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Where should Maelinar go if he’s a winner?

By johnboy - 13 February 2007 64

Maelinar, without even knowing it, has won the first two of three stages to be a Reader’s Digest sweepstake winner!

To entice him into showing interest in the process they’re inviting him (see below) to nominate where he’d like to have his celebration dinner at the expense of Reader’s Digest.

So where would you go for dinner in Canberra if someone else was paying and money was no object?

What’s Your opinion?

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64 Responses to
Where should Maelinar go if he’s a winner?
terubo 11:30 am 13 Feb 07

Haha, it took me nearly three years to stop Readers Digest sending me those frequent “you’re a winner” crap letters.

Anyway, for a good feed, sure the Ottoman is good – at a price. Cost me over $750 (for 8) a few years back. Probably out of my range altogether now. But hey, it’s a free dinner – enjoy!

jimbocool 11:20 am 13 Feb 07

Ottoman Cuisine. Easily the best restaurant in Canberra these days. I’d recommend the salmon dolma for entree (matched with Moet) and the live crayfish for main (perhaps with a ’95 Howard Park Cab Merlot).
Courgette on its day is outstanding too.
Chairman & Yip lost its magic some time ago, Dijon is good but not in the same league as Ottoman and Courgette. Aubergine has lost its touch and Boathouse never had it to begin with.
Charcoal Grill is for spivs and ne’er do wells on a big night out – I think of it as John Howard’s idea of a fancy restaurant.

Growling Ferret 11:18 am 13 Feb 07

Thai House Weston – and its BYO esky full of stubbies!

sim_m_o 11:06 am 13 Feb 07

Julep Lounge, without question.

Maelinar 11:01 am 13 Feb 07

I count:

Charcoal Grill or Aubergine as a first option

Boathouse as a third option

Green Herring or RockSalt as latter options

Is this the best Canberra has to offer ?

Ralph 10:49 am 13 Feb 07

Charcoal Grill.

snahon 10:47 am 13 Feb 07

Get them to pay for a trip to melbourne and go to Vlado’s charcoal grill 🙂

johnboy 10:46 am 13 Feb 07

I thought the boathouse was just a wedding factory these days?

Danman 10:36 am 13 Feb 07

Green Herring in Gunghalin or Rocksalt in Hawker.

Monty_67 10:14 am 13 Feb 07

Aubergine or The Boathouse. Classy

szeretetta 10:08 am 13 Feb 07

I second the Charcoal…


Sammy 9:58 am 13 Feb 07

Charcoal Grill, when they’ve got the beef stroganoff available, coupled with one of their fine wines.

VYBerlinaV8_now with 9:42 am 13 Feb 07

Central Cafe in Queanbeyan.

blingblingbears 9:22 am 13 Feb 07

Aubergine Restuarant…

Sammy 9:20 am 13 Feb 07

Isn’t it just great that ‘C. Thomas’ went to the trouble of writing a hand-written note on the bottom. It just gives me a warm glow all-over.

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