Why oh why do Labor funds play and rape at the Canberra Times?

johnboy 29 September 2008 11

By way of disclosure I should say I applied to run the Canberra Times website last year, and will confess to being a little surprised to not even get an interview.

Because of that I’ve tried to avoid being seen to have a poke at their site, and have even canned the submissions of others that have set out to do the same. Even when Miss Venezuela winning the Miss World pageant made it onto the “local news” page we restrained ourselves.

But sometimes you’ve just got to have fun.

Today the Canberra Times local news page sports this headline: “Labor funds play the rapists”

Not huge news but after I got over the significant confusion it made me giggle. Here’s the screenshot in case it gets fixed.

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11 Responses to Why oh why do Labor funds play and rape at the Canberra Times?
Overheard Overheard 12:59 am 30 Sep 08

Oh my giddy aunt. Some weeks (like this one or two) I need to take irony supplements and go to foreign libraries searching for literal translations, so it took a moment or two for the penny to drop. That’s atrocious!

I could probably trot out a few similar sins I’ve seen at the altar of bad QA, but as someone who uses many different media sources to get other people’s messages out there (including the CT), I’ll be like the parent who contemplated a sex change and then thought better of it: I’ll stay mum.

So I’ll vent my ‘need to have a shot-ed-ness’ at the first respondent.

Spectra, someone who “must know ass from elbow” is probably not in as much need as someone who “must know ass from ar$e”. An ass is a donkey. It’s only a dolt, a tool or something you sit on if you’re posting from the US of A.

(I’m sure this has been done before, but I did a survey of sorts with my kids’ friends this weekend and apparently 911 is the number to call in an emergency.)

ant ant 10:58 pm 29 Sep 08

I still reckon their “scum” caption in the Kingston flats story was the best ever.

bd84 bd84 10:41 pm 29 Sep 08

At least they’d be throwing money at a section of the community that would enjoy being played with..

At least the website gets updated more than once a day now, it’s a pity that you have to sort through about 3 pages to find a local story.

johnboy johnboy 10:40 am 29 Sep 08

Sammy said :

It’s fixed

Screenshot – or it never happened.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 10:02 am 29 Sep 08

None of these will ever beat seeing the Phillipines employment agency quite happily advertising as Pacific Rim Jobs.
Their website is now long gone, but it had such wonderful advertising and headings as “Are you wanting to work in hospitality? Pacific Rim Jobs!” or “Looking for work in the entertainment industry? Pacific Rim Jobs!”

Sammy Sammy 9:54 am 29 Sep 08

Or Pen Island:


Sammy Sammy 9:52 am 29 Sep 08

Reminds me of the amusing web address for the US website “Therapist Finder”:


Sammy Sammy 9:50 am 29 Sep 08

It’s fixed

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 9:08 am 29 Sep 08

Rapists for kids with disabilities no less. Do they get piece rates or a per diem?

SamTSeppo SamTSeppo 8:58 am 29 Sep 08

That sort of thing is in the fashion and lifestyle section, Spectra!

Spectra Spectra 8:50 am 29 Sep 08

Even when Miss Venezuela winning the Miss World pageant made it onto the “local news” page we restrained ourselves.

Apparently appropriate categorisation is not a strong suit of whoever got the job over you, jb. From today’s “Local News” page:
* “[US] Bail-out package to get go-ahead”
* “America and the world mourn Paul Newman.”
* “UK will pay ‘whatever it takes’ to protect the Olympics”
…And several others.

I would suggest that perhaps their selection criteria didn’t include “must know ass from elbow” 😉

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