Who wants to be friends? Seriously.

gospeedygo 22 November 2010 33

Who wants to be friends? Seriously.

What on earth do I do? I am on holidays until Feb.
I am 18 and I have no friends and am currently unemployed (but looking I might add.)

Would it be fair to say that I am up a certain analogy without a paddle?

I like music, games and all that other junk people tend to do. Who wants to be friends? Can I have a trial run with you and your friends?

But seriously, this sucks the big one.


(as if this is ever going to be published, why do I bother?)

[ED – while I think GSG needs to work on personal presentation for a long standing contributor we’ll give it a go.]

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33 Responses to Who wants to be friends? Seriously.
Mysteryman Mysteryman 9:56 am 22 Nov 10

A/S/L? Pics? lolz.

Joe Canberran Joe Canberran 10:03 am 22 Nov 10

For a long standing contributor I would have thought you would have had the good judgement to protect them from themselves and NOT publish it.

far_northact far_northact 10:08 am 22 Nov 10

What about you join some community activities. i.e. try dragon-boat paddling, it’s cheap and there is great team spirit. Because you train together throughout the week and have events (such as regattas) to attend on the weekend, you could get to know people and then perhaps, be invited to socialise outside of the sport.

This is one example, but there are lots of community activities that would lead to other social avenues.

You could also enrol in a tafe/CIT course that is along the lines of what you like – i.e. leaning how to mix/dj music or an IT focussed course. Again – potential to mix with like-minded people, with opportunities for outside invitations to socialise.

Best trick is to not focus on how you won’t have any friends, but put yourself in situations where you will meet people in a casual environment.

Clown Killer Clown Killer 10:13 am 22 Nov 10

There’s a young bloke at the Department of Immigration who’s probably looking for friends …

colourful sydney racing identity colourful sydney racing identity 10:37 am 22 Nov 10

Go and volunteer your services somewhere. You could go to the hospital and talk to the people who run the auxiliary library – they take books around to patients – that way you will
a) fill in your time
b) meet new people
c) most importantly provide a great service for patients.

Thumper Thumper 10:48 am 22 Nov 10

RFS or SES. A wide variety of men and women from all walks of life and ages.

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 11:08 am 22 Nov 10

The RiotAct is plastered with images of young attractive people, just waiting to meet YOU! Seriously, just send them your photo and credit card details (or your parents credit card details,) and soon you could be having hot monkey sex with lots of great looking young people who for some reason cannot find people to have hot monkey sex with by conventional methods.

Or if that fails, try the Joel Monaghan method.

JessP JessP 12:08 pm 22 Nov 10

Get a job. Walk through any shopping area and apply everywhere you see a position vacant sign…preferably somewhere with either: 1. young people working there 2. where young people shop or preferably 3. BOTH!

Earn some money, meet some people, get a life, STOP WHINING!

candelabra candelabra 12:28 pm 22 Nov 10

Good luck GOSPEEDYGO, I remember a similar time in my life and it is no fun at all.

I agree with the advice to join up to something or pursue studying, one club I know of is: http://www.canberra-rotaract.com/.

AngryHenry AngryHenry 12:43 pm 22 Nov 10

Is it a Gen Y thing to just put something out there and wait for people to come to you?

Maybe it’s a just a lazy thing.

Soooo, stop being so lazy and get out there.

Your attitude sucks the big one.

Could be why you’re finding it hard to make friends in the first place.

sirocco sirocco 1:20 pm 22 Nov 10

I’m guessing AngryHenry is not going to be your friend 🙂

ConanOfCooma ConanOfCooma 1:21 pm 22 Nov 10

If you are into gaming, you could try The Barracks, although you may find a good 80% of the clientele won’t want to speak to you unless you’re female.

Any event a reasonably down-trodden venue will also yield some friends. Try The Basement in Belcompton. I’ve met several great friends playing pool there. It’s a pity the Rock Ape isn’t up and running anymore, that place was great 🙁

BTW, why the no friends? Do you have really bad BO? Have you just moved to Canberra? Did you Fritzl your last social group?

astrojax astrojax 1:39 pm 22 Nov 10

friends suck. they always let you down in the end and having had a friend is worse than not havinhg one in the first place. friends are over-rated and best left to others to endure. friends place demands on your time and usually run off with your girl and drink your beer. don’t bother.

on the other hand, they might have a pool, and summer’s coming…

pink little birdie pink little birdie 2:00 pm 22 Nov 10

Join Rovers… I know there is alot of bad karma out there with them atm but you meet people of similar age with similar general interests.. quite a few tradies hiring labours/apprentices or public service people who will help you through the public service temp registers.

AngryHenry AngryHenry 2:22 pm 22 Nov 10

sirocco said :

I’m guessing AngryHenry is not going to be your friend 🙂

Damn straight. 🙂

Mothy Mothy 2:38 pm 22 Nov 10

You need to be more specific on the “games” – mind games being the sport of choice for most RA posters, and you just volunteered to be the rabbit in the mental equivalent of a foxhunt.

If you meant computer games – try Barracks in Civic, or if a Gungahlinite, try Askelgirl.

If you meant Boardgames – there are some Euro Game fans that meet at the Harmonie German Club mid month. Their last meet was mid November so next one won’t be till mid Dec. A similar group also meet on the first Tuesday night of each month, at the Pancake Parlour (turn right at the bottom of the stairs) at around 6pm. For that latter meeting, the usual request to consume something from the restaurant and settle your bill as you leave applies. Alternatively keep track of events run through Mind Games.

Best of luck.

p1 p1 3:03 pm 22 Nov 10

astrojax said :

friends suck. they always let you down in the end and having had a friend is worse than not havinhg one in the first place. friends are over-rated and best left to others to endure. friends place demands on your time and usually run off with your girl and drink your beer. don’t bother.

Maybe the OP should look into a nemesis, arch enemy, chief protagonist, or some other sort of opposition. Then their time can be filled hilariously foiling their devious plots.

Or join Rovers. I spent an incredibly large amount of my 18-26 year old days in a Rover related situation of some sort.

Jurls Jurls 3:39 pm 22 Nov 10

Facebook is your friend 😀

pink little birdie pink little birdie 4:00 pm 22 Nov 10

yay for Rovers. that 2 for rovers!!!! hahahahahahahahaha

Canberra games clubs meet every thursday night at the bridge club in Deakin but the are mostly old and play minitures.

p1 p1 4:13 pm 22 Nov 10

I was out, um, legitimately viewing new new subterranean infrastructure under construction on Sunday, and saw people doing Archery. Looked like fun. On Saturday I was having a picnic and saw people in armour hitting each other with swords. Looked like less fun, but they seemed to be enjoying themselves. Personally, I was having fun myself, just hanging out with friends*. So really what you need is some friends.

And this post comes full circle.

* – I met these friends at Rovers


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