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Where is our sheep?

By Thumper 19 September 2006 31

Whilst wandering through sunny, and exremely windy, civic this lunchtime, I noticed that one of our beloved sheep scuptures has disappeared.

I did hear something a week or two ago suggesting that the standing sheep, as opposed to the pornographic sheep, was run over by a delivery van.

Any news on the state of our patient? The spreadeagled sheep just doesn’t look right without his (her?) partner.

What’s Your opinion?

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Where is our sheep?
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VYBerlinaV8 9:56 am 20 Sep 06

I only believe in same sex animal marriages when both ewes are hot.

Kerces 10:00 pm 19 Sep 06

You beat me to it, Thumper. I was planning to go and photograph the missing sheep tomorrow (or at least attempt to) after reading about how it’d been hit in Sunday’s CT. Apparently an armoured van backing up to one of the nearby banks ran into it and broke three legs off (though it’s beyond me how you break three legs off a four-legged object which has its legs bolted to the ground). The story was very oddly written and included an interview with a witness who didn’t want to be named and who spoke like a policeman.

johnboy 5:38 pm 19 Sep 06

I thought they only failed when recording things embarrassing to the constabulary?

Mr Evil 5:21 pm 19 Sep 06

The Security cameras probably weren’t working at the time!

bonfire 5:06 pm 19 Sep 06

iirc there was an article in the sunday ct about this. apparently an armoured car ran into it, and did not stop.

i hope the armoured car company pays for the repairs.

and surely they can be identified by the numerous surveillance cameras, sorry, security cameras, in civic.

johnboy 5:03 pm 19 Sep 06

Surely the absolute last measure of art is whether it was Government sanctioned?

johnboy 4:39 pm 19 Sep 06
Nik_the_Pig 4:37 pm 19 Sep 06

Ok, I remember now. was it ever established if that was art or just someone stuffing around (ie did someone/govt pay for it?)

Thumper 4:28 pm 19 Sep 06

Stolen by a ‘minor’ bird?

Blossy 4:28 pm 19 Sep 06

The ones that were hanging over the overhead lines near the merry-go-round.

Nik_the_Pig 4:25 pm 19 Sep 06

Ok Blossy ewe got me there? What Gay police shoes?

Thumper 4:19 pm 19 Sep 06

A sheep in the bush is worth two in the shearing shed…


Blossy 4:18 pm 19 Sep 06

Also the Gay Police shoes are missing.

Nik_the_Pig 4:12 pm 19 Sep 06

Ok AD and JB, I don’t want to seem like a dag but the wooly nature this thread has made it difficult for me to cotton on what you are saying. Are ewe guys bulimic?

Ari 4:04 pm 19 Sep 06

You could always chop the thread, JB.

snahon 4:03 pm 19 Sep 06

The bleating sheep has flocked off and fleeced ewe all of another artistic contribution viewed by the masses who’ve sheared their woollen coats in light of the summery weather and rounded themselves up to the canberra cente one last time before the DFO fleeces ewe you all of your cash.

Absent Diane 3:41 pm 19 Sep 06

its alright JB – if its any consolation I make myself sick as well sometimes.

Mr Evil 3:38 pm 19 Sep 06

JB, stop your bleating! 🙂

Thumper 3:38 pm 19 Sep 06

Indeed, our sheep is missing, presumed dead, and all you can do is fleece us with bad puns?

johnboy 3:29 pm 19 Sep 06

you people make me sick

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