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Where can I buy some Absinthe?

By Thumper 12 May 2006 27

Since we (REVOLVER), recently wrote and recorded a song about the green faerie, we’ve decided to try some of it. However, i have no idea where to buy the stuff?

Anyone? Come on you beret wearing, black polo neck clad bohemians out there.

Green Devil (Mark Hunstone)

The bottle stands full with liquid green
The tortured throes of a demons dream
A sugar cube on a silver spoon
A rocket ride to the seven moons

Fly me away Green Devil
Sing me to sleep and I’ll dream of you

The city grey in wintertime
The coloured thoughts of a fertile mind
With lemon rind and aniseed
Wormwood herb and fennel weed

Fly me away Green Devil
Sing me to sleep and I’ll dream of you

The bottle spent of its liquid green
The carnivale is a sorry scene
The night descends as the twilight fades
The warmth retreats as the ghosts invade

Fly me away Green Devil
Sing me to sleep and I’ll dream of you

What’s Your opinion?

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Where can I buy some Absinthe?
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Thumper 3:19 pm 17 Nov 06

Yep, sugar cubes of the spoon and drip iced water over it until it disolves into the Absinthe.

I usually have about a one to four mix, absinthe and water. Sugar amount is up to your taste.

Absent Diane 3:17 pm 17 Nov 06

is the trad way with sugar and teaspoon etc?..

I have this habit of drinking things the wrong way… not so good when it is stuff like chatruese (sp?) bacardi 151… seems to always end up with me either going crazy (in a non-violent way) and not remembering a thing.. or spending a lot of time porcelain dreaming. thankfully it only happens once or twice a year…

Thumper 3:04 pm 17 Nov 06

You are drinking it the wrong way AD

Drink it traditional method rather than neat!

Danman 2:58 pm 17 Nov 06

Top Darts AD

Absent Diane 2:44 pm 17 Nov 06

i can’t remember too much of my last experience on faux absinthe… I do remember waking up at about 4pm on a picnic table at someone’s house.. and I do know that I got to this person’s house at about 8am after a night out… and I was told that I drank about half a bottle of the shite – and that is it.

Mr_Shab 1:51 pm 17 Nov 06

You’re right about the sage stuffing bit, Woody. The Food Standards Code allows 250ppm in sage stuffing, but only 10ppm in alcoholic drinks.

I maintain the high alcohol content will get you wanged waaaaaay before the thujone starts tickling any neurotransmitters.

Not that that’s a bad thing…

Thumper 1:04 pm 17 Nov 06

I drink Doubs.

Love it. You brain feels hammered but you can still speak and function. Odd….

And no hangover, you just feel as if you’ve had a good nights sleep.

Speaking of which, I need to buy a bottle this afternoon.

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