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Where’s Canberra Fashion at?

By johnboy - 27 January 2009 37

In the Canberra Times Claire Low has had a look at the local fashion scene, a subject dear to her hear. They’ve even managed to put a slideshow online.

So I’m interested in hearing what Riot’s own local fashionistas think of the local design/retail scene.

And is migration to Sydney and Melbourne a bad thing, or just how the business works with people always moving on?

What’s Your opinion?

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37 Responses to
Where’s Canberra Fashion at?
deezagood 4:59 pm 27 Jan 09

‘Canberra Fashion’ is an oxymoron…..

SheepGroper 4:39 pm 27 Jan 09

AngryHenry said :

I am by no means old enough to know better but I would also like to send a message to the youth of our fair city –


I agree, it’s impossible to admire a perky pair of buttocks on a guy when they’re hidden deep in the folds of Mu Mu trousers. On the other hand, or cheek, if they try to bag snatch they won’t run far.

aa 4:37 pm 27 Jan 09

Fashion in Canberra? No such thing. All the people here dress the same and have the same haircut. They all wear the same shirt but in different colours.

Granny 4:00 pm 27 Jan 09

I’m just always excited when I’m not wearing somebody’s hand-me-downs!

AngryHenry 4:00 pm 27 Jan 09

I am by no means old enough to know better but I would also like to send a message to the youth of our fair city –


VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 3:48 pm 27 Jan 09

The trouble with local fashion is that all the younguns seem to dress the same. Kinda boring, really…

p1 3:46 pm 27 Jan 09

I’m not going all the way out to Queanbeyan when there is a perfectly good Lowes in Belcompton.

seekay 3:41 pm 27 Jan 09

Queanbeyan Lowes, anyone?

Granny 3:36 pm 27 Jan 09

I have bought things from Ivan’s back in the 80s. Lacy skirts, chunky jewellery, stuff like that. You have to wear it with attitude!

Skidbladnir 3:31 pm 27 Jan 09

I have never seen anybody buy things from Ivan ‘s…
How does he turn a profit?

Kizzle 3:25 pm 27 Jan 09

Ivans seems to work for me.

housebound 3:21 pm 27 Jan 09

Fashion and Canberra in the same sentence. There’s a reason for the popularity of shopping trps to Melbourne and Sydney.

AngryHenry 3:19 pm 27 Jan 09

Canberra Fashion is at the intersection of Conservative Street and Short Shorts In Cold Weather Avenue, it’s just up behind the curve…

Granny 3:13 pm 27 Jan 09

A friend of mine is a young fashion design graduate, and after working freelance for a while on a line of menswear she decided to get a diploma in education and work as a teacher.

She still works part-time designing childrenswear; but I think it is tough to make it here, and there’s not much incentive. With her family and friends based in Canberra, I don’t think a move to the big smoke was at all appealing.

It’s a shame because she’s got such a creative sensitivity. She’s a highly imaginative and intelligent artist. Her drawings and paintings are superb.

While teaching is a valuable profession, I do think it’s sad because she is an artist at heart and there will always be more people who can teach than people who can create.

p1 2:43 pm 27 Jan 09

Ahhh, “fashion”. I have no words.

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