if they head down for a long weekend and happen to be here on the Monday they NOW have somewhere to go.

If you don’t love Canberra or have nothing positive to say about, please read the next article and move on. I don’t want to hear it, i’ve heard it for 30 years.

Any input would be great. Thank you,


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36 Responses to What’s great about Canberra?
captainwhorebags captainwhorebags 8:36 am 11 Aug 07

Seasons that last long enough to make the changes welcome
Walking the dogs around your pick of lakes
Being able to walk 15 minutes from my front door and be in the bush
Having a pizza and coffee at the Fyshwick Markets deli on a Saturday morning
Going to see the free (or sometimes paid) exhibits at the Archives, Library, Art Gallery, Portrait Gallery
Picking up a loaf of high top bread from the Bungendore Bakery on a day trip to the coast
People who say “G’day” & “Hello” when out walking
The EXCELLENT variety of local and foreign cuisine for a relatively small city
Living here for 25+ years and only seeing politicians a handful of times
Any of the swimming spots on the Murrumbidgee on a hot January afternoon (might even be water in them this year)
After work drinks at Wig & Pen without smelling like an ashtray afterwards (not wanting to start a anti-smoking hate war with this one)
Beating the Retreat and 1812 Overture at RMC
Jazz on the eucalypt lawns of the Botanic Gardens

ant ant 9:36 pm 10 Aug 07

The original bits, that Walter B. Griffin did. The open land, the lake, the trees, the buildings.
The older suburbs.
The wonderful climate.
The mountains to the west… and going up into them. Aussie bushland and then Alpine, and you can see our buildings from them.
Being able to climb mountains from suburbs, and be in real bushland. You don’t have to travel for hours to do this, you’re right there.
Outdoor shopping centres doing well despite the Civic/Woden/Belconnen/Tuggeranong Mall Monsters rearing up.
The burgeoning weekend markets.
The fact that most real Canberrans have stopped cringing and truckling when dickheads criticise our city, and have begun kicking back. yeah, it’s not Sydney. GOOD!

I-filed I-filed 7:45 pm 10 Aug 07

The Front in Lyneham
The alleyway down the middle of the Griffith and Ainslie shops
The herbalist at the Griffith shops – best range in the country
Nature strips
The backroad to Wee Jasper
Views to mountains from everywhere
Public housing even in Forrest
The soup lady in Civic
The way we kept it Civic and not City Centre
The rose gardens at Old Parliament House
Anzac Parade
Amazing musicians everywhere
Artists can survive on the dole and just a bit more (in public housing)
Wonderful hospital
cheap parking
Research institutions
Brilliant poets
No squillionaires
Pornographers kept away from the city centre
Barbara Blackman
Manning Clark House

Pandy Pandy 6:17 pm 10 Aug 07

The Deep Space Centre.
Especially the new cafe overlooking The Dish.


Waling your dogs off lead in the old forests.

deejay deejay 5:32 pm 10 Aug 07

The Deep Space Centre.
Heritage on the Square in Bungendore.
Trivia Night at Belconnen Labor Club.
Parking for sixty cents an hour or $7.50/day!
Cruises on Lake Burley Griffin.
Lectures at the National Museum.
Indie films at Dendy and the Film & Sound Archive.

KandyA KandyA 5:00 pm 10 Aug 07

if you like open mike @ t Phoenix,
the Insatiable Banalaties podcast features plenty of Canberra’s finest singer / songwriters

PaulM PaulM 4:02 pm 10 Aug 07

A 10 minute commute.
Reliable work.

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 3:01 pm 10 Aug 07

4 genuine seasons including a hot dry summer – no humidity!

Ease of transport around town and lack of peak hour

A heap of attractions that non only visitors but locals should take a day or two out to attend

Politicians don’t actually live here.

Ntp Ntp 2:47 pm 10 Aug 07

What’s great about Canberra. How about RiotACT?

Maelinar Maelinar 2:27 pm 10 Aug 07

I reckon Thumpurr.

Thumper Thumper 2:26 pm 10 Aug 07

Is it my shout this arvo mate?

lisagrace lisagrace 2:25 pm 10 Aug 07

– Going out the hall markets on a Sunday morning once a month (although I can never remember which weekend they’re on, I just see the signs)

– Having lunch and a beer outside Kingo’s on a Friday afternoon (just not when its this bloody windy!)and

– Open mic night on Thursday’s at the Pot Belly in Belco.

Maelinar Maelinar 2:24 pm 10 Aug 07

Ahh the pitfalls of web design 101.

Pandering the the differences of opinion for all canberrans, in one easy to reach place on the internet.

You may as well start splitting your website now into the 666, 104.7, JJJ, Gen X, Gen Y, etc etc crowds, with a separate page for each of them.

You are right, I don’t need to say anything. Consider yourself fortunate I even bothered.

Thumper Thumper 2:22 pm 10 Aug 07

It’s okay Blewy, mael’s a big pussy cat really…


Blewy Blewy 2:01 pm 10 Aug 07

I AM doing my own research, thank you. It’s just nice to hear different opinions of people with different interests, other than mine. Thank you to those that have posted.

As I said, if you have nothing positive to say, please read on. You don’t NEED to say anything.

Maelinar Maelinar 1:56 pm 10 Aug 07

Do your own research.

lenny lenny 12:59 pm 10 Aug 07

the people, i think canberra is friendly

caf caf 12:25 pm 10 Aug 07

Chris – set it up using Wiki-type software so that it’s easy and decentralised for people to add/update information.

DarkLadyWolfMother DarkLadyWolfMother 12:21 pm 10 Aug 07

I always drag my friends to the zoo. But most of my friends enjoy that kind of thing.

sepi sepi 11:58 am 10 Aug 07

A weekend drive out to Gundaroo for feta and olive pizza and a look in the craft shop.

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