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Who is Godwin Grech?

By johnboy - 23 June 2009 97

The weirdness and wonder of ute-gate is mercifully beyond the scope of RiotACT.

But the fascinatingly Dickensian Godwin Grech is an undeniable product of Canberra.

So, over to you commenters… What’s he up to? What’s he like?

UPDATE: The Canberra Times is running a story with the very same headline which answers some questions.

What’s Your opinion?

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97 Responses to
Who is Godwin Grech?
Thumper 12:19 pm 23 Jun 09

I’d say he’s soon to be unemployed.

Sadly this sorry little saga, whatever the final outcome should serve as a warning to all public servants.

justsayit 12:17 pm 23 Jun 09

DawnDrifter said :

What are you implying, a senior Public servant taking a bullet for a politician? never

He better be careful he doesn’t end up Secretary of the Department of Health.

Katydid 12:08 pm 23 Jun 09

What are you implying, a senior Public servant taking a bullet for a politician? never


I know it’s wrong, but there’s still some optimistic little part of me that believes in politicians taking responsibility for their actions, and, you know, taking the ‘self’ out of ‘serving’ in the role.

I’ll just go hang out in fairyland over here, with the unicorns and rainbows.

Wraith 12:06 pm 23 Jun 09

It might be implied that another senior public servant thought he could bring down another minister, happened before, just recently.

Seems to be happening more lately.

Or maybe he was just aspiring to get back to working in Hockey’s office and went the wrong way about it………..

In the grand scheme of things though, this whole matter is just becoming boring, I mean is the best that Turnbull can find to play with in Parliament? Is there not more pressing matters to work through, oh and this whole debacle has covered their recent backflip on the alcohol tax hike as well, now they agree to it but the noise from this has covered that up almost.

Still its entertaining to watch the muppets at play………

weeziepops 12:00 pm 23 Jun 09

Jenny Bryant came back okay after the children overboard senate inquiry. I’m sure this guy will survive.

DawnDrifter 11:56 am 23 Jun 09

What are you implying, a senior Public servant taking a bullet for a politician? never

It is getting heated in Parliament again today, Rudd off the hook according to Malcolm, but he hasnt given up hope on getting some mud to stick on Swan.
If that attempt over the next 12 hours fails, there are massive question marks over this whole debacle and Turnbull as a leader…

im sure he can cry in his beers later tonight then go back to the 100+million he has in the kitty

Katydid 11:51 am 23 Jun 09

It sounds very much like they’re setting him up for a fall…and Turnbull is quoted as saying that he’ll only apologise to KRudd if KRudd apologises in return for suggesting he had anything to do with the writing of the email.

Doesn’t sound like someone who’s up for taking responsibility, does it?

barking toad 11:50 am 23 Jun 09

If you get the chance, watch the Senate C’tee hearing if it’s repeated on Fox. He was pretty stressed but appeared to want to answer honestly questions posed by Eric Abetz. Attemps to answer were blocked by his Treasury boss ably assisted by the labor chairsheila.

Probably a very dedicated, diligent and capable public servant caught in the crossfire of politics which he never expected.

housebound 11:45 am 23 Jun 09

Both sides have taken potshots at him/his health, depending on who thinks they are winning at the time. It’s really a bit outside the rules of the game.

It’s all very weird. I wouldn’t be in his shoes for a million dollars.

jessieduck 11:45 am 23 Jun 09
jessieduck 11:41 am 23 Jun 09

hmm- inneresting. I just read an article where Hockey is quoted as saying that he called Godwin on Saturday to enquire about his health.

Icepoet 11:37 am 23 Jun 09

I was watching Malcolm Turnbull and Joe Hockey on Sunrise today and they seemed to imply that he was perhaps mentally unstable, making continual reference to him being put under ‘extra’ pressure for someone already having difficulties. Did I read too much into that, or are they deliberately trying to discredit him?

p1 11:33 am 23 Jun 09

I assumed with a name like that, Malcolm had made him up at the same time as making up the email (using a name from a Tolkien novel).

jessieduck 11:33 am 23 Jun 09

His name sounds like he could be a professor at Hogwarts or working for the Ministry of Magic!

Clown Killer 11:29 am 23 Jun 09

A couple of people I know in PM&C have worked with him. He’s apparently very professional, dilligent, puts in long hours. I suspect though he’s about to entre a world of pain.

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