12 June 2008

Who wants to be a celebrity chef?

| stereo henry
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666 ABC Canberra is currently running a competition where they are looking for winter recipes.

Each week they are going to invite a chef to discuss their recipe on air and one, the one they deem to be the best at the end of the comp, will be recorded for broadcast on the ABC.

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mael – as a professional chef, the only recipes I followed to a T were ones that were baked. Breads, Cakes, Scones, Slices etc.
Baking is more of a science of culinary chemical reactions than cooking for leisure .. Has to be followed to the T or you may (and I have often earlier in my career) fuct things up.

Thanks tap. I’ve tried the notchicken asian meat substitutes before, but I’m not too sure of the ingredient lists being good to feed the whole family (which includes a baby). But will have another look at them.

emd: Hey – Tap’s lady friend here, just stole his PC for a mo’ cuz of the request for vegie apricot chicken…i’m not sure how you feel about gluten, the yummy not meat! You can buy ‘fillets’ (read: grey blobs) of gluten in the chinese supermarkets in Dickson and Belco. They shred beautifully for stirfry (nom! with extra soy sauce for a baste if you want) but can also be marinated in apricots and filled and used like a normal chicken fillet.
Good luck!

Thanks for the tip Thumper, will give it a try.

Recipe’s be damned. Every time I cook, its a different work of art. Each manipulation of a roasting chicken, turkey, lamb or beef may require adding or removing spices and other flavours – not counting my usual 6+ sides of vegetables – honeyed, buttered, lightly steamed, or otherwise depending on the meat component, and how best it will match that and the gravy – the flavour, cooking time, light or heavy.

I couldn’t write down a recipe that I’d stick to if I tried, unless it was for historical purposes to say this is how I got to the end for this meal only.

Coincidentally, Mrs Mælinar was going through my old school reports a few months ago, and read that in cooking “Mælinar has difficulty in following recipes”. I’d love to look up my old home-ec teacher and tell her with the benefit of hindsight and the great cook I am, she can go shove her opinion. I was busy learning to cook in her class, not follow recipes like everybody else.

What’s a ‘ponky’ ?

Campbells Tomato Soup. Throw a pot on the stove. Mix in half a can of water, half a can of milk. Mix until creamy. Hey presto!

Ponkygirl: I dunno, I’ve seen her pretty much lost for words after he has done his segment a couple of times in the last two weeks!

At least Virginia seems to be warming to him now … she treats him more as a favourite jack russell and less like a little puppy that’s just crapped on the carpet.

la mente torbida11:21 am 12 Jun 08

mmmmmmm apricot tofu

Oh, and if anyone can think of a vego version of apricot chicken, please do tell! I miss apricot chicken since I stopped eating meat.

Mark Carmody is definitely getting better at the TV weather gig. Very different skillset to doing talkback radio, but I think he’s getting it now.

Carmody loves the garden, give him a break. I am firmly in the Mark Carmody fan club. Good to have you back, Mark, you bring a great energy and appreciation to the weather and the way it shapes the biota. *thumbs up*

I have a great coq au vin recipe…

I don’t listen to ABC Talk Radio but I quite like their website, they solicit photoes from locals of interesting things, and try to be actually local. And someone’s criticising people sharing recipes, and then praising prank calls? Oh dear.

I’m expecting Mark Carmody to wear a large tree branch at some point soon. Tonight he was not wearing proper flowers and he’s done this a few times.

I quite like the ABC AM recipes. I often Google recipes and end up with an ABC AM page. The ingredients used are easily available, and they’re easy to cook. Probably because real people (as opposed to celebrity chefs from the UK) have done them.

666 have a regular Friday arvo segment where they get a f&v market update and do a recipe. During the drive home – better than listening to ads or loud music when I’m in peak hour traffic.

Didn’t they also have an associated segment on Stateline a while back, where everyone seemed to be whitebread Aryan parents, living in perfect five-bedroom homes?

If this is the demographic the ABC is carving out, I weep for their future marketshare.

I had the wierd feeling ant may be Mark Carmody also…

Holden Caulfield4:08 pm 11 Jun 08

This sounds like a job for ant, oops, I mean, Mark Carmody.

stereo henry3:55 pm 11 Jun 08


“Why does it seem that the ABC are resorting to tacky things like this”

tacking things like asking people to share their stories and family recipes?

or tacking things like making prank phone calls?

I think talking about food is much more interesting than pretending to be someone from the bank, telling you that your credit cards reached it’s limit, just for kicks…


The ABC am situation probably can be explained by the fact that a majority of their listeners are zimmer frame driving, adult nappy wearing wet towels. Winter recipies keep ’em off the sreet.

As for prank calls on the radio. Thats kinda like asking a bunch of rugby players to sing.

Why does it seem that the ABC are resorting to tacky things like this, where they should just stick to what they do best. It’s like they are trying to do what the commercial stations are doing. Almost makes me switch off.
Speaking of commercial stations, I happened to switch across to 106 this morning and it seems they are doing prank calls. I must admit, never been a big fan of stuff like that, but I did find myself laughing. Not sure how long they have been doing these, but worth a listen if you get a chance. I think it was about 7:45 when i was driving to work.

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