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Who’s your favourite dentist?

By frontandcentre - 29 June 2009 26

The last post on this topic is a couple of years old and maybe it’s time to revise those recommendations as people may have moved or new people may now be the cool talent.  Personally I’m on my third panadol and the ache of a wisdom tooth emerging is starting to seem more like the throbbing of an infected wisdom tooth jack-hammering into my jaw, so I’m keen to get some good advice!

In a town this size there must be a stack of good dentists in varying locations, each with their own special skills and price points.  For an emergency situation like mine a higher price point will probably mean greater availability but for ordinary checkups and longer-term cosmetic procedures the concerns may be different.  Would some of you locals be kind enough to share your positive experiences with Canberra dentists?

And if anyone is kind enough to name someone at a favourable price point and able to make time on short notice or if any dentists are reading this, I live inner north, work inner south and will probably be on the phone from 9am trying to see someone TODAY who is extremely methodical and has good upper body strength.

What’s Your opinion?

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26 Responses to
Who’s your favourite dentist?
Genie 2:49 pm 30 Jun 09

mp2615 said :

Highly recommend Fred and Elspeth at Kippax. They have looked after several emergencies for my family.

No way in hell would I ever go back there! Fred OD me on drugs once.. gave me way too many needles to numb me up. I was at the point I had no idea what had even happened to me or where I was. Plus he left half my tooth in that he was removing.

They call the debt collector’s on you the second you miss a payment. Plus do the dodge and charge you twice. NOT HAPPY! I even proved said bill was already paid, and still couldn’t get a refund.

Elspeth damaged a tooth so badly during a filling I needed it removed. Plus during a clean, she was so rough my gums bled for a week afterwards.

I recently went to Woden Dental Care, they are upstairs in the courtyard at Westfield. Went there on the recommendation of my boss. Was really impressed, got in straight away too.

s-s-a 9:23 am 30 Jun 09

Tony Bubear or Rob Waites at Modern Dentistry in Civic.

AndyC 5:52 pm 29 Jun 09

I second the vote for Carmello Bonanno. Did a great job of my Wisdom tooth under a local (I’m tough, none of that general anesthetic for me – but that is an option he offers).

And a funny guy to boot.

I-filed 5:21 pm 29 Jun 09

Chris (I think his surname is Kwoy) at Ainslie Shops. Best dentist ever. Great sense of humour, top-rate equipment. Not cheap, but best treatment (both professionally and interpersonally) I’ve ever had from a dentist.

misspris 4:45 pm 29 Jun 09

Stephen Huang is good.

My vote goes to anyone who does nasty jobs under IV sedation(Carmello Bonanno in Woden is very good (well, for a dentist anyway))!

semaj 2:57 pm 29 Jun 09

mp2615 said :

Highly recommend Fred and Elspeth at Kippax. They have looked after several emergencies for my family.

Wouldn’t go near either of them in a fit. The things Elspeth did to me when I was younger where unforgivable. Root canal therapies that didn’t work, fillings that I am now needing to replace and a botched extraction which resulted in me going into shock in the chair.

It’s taken me a few years to be able to go to the dentist without breaking into a sweat after that. I can highly recommend Dental Vitality in Deakin, really look after you, and take a long term view of what they are doing.

mp2615 2:15 pm 29 Jun 09

Highly recommend Fred and Elspeth at Kippax. They have looked after several emergencies for my family.

neanderthalsis 1:58 pm 29 Jun 09

And as for the upper body strength, he’s built like a loosehead prop and had a particularly nasty molar of mine out in a jiffy a couple of years back.

neanderthalsis 1:56 pm 29 Jun 09

Dr Bill / William Thompson above McDonalds in Manuka. Reasonably priced, quick and does a good job. Currently undergoing root canal treatment with him and very happy with the treatment and price.

RandomPoster 1:25 pm 29 Jun 09

Try Dr. Tucker in Kingston, very good, and very happy with what he charges.

fox 1:20 pm 29 Jun 09

Stephen Lising at Preventitive Dentistry in Turner

sezzle 12:27 pm 29 Jun 09

I had a filling that came loose on Friday night and my dentist (whom I hadn’t seen in three years) was able to fit me in for a quick replacement temporary filling at 11:30am Saturday when I had only phoned at 9:30am on Saturday morning. I am very impressed with the friendly and efficient service.
Woden Dental Care – Dr. Stephen Huang (if you can get an appt to see him). 6282 8558.

paperboy 12:16 pm 29 Jun 09

Favourite and dentist in the one sentence!

Is that a first?

The Brad 11:53 am 29 Jun 09

I recommend Peter Boyle at Belconnen, but he might be booked up.

PBO 11:49 am 29 Jun 09

TLC dickson, Tender love and care or Total Lack of Compassion. Either way they get the job done well and without fuss. For a small lady, she has phenomenal stengh.

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