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Where write for a complaint about an ACTION bus?

By bec452 12 April 2011 29

A serious incident happened on an ACTION bus 2 weeks ago whereby the bus driver did nothing to aid the victim. I need advice as to who to write a complaint to or how to take this matter further?

The ACTION website only has a generic address to write to and I want to make sure my letter can reach the people in the higher ranks.

Thanks in advance to those that can help.

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Where write for a complaint about an ACTION bus?
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Fred Smith 8:21 am 09 Oct 17

Do not bother as they close ranks and do nothing. Even if it is dangerous driving they say they are unable to find the driver

creative_canberran 11:28 am 15 Apr 11

Lefty said :

Gantz said :

Do bus drivers have a duty of care towards passengers when there is altercation between them?

It doesn’t matter what occupation we have – as a human being, we should all have a duty of care for each other.

Depends what you mean by duty of care?

The common law does imply a duty of care to avoid doing harm to others.

The common law though has specifically precluded any duty existing to go to the aid of another, except in special circumstances where a duty relationship exists already such as parent to child or employer to employee.

As the operator of the motor vehicle, the driver’s sole duty responsibility is to the passengers in his capacity as a driver and to other road users, that is to say he must drive so as to not endanger his passengers or other road users. That’s why there’s signs prohibiting people talking to the driver during transit or even going near the cabin, to avoid distraction.

Very Busy 9:39 am 15 Apr 11


to bec452

You self righteous so and so. Write all you want if it makes you feel good. You’re prepared to spend a lengthy amount of time preparing a letter to try and get someone in trouble, yet at the time YOU sat back and did nothing.

YOU had a better view of what happened than the bus driver. You seriously need to take a good hard look at yourself.

BTW, the driver is under no obligation to get involved. It is a personal choice. He/she can be asked to assist in an enquiry and that is the extent of any obligation. Therefore your goal of getting the driver in trouble will fail.

Good luck to you!!!!

ML-585 12:28 am 15 Apr 11

magiccar9 said :

The driver could have removed the passengers in both situations from the bus. They have the right to do that and the responsibility to ALL other patrons to uphold the rules.

Not quite. This is what the Road Transport (Public Passenger Services) Regulation 2002 states –

65 Offender to get off bus when directed
(1) A bus driver, police officer or authorised person may direct a person to get off the bus if the driver, police officer or authorised person believes on reasonable grounds that the person is committing, or has just committed, an offence against this part or part 3.2 (Bus tickets).
(2) A person must not fail to comply with a direction under subsection (1).
Maximum penalty: 5 penalty units.

66 Removal of people from buses
A person who fails to comply with a direction under this part to get off a bus may be removed from the bus by a police officer.

So a driver or transport officer/supervisor can direct a person to get off a bus but only a police officer is authorised to physically “remove” a person from a bus.

ML-585 12:12 am 15 Apr 11

Question: was the incident brought to the driver’s attention? Did anyone actually ask the driver to call the police? If the answer to either is yes, then a complaint would be justified.

If no-one on the bus said or did anything, then everyone (or no-one) is to blame.

Also, don’t forget that EVERY bus is fitted with digital security cameras that record the entire bus. If a complaint was made to the police soon after the event, they would be able to request a copy of the footage.

buzz819 said :

Very easy for a bus driver to get on the radio and ask for Police to meet them at the next stop…

It’s very easy for a driver to ASK for the Police to meet them at the next stop, but there’s no guarantee that the police will actually attend.

Further question: does the ACT need to have dedicated Transit Police to deal with these sort of issues?

G.R.R 6:43 pm 12 Apr 11

You have a phone…unless you’re one of those people who still uses phone tech from the 80’s, your phone has a camera or video. Instead of crying to the driver, get off your own damn ar$e, snap some pics or get some guerilla video of the offender/s. Get the victim, go to the cop shop.

Of course, when the offender/s see you taking pics, get ready to defend yourself. =)

chris820 5:42 pm 12 Apr 11

Most of the complaints about ACTION I’ve read are written in black sharpie on the backs of the seats.

Jetsam 5:14 pm 12 Apr 11

I have seen an ACTION bus driver stop the bus and kick off the offenders after threatening to call the police. This was after a relatively minor incident. Drivers can, and should take action like this, and I’m sure it would be somewhere in their contract. I’d complain directly to ACTION.

dvaey 4:12 pm 12 Apr 11

bec452 said :

[There was no way for the victim involved to contact the police immediately at that time. They were mugged on the bus, their phone was stolen.

I think if this line was included in the story from the start, people might have had more consideration for your story. As some people have indicated, a ‘serious incident’ might be someone drinking on the bus or it might be assault. Ive lodged complaints through action’s complaint system before and received comprehensive follow-up, for a much less serious matter than you described.

If that doesnt resolve to your satisfaction, then with the knowledge youve learned from that complaints process, contact the media.. the chronicle and CT know where to go and who to ask the hard questions of.. and of course, present company..

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