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Whooping cough is there any evidence of outbreak

By skewbo - 13 March 2009 34

What happened to the whooping cough outbreak reported recently for the ACT?

It was  a recent news item aired inMelbourne so is there any reason for concern?

ACT Health site last reported NSW increase whooping on Jan 9 particually on the Sth Coast.

I am not tryng to panic but am concerned a report reaches Melb about the ACT and is seemingly not reported here.

What’s Your opinion?

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34 Responses to
Whooping cough is there any evidence of outbreak
ant 4:06 pm 13 Mar 09

I get tonsilitis all teh time, yuck. I wish I’d had my tonsils out when young! Now it’s a major op so it’s not going to happen.

as for Whooping Cough, that can actually kill kids, but so many parents now opt not to have their kids vaccinated, so these diseases can run riot.

peterh 3:53 pm 13 Mar 09

heard a poor little bloke yesterday with it, in woden plaza. he sounded terrible. his mum was explaining that she didn’t believe in innoculating her kids, to a couple of friends. shame that he has to suffer for her stupidity. anything that sounds that bad needs to be prevented, not to mention the obvious distress he was in…

Tonka 3:48 pm 13 Mar 09

Nah it’s all good.

I didn’t really tell people how bad it was.

As far as i know no connection to the singing. Hopefully i can now just get better and get on with singing….

Fiona 3:17 pm 13 Mar 09

anyone got any idea how much the booster costs?

Disposable 3:09 pm 13 Mar 09

Sorry mate I never realised it was that bad or I wouldn’t have taken the p!ss.

Is there any connection to singing? I hope not.

Tonka 3:03 pm 13 Mar 09

Oh… it’s clearing up now I think.

May have to go for x-rays next week if there’s no joy.

Gotta also check for adult onset asthma.

Tonka 2:58 pm 13 Mar 09

Hey Disp.

Nah this was a proper dose. I mean it really kicked my ass.

Short version

7 different courses of antibiotics over 8 weeks

Twice daily steroids to reduce lung inflamation

Two trips to the hospital and being barred from driving by Doc because I kept coughing until I passed out. My folks took me to the hospital because they were actually worried I was going to die. They told me that.

Believe me I wanted to play cricket. I did get one game in, but ended up back in hospital as a result.

Disposable 2:29 pm 13 Mar 09

Tonka said :

Also pneumonia.

I’m recovering for a very severe case of that.

It kicked my ass proper.

Still? Damn mate I hope it clears up soon.

I thought that was just your excuse for not having to compete with me for a spot in our cricket team 😉

sepi 2:12 pm 13 Mar 09

No worries – I was sort of replying to take the opportunity to correct my first post.

jessieduck 2:04 pm 13 Mar 09

Sorry I was being flippant sepi- I am just sick of the sniffles and the quantity of tissues I go through in a day!

sepi 1:56 pm 13 Mar 09

Jessieduck a persistent cough can be Whooping Cough even without whooping – you can get a blood test. It probably isn’t though, if you are not feeling too bad.

– I”m not sure now if it is 10 years or 5 since a year ten Whooping Cough vaccine that you would need a booster – anyone with really young babies should ask a GP if they need one. There are ads in women’s mags currently recommending parents get vaccinated.

jessieduck 1:52 pm 13 Mar 09

I’ve had a cold for three weeks but no whoops.

sepi 1:51 pm 13 Mar 09

There is a serious Whooping Cough outbreak in NSW and one baby has died.

Parents of young children (under one) should be vaccinated with a Boostrix vaccine, to avoid passing on Whooping Cough to babies who are more vulnerable.

NSW is offering Boostrix free to parents and those who work with children.
ACT is not, but you can get the vaccination done via your GP.

You won’t need it if you are young enough to have had a vacc at school recently (less than 10 years since you were in year ten).

Tonka 1:33 pm 13 Mar 09

Also pneumonia.

I’m recovering for a very severe case of that.

It kicked my ass proper.

RandomGit 1:25 pm 13 Mar 09

I thought it was an outbreak of tonsilitis. Anyone else here with kids have a tonsilitis episode in the last week?

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