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When is a road not a road??? When it’s a home gym!

By PJCanberra - 7 May 2011 17

How can a household use the access road to our garages as a home gym?  Or a business, which is probably the case!!

Every one who uses the access lane has to stop and give way whilst the owner or renter of the house has his customers cease exercising and remove the obstacles used to work out with.  These range from skipping ropes to tractor tyres, dumb bells and bodies!

I am sick of it!  It’s not only very dangerous, it’s as soon as you come around the corner but ignorant to other home owners/renters and probably illegal.

Does anyone have any advice on how to sort it out?

What’s Your opinion?

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17 Responses to
When is a road not a road??? When it’s a home gym!
Bluey 9:59 am 09 May 11

What suburb are in PJ? Honestly if thats the worst thing you have to deal with consider yourself lucky. There are children starving in Charnwood.

Try flipping a tractor tyre a few times, youll feel better I promise.

I-filed 10:46 pm 08 May 11

Hang on a sec – the “equipment” is dumbells? And a tyre or two? And no noise other than a healthy grunt or two? So you have to pause, what, 10 seconds while they get these dumbells out of the way? And roll a couple of tyres away, most probably with a cheery wave. You’re not talking benches etc?

On the scale of neighbour nuisance, this is a nothing.

As I write this, my neighbour’s industrial-noise air conditioner has been disturbing me on and off since 7 am.

How about chilling and being pleased that some people are getting fit.

Solidarity 8:17 pm 08 May 11

So it’s a shared use area, and when you want to use said road, these people go out of thier way to allow this

and you’re the one complaining?

I think you need a hobby, or some other activity to do it your spare time.

Considered Crossfit?

aussieboy 5:51 pm 08 May 11

Get them fined for jaywalking?

Mysteryman 2:11 pm 08 May 11

Sounds like those Crossfit morons to me. I too would like to see a picture.

Also, running over their equipment is an option. Spilling the oil is another good option. You could also leave open garbage bags containing feces or other unpleasant matter around the place.

You could also ask them to stop, as it’s a safety issue and missuse of the access road. I think that would be a better option.

Grrrr 11:59 am 08 May 11

Don’t s’pose you’ve tried asking them nicely to stop it?

p1 9:40 am 08 May 11

Fifteen minutes before there start, wash your car in the same spot. Be sure to spray lots of soapy water around.

curlylocks 9:22 pm 07 May 11

Get someone to pose in front of equipment etc and there is your photo. If they want to complain to the cops let them, they might find they are in the wrong.

frank2112 9:12 pm 07 May 11

Ask them if their Public liability insurance is up to date.

Special G 8:13 pm 07 May 11

common space – why not.

Gungahlin Al 7:15 pm 07 May 11

Two words: body corporate.

PJCanberra 6:03 pm 07 May 11

Photo’s it is then. How to do it without getting abused is another issue!

gooterz 5:49 pm 07 May 11

Could always change your cars oil on the ‘access road’, so be it if you accidently spill some and cover the road with it!

damien haas 4:15 pm 07 May 11

This thread is useless without pictures…

Having said that, are you enjoying the benefits of high density living ?

Homeless 4:09 pm 07 May 11

You know the drill, photos or it never happened.
I know the perfect way to stop it from happening. Just run over some of the (smaller) equipment then tell this idiot you want compensation for damage to your car. Try to avoid running over the people.

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