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Why do people keep stealing the valve caps off my wheels?

By no idea 27 September 2009 16

Is it some alien conspiracy or is it just shiny things attract the dim of mind but why oh why do my valve caps keep disappearing?
Is it just me or is this a common occurrence?

They are not high value items but just the same it ticks me off. Every time I replace them some thieving low life knocks them off.

What’s Your opinion?

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16 Responses to
Why do people keep stealing the valve caps off my wheels?
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Zanzibert 9:28 am 29 Sep 09

“Next you’ll be telling us that those evil Mynas stole our hub caps.”

Nah mate – it’s those bloody thieving Currawongs for that. Mynas are too small to lift hubcaps.

no idea 6:05 pm 28 Sep 09

Thanks for the advice all, I shall now keep my eyes peeled for bong smoking myna birds, riding tricked out pushies

busgirl 12:54 pm 28 Sep 09

…ha ha!! I would say all your valves (especially fancy ones) have gone to ‘Bong Heaven’ just like the ends of all your garden hoses…not that I would know anything about that…;-)

PBO 11:29 am 28 Sep 09

I have to admit that when i was about 10 i “obtained” chromed valve caps to jazz up my pushy a bit. It seemed quite the mission when i was a kid to get them without being caught. Belconnen soccer club car park was a goldmine.

housebound 11:05 am 28 Sep 09

Next you’ll be telling us that those evil Mynas stole our hub caps.

Thoroughly Smashed 11:04 am 28 Sep 09

trevar said :

If you have them filled with nitrogen, they put on special caps that can’t be removed without a special tool.

Why is that?

Skidbladnir 9:23 am 28 Sep 09

Strange as it may sound, Danman isn’t crazy.
I too have had mynah birds steal my valve caps.

gnomnamne 9:00 am 28 Sep 09

A friend of a flatmate of mine once asked if he could have one of the spare valve caps that I had left lying around in a packet in the kitchen. They were the ones with the valve remover prongs at the end of a cylinder at the top. He drilled through the end from inside the cap and inserted it into a hole in a piece of bamboo thus making a pipe for smoking small amounts of tobacco.

PBO 8:50 am 28 Sep 09

Valve cap Gnomes (Kids)

I have red caps from having the tyres filled with nitrogen. I haven’t tried to remove them yet, but will now.

Occasionally I’ve had a valve cap stolen. Also lost my shiny (plastic) tow ball cover.

Do I care? Not really. I have better things to worry about.

Danman 7:06 am 28 Sep 09

Can I just mention that when I was camping, I watched an Indian Myna work on and remove 3 of my mates 4 chrome valve caps.

Just because they are gone,need not mean a human stole them, well in my experience at least.

trevar 6:34 am 28 Sep 09

I recall having this problem many years ago. I got very frustrated with the constant replacing of them and it got to the point where I rang up a local tyre place, and convinced them to sell me a bulk pack of valve caps. The moment I had a hundred caps sitting in my shed, the thieves somehow knew there was no point knicking my valve caps in cars parks anymore and it stopped… a very strange thing indeed. I still have 100 caps in my shed.

As for getting them welded on, it’s not as silly an idea as it might sound. If you have them filled with nitrogen, they put on special caps that can’t be removed without a special tool.

OzChick 11:53 pm 27 Sep 09

It is just not worth getting good ones. If they are different to the normal valve caps, they will be taken, unless you get them welded on.

Valleyboy 10:02 pm 27 Sep 09

The last time I went to blow up my tyres at the servo, I discovered that someone had swiped both valve caps from the right-hand side of my car — the first time I can recall losing valve caps. Seeing I’d previously blown up my tyres just before my recent trip to Melbourne, I don’t know if the theft happened there or in Canberra.

bd84 9:54 pm 27 Sep 09

Anything shiney will get stolen. Something similar happened to my dad with his old car, people will steal absolutely anything unfortunately.

Kramer 9:12 pm 27 Sep 09

I used to have some bling gold valve caps to match the STI wheels on my old scoob, but some lowlife knocked off one side of the car in an open carpark during the day. I figure as only two of the caps were gone it was some prick kid with their bike.

So I took the other two caps off and chucked them on my freeride MTB – if you can’t beat them join them!

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