Where the $#%@ is the captions?

Jclarke 4 January 2011 34

Allow me to tell you a little about myself, I am pretty much still a newbie to the-riotact.com however I am deaf. Just wanted to share this frustration to you guys, this may help expand to other deaf and hard of hearing rioters out there, if any.

Earlier tonight, I attended a movie session of ‘Love and other Drugs’ which at the time was available with open captions – I have not been to the cinemas in ages and was looking forward to captioned movies at Dendy Cinemas in Canberra City. 5 minutes into the film, I was very disappointed that the captions didn’t show as they were supposed to be! I walked out of the cinemas and with a angry gesture to the staff and demanded why it wasn’t captioned, and I was taken to a supervisor, and they went to investigate why they didn’t show the captions, they simply forgot to turn it on, that was not enough excuse to explain. I demanded a refund and I left in huge frusration, they even said I was allowed back in (also ticket refunded) but I refused because I already lost 15 minutes of the film. They apologised but a apology and refund wasn’t good enough.

In the past, Hoyts Belconnen had captioned films available, but I was not impressed with their performance in the past, as they tend to break down all the damn time, and you know I am from the southside, most of the time, I felt it was a waste of time and money to go to a captioned movie in Belconnen, however I was pleased to see that Dendy’s was available, they performance was fantastic however in recent times, was disappointing. Not so great start into 2011.

No offense to the people who works for Dendy Cinemas, I appericate your service but Dendy Cinemas needs more improvements towards to the deaf and hard of hearing community.

I will be writing a formal complaint letter this week.

Thank you for reading.

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34 Responses to Where the $#%@ is the captions?
Jim Jones Jim Jones 1:52 pm 04 Jan 11

Perhaps you should demand that no-one is allowed to makes any mistakes ever again?

el el 1:52 pm 04 Jan 11

What carnardly said is what I was talking about. I am a regular Dendy customer, I’d go back, however they need to realise they make a mistake that enrages the customer to walk away just like myself yesterday.


It seems like they acknowledged the mistake, were apologetic and wanted to make things right by you.

What, exactly, do you want from Dendy to make up for what was a simple case of human error?

colourful sydney racing identity colourful sydney racing identity 1:47 pm 04 Jan 11

@17 – you have said an apology and a refund wasn’t good enough. What did you expect them to do for you? Give you back your 15 minutes? Start the movie again? Seriously, what would have made you happy.

Jclarke Jclarke 1:01 pm 04 Jan 11

Guys, I respect your opinions against my post, that is fine.
However, as a canberran, the deaf community is small and the captions happens three or four times a week, DEPENDING on the film available. Hoyts Belconnen shows very little with luck of working captions, most of the time, the machine just breaks down and they can’t do anything about it. Free tickets is worthless, IN my own humble opinon.

What carnardly said is what I was talking about. I am a regular Dendy customer, I’d go back, however they need to realise they make a mistake that enrages the customer to walk away just like myself yesterday.

What would you say, if the movie didn’t show, you paid for it, you came from southside becayse the time was suitable for you at Dendys and turns out the movie machine was broken? Do you want free tickets and refund and then it happens more than once?

I’ll leave this to you, rioters.

john87_no1 john87_no1 12:21 pm 04 Jan 11

Thats what you get for going to the Pictures.

I dont even know why you tried for people sympathy on here.

Download torrents like everybody else, captions are available for most New Realeses.

colourful sydney racing identity colourful sydney racing identity 12:20 pm 04 Jan 11

I hear that the new polytechnic (UC & CIT) is going to offer bridge building courses. You may want to enroll.

eyeLikeCarrots eyeLikeCarrots 11:04 am 04 Jan 11

Actually, on second thought they could of atleast given him a free ticket for another session (ontop of a refund).

For the cinema, this is a chance for some big positive publicity – admit that they dropped the ball, invite the OP with guests to a personal screening in Gold class.

Tooks Tooks 10:57 am 04 Jan 11

Sounds like they handled the situation quite well. I don’t really understand your anger.

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 10:31 am 04 Jan 11

Have all your toys been put back in your pram now?

carnardly carnardly 10:29 am 04 Jan 11

I get where JClarke is coming from. He’s driven across town to go to the movies on that particular night because it was advertised to be shown with captions. The Deaf community has little enough access to captioned movies anyway (ie often only once a month and only for the popular films). I’d be annoyed too. Whatever happens, even if he did go back in, he’s missed the setting of the whole scene for the movie.

Now, if he wants to see it with captions, he has to wait for another viewing with captions – I bet that won’t be this week.

Kan Kan 10:27 am 04 Jan 11

I have learnt when management is apologetic, you should be willing to give the service/good another go. They normally bend over backwards, so to speak, to do their best not to repeat the same mistake because the last thing they want is bad publicity.

You should have taken advantage of the situation and stressed:

a) how much you were looking forward to the seeing the film;

b) that you are a regular customer of Dendy;

c) how disappointed (not in a angry manner) that Dendy made a mistake.

It has worked in the past for me with great success with businesses like Cadburys and Athlete’s Foot. I never got angry with them – I just explained my situation, got a refund or equivalent and as a result, continue to be a regular customer. With the two companies mentioned, I got an even better outcome – Cadburys sent me a carton of chocolates (10 times more than I had bought) and Athletes Foot gave me a new pair of shoes that were more expensive than my original pair. If you have played your cards right, you could have got a book of 10 tickets than just a refund!

Sammy Sammy 10:07 am 04 Jan 11

They apologised and refunded your money. Sounds like you got a good outcome.

la mente torbida la mente torbida 9:09 am 04 Jan 11

As previously posted, what more could Dendy have done to satisfy you?

troll-sniffer troll-sniffer 8:52 am 04 Jan 11

Perhaps JClarke is feeling a little miffed that not only has life deprived him/her of hearing (which some of my deaf friends swear can be a godsend sometimes) but also the ability to write grammatically correct headlines.

If JClarke thinks that being deaf is an excuse to be a self-obsessed whinger (as in cannot accept a sincere apology and needs to go for the kill), and that said attitude is acceptable, JClarke is, I suspect, one enormously unhappy soul whose life consists of a never-ending series of ‘feel sorry for me’ episodes.

trevar trevar 8:26 am 04 Jan 11

Quite right, JC. On learning of the mistake, their actions of apologising, refunding your ticket and letting you back in were entirely inadequate. At a minimum the manager should have undertaken some self-flagellation using their cat o’ nine tails, several customers should have been branded with a hot iron and at least one of the younger staff ought to have been sacrificed on a pire; isn’t that what that decaying timber deck outside the cinema is for?

Anything else you would like them to do to appease your wrath, JC?

eyeLikeCarrots eyeLikeCarrots 8:14 am 04 Jan 11

“They apologised but a apology and refund wasn’t good enough.”

So you’re deaf. Life without a major sense like hearing mustbe difficult and I imagine frustrating.

However, the fact that, Tinkerbell the magical fairly with her amazing wand of miracles, is not on staff at Dendy is no reason for you to get pissy. They said sorry (I can only imagine they were mortified that they’d upset and disappointed someone so badly).

By all means, write your letter. I’m sure this has already been bought to the manager’s attention and steps would have been put in place to ensure that this does not happen again. But go ahead, burn off your congealed ‘entitlement’.

Punkmunkey Punkmunkey 7:47 am 04 Jan 11

What the $#%@ more do you want?

Deref Deref 7:47 am 04 Jan 11

I can understand your frustration, and they certainly deserve the slapping you gave them for screwing up and screwing you around, but their apology seemed genuine and, as Clown Killer says, their response seems pretty reasonable.

Clown Killer Clown Killer 7:40 am 04 Jan 11

Not really sure what else they could have done. Apology, refund, offer of another ticket at no cost. It was an oversight after all.

bloodnut bloodnut 7:30 am 04 Jan 11

I don’t think the deaf demographic sonstitutes a large enough market share to result in the lifetime of free tickets you were fishing for.

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