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Why Canberra is not like Wollongong

By johnboy - 14 November 2008 34

The Chief Minister is on the air on ABC radio as I write. He is once again pushing the line that Assembly interference in the planning process of his precious power station will put us on the path to Wollongong Council.

Having spent the last year living in the Illawarra, and having met a few of the personalities thrust into the spotlight by that infamous corruption inquiry this confuses me.

It confuses me most because the problem at Wollongong was the reverse of elected representatives interfering in the planning process by public debate and vote. The (cough cough) Labor caucus on the council resolutely blocked any such interference.

The corruption occurred in the “proper planning process” with hidden officials manipulating the process. Transparency and accountability was then blocked by the permanent Labor majority.

Labor (or any single party) constantly getting it’s own way on planning is the road to Wollongong. Not open debate and votes on the public record.

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34 Responses to
Why Canberra is not like Wollongong
johnboy 11:21 am 14 Nov 08

Culturally it’s a desert. The huge population growth they’re having is, in large part (IMHO), racists fleeing from all the differently coloured people who’ve moved into Sydney.

With that population growth the schools are being built new at a furious rate. Cultural homogeneity (you never have to ask someone how they spell their name) seems to produce little conflict in the schools and anything bad that youth do is blamed on Warilla kids.

The Hospitals are terrible, basically just rehab centres for procedures performed in Sydney.

Transport on the other hand… the railways are superb.

Pubs are, with a very small number of exceptions, dreadful. Cooper Pale is their idea of a rare posh boutique beer.

On the other hand we were living 2 minutes walk from Seven Mile Beach, with glorious views, in a 3 bedroom house for $250 a week, which included a gardener. There was an excellent cafe at the bottom of the hill, a licenced club at the top of it, local shops 5 minutes drive away and major shopping centres 30 minutes drive.

As for coming back, the chance get paid to do something I really love. Plus family, friends, and decent pubs and kebabs.

AngryHenry 11:20 am 14 Nov 08

justbands said :

Too many bogans. WAY too many.

Justbands, mate you’ve gone down a notch in my book with that comment man… At least try and be funny when talking about bogans.

Housebound is right, not all bogans are bad… I’m proud to represent…

Bogans have way more cultural signifigance than Emos or Wiggers (and there’s nothing wrong with either of those groups either! Well actually we could all do without the wiggers!!! haha!).

A bogan beats a bigot any day!!!

Thumper 11:16 am 14 Nov 08


They’re extinct in Canberra.

housebound 11:13 am 14 Nov 08

Classist comment. Not all bogans are bad, surely.

justbands 11:12 am 14 Nov 08

Too many bogans. WAY too many.

housebound 11:07 am 14 Nov 08

Illawarra: Beaches + housing.

The hospitals aren’t too bad (saved my mum’s life by diagnosing something her non-Illawarra specialist said didn’t exist). But what’s the public transport like, or can you walk to the beach? And do they have schools

Would Illawarra be a reasonable second choice to Melbourne?

AngryHenry 10:47 am 14 Nov 08

johnboy said :

AngryHenry said :

You spent a year in the Illlawarra?!?!?!

No wonder you’re confused dude.

Cheap rent and sparkling beaches, it was dreadful.

Then why come back!?!?! You must be have been REALLY confused.

Holden Caulfield 10:44 am 14 Nov 08

It’s not near the coast.

johnboy 10:42 am 14 Nov 08

AngryHenry said :

You spent a year in the Illlawarra?!?!?!

No wonder you’re confused dude.

Cheap rent and sparkling beaches, it was dreadful.

caf 10:34 am 14 Nov 08

ant, there’s no love lost between Terry Snow and the ACT Government, so I doubt very much that there was anything different they could have sensibly done. (and I think the land the servo is on was always part of the airport).

AngryHenry 10:32 am 14 Nov 08

You spent a year in the Illlawarra?!?!?!

No wonder you’re confused dude.

ant 10:20 am 14 Nov 08

I don’t think the Greens will be a quiet rubber stamp. They don’t want to be disruptive for teh sake of it, but they have a very clear agenda and I think they will pursue it.

The ACT gov’ts relationship with developers and private entities is a real worry. they contract out big projects, and they claim that they have nothing to do with whatever happens next, go talk to the contractor. This is so wrong.

They rolled over and let the airport conduct a massive land-grab of prime PUBLIC land. See the airport entrance grandification project? the airport is running that. And all that land between the airport fence and the new road (where the servo is, etc) will become the airport’s land, they want it for a carpark. This was public land. The airport did up the plans for the roadworks, and pushed them over as far as possible so they are right up against the fences of the local residents, as far from the airport’s fences as possible. Conflict of interest? And the government didn’t say boo.

Thumper 9:55 am 14 Nov 08

Oh yeah, that’s why I stated ‘settling into the job’. I’m really hoping that they don’t turn out to be a disappointing rubber stamp for Stanhope follies, given that the great man has already had a rant about not having majority government.

justbands 9:52 am 14 Nov 08

Got to give them a chance Thumper…how long have they had…a few weeks? Probably still in shock over just how well they did in the election & need to get their heads around their newfound responsibility. I’d rather that than see them jump in with both feet without testing the water first.

Thumper 9:48 am 14 Nov 08

Anyone else notice that the Greens have been conspicuously quiet recently?

Settling into the job? Or no idea?

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