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Beyond the expected

What’s the deal with the burnt out buses near Holy Grail in Civic?

By langbot 30 October 2008 66

Anybody know what happened to those buses in Civic?  Looks like a car bomb???

[ED – The ABC explains all. If Civic workers have pictures email them in to]

    Offers of help are pouring in for a group of children stranded in Canberra after their buses were set on fire overnight.

UPDATED: Thanks to Toriness for sending in a pic.

ANOTHER UPDATE: The ABC reports that alternate arrangements are coming together and everyone seems quite pleased. With the possible exception of the insurance company one imagines.


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66 Responses to
What’s the deal with the burnt out buses near Holy Grail in Civic?
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ant 1:23 pm 30 Oct 08

Teh Mandalay bus used to sell takeaway curry and stuff late at night. It used to be some spot else, I used to get the odd curry there (I have a stomach of steel and never got poisoned, unlike others).

There was some terrible crime there years ago, the owner got horribly bashed, can’t remember if he was actually killed. And the bus has sat there ever since.

Mick 1:09 pm 30 Oct 08

Yeah, you’re right peterh.

I wasn’t intending to cheapen it. I was just sorta referring to the piles of merchandise that the Brumbies seem to have left over each year which they have to flog off at very cheap prices to get rid of!

Cheers to everyone that has helped the kiddies out!

tylersmayhem 12:54 pm 30 Oct 08

If we were in the States (thank god we’re not) this city would be on lock-down from fear of terrorists. I love Canberra…and Australia for that matter. I love that we don’t live in perpetual fear!

Gungahlin Al 12:50 pm 30 Oct 08

“Jeez. Welcome to Canberra, ay.”
+1. Yep hi kids – see we have the same sorts of scum here as you do in the big cities.

On buses, what is it with the old “Mandalay” double decker permanently lodged in the pay parking in Braddon. Must be racking up a hell of a parking bill.

peterh 12:22 pm 30 Oct 08

Mick said :

The Brumbies fan shop has also offered to replace their souvenirs. (last seasons stock I presume!)

don’t cheapen an act of goodwill. they didn’t have to offer, but they did. The kids won’t care whether they are this season’s or last, and at least they will see the caring side of Canberra – I really feel proud to be a part of the Canberra community when it steps up to the plate to help others.

much like it has over the years…

ant 12:20 pm 30 Oct 08

…and ups to Monaro Coaches who have offered to take the group back to SA!

ant 12:18 pm 30 Oct 08

Jeez. Welcome to Canberra, ay. At least now the town is doing the usual, and rallying round to help. Ups to the OPH gift shop and Brumbies. Must be upsetting, I hope none of the kids’ other belongins were in teh bus.

Looks like a tree has been crisped too? Must have been a pretty feirce fire?

dexi 12:14 pm 30 Oct 08

“The Crack Flats” on Ballumbir St.

Shanefos I assume you are referring to the poor state and neglect, of the plaster. You couldn’t be making the outrageous and false claim that crack is available from these flats. There must be an accurate, Australian insult you could sling in your generalisation.

Mick 12:00 pm 30 Oct 08

Heard on Triple J News this morning that the buses were for some school kids that were here on a school trip.

All their souvenirs were on the bus, and another bus company has offered to take them home (can’t remember where from).

The Brumbies fan shop has also offered to replace their souvenirs. (last seasons stock I presume!)

Granny 11:36 am 30 Oct 08

I will! I will! Pick me!

Mr Evil 11:34 am 30 Oct 08

Has anyone thought of calling the Terrorism Hotline to report this suspicious activity?

la mente torbida 11:27 am 30 Oct 08

The reason the buses were parked up near Glebe Park is that retards had their cars parked on the bus zones outside the YHA.

Hope they catch the f#tards that torched the bus. Maybe they should also start towing away cars parked illegally.

Granny 11:05 am 30 Oct 08

Oh! Well, I shall.

: )

Holden Caulfield 11:01 am 30 Oct 08

Make sure you go to the Old Parliament House gift shop then, as it is the OPH shop digging deep.

Granny 10:57 am 30 Oct 08

It’s so nice that the Parliament House gift shop is going to replace the souvenirs and that so many other people have offered to help. I just think that’s fantastic! Next time I’m at Parliament House I’m going to buy something from the gift shop and tell them they rock!

Mr Evil 10:53 am 30 Oct 08

Another good reason to bulldoze those govt flats down……..

shanefos 10:46 am 30 Oct 08

Akuna St. is only a short stagger from “The Crack Flats” on Ballumbir St.
So I wonder where the flat-screen tv is then…

I certainly wouldn’t leave my car there overnight, but I’d never have thought a bus would be a target.

Holden Caulfield 10:12 am 30 Oct 08

Kids smoking in the bus again!

Thumper 10:12 am 30 Oct 08

Yeah, this is terrible.

It does not paint Canberra in a great light.

Word on the radio this morning was arson.

rosebud 10:07 am 30 Oct 08

Scumbags! I hope their ill-gotten flat screen TV falls on their heads from a great height.


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