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Why’s Revolve closed?

By DuffyMum - 2 July 2007 35

I caught the tail end of the news on the radio this morning where there was a mention that Revolve and/or the Mugga Lane Tip is now closed. A friend mentioned to me this morning that she tried to go to Revolve on the weekend but found not only was the place shut but there was all this red tape over the door. And another friend mentioned that they had heard that staff had been locked out, that the police were involved.

Anyone know what’s happened? And why?

[Update-040707] – The Daily Telegraph have added their thoughts to the situation here.

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35 Responses to
Why’s Revolve closed?
CraigFromCurtin 11:50 pm 03 Jul 07

*Good point* VYBerlina! I’d forgotten that. Yes, I too have taken perfectly good stuff there for drop off, only to be told, “No mate we don’t want that, can’t really use it”, when it’s stuff that’s perfectly good for resale, while their shed is full of crap no-one is buying!

You’ll also find elsewhere on RiotAct allegations that when they received really nice stuff (like valuables, old crockery, etc) they would whisk it away from the side of the shed (where the deliveries are made, and where the public is barricaded from going). Such things wouldn’t end up in the shed – they’d end up on eBay. So the people of the ACT going out there would never see these things, being limited to the aforementioned “broken lamps and bits of bicycles”!!

It’s no wonder the bureaucrats changed operators when the contract came up. Revolve is useless [and I hope I can now say “WAS useless”!] But my biggest complaint is that the staff there are rude and arrogant, and don’t give a toss about their customers. If they want to stay there and work for Aussie Junk, they’d better go to customer classes.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 4:06 pm 03 Jul 07

Because the stuff I was dumping was actually good – I just couldn’t be arsed trying to sell it. It was stuff people would pay money for (couches with plenty of wear left, unbroken desk, etc).

The Revolve animals are just too stupid to realise this, having filled their giant shed with broken lamps and bits of bicycles.

Sammy 1:49 pm 03 Jul 07

dump my crap for free in front of the Revolve gate

Why not just dump it outside the tip gate at 2am? It’s basically the same thing.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 10:23 am 03 Jul 07

Good onya Craig. My only experiences with Revolve have been negative.

The only real downside to all this is that I will no longer be able to turn up to the tip at 7.30am on a Saturday when it opens to dump my crap for free in front of the Revolve gate because the lazy staff don’t get their until 8.00am or later.

Sammy 8:52 am 03 Jul 07

I thought it was interesting that the spokeswoman for Revolve, speaking on 666 yesterday morning, stated that they had no idea that the ACT Government was going to boot them out.

Just what did she expect would happen once their contract expired? If they didn’t know they were going to be forced to leave, why did they erect signs saying things like “we will not be leaving” etc?

andy 8:18 am 03 Jul 07

Actually, to evict a Tenant, it should normally be sherrifs, not police.. 😛

Thumper 8:05 am 03 Jul 07

I’ve got to admit, Aussiejunk is a much tidier and better run business than Revolve, which frankly looked like a junk yard.

JC 3:33 am 03 Jul 07

Craig, one if the best posts I have ever seen. The thing that makes me laugh about revolve is their claim about loss of jobs. Because Aussie Junk is from QLD or somewhere a long way away they reckon the revlolve staff will be sacked and replaced with staff from outside the territory. Like right, they are going to get staff from QLD to replace the low paid scavengers at revolve?

asp 2:17 am 03 Jul 07

Revolve didn’t have great service. But when I was out at Aussie Waste in early June, the guy in the van infront got into a fist fight with one of the staff. Don’t recall anything like that at Revolve. Anyone?

CraigFromCurtin 1:40 am 03 Jul 07

Good riddance to them I say. They were rude to customers, set prices arbitrarily depending on the mood of the manager, and were expensive. They lost the contract in a (presumably) fair tender process months ago, and have been notified time and time again of the end date. They have refused to budge. They have no right being there beyond 30 June. It’s not their building or land (it’s ours – ACT rate payers), and as far as I’m concerned, if a tenant doesn’t vacate by the lawful due date, they deserve to have the fences go up and the locks changed. A tenant given a vacate date can’t just stay there and refuse to go. It’s called squatting and it’s illegal.

I’ve been to Aussie Junk (the winners of the tender) at their place in Mitchell, and they run a much better operation. They’re nice to customers, will listen to reason if they’ve set a price badly, and give great bulk discounts. If they are more responsive to customers (ie. you and I) then they deserve to have the site. The ACT Government as the owners of the site have *every right* to lock the place up when belligerent tenants refuse to vacate. Imagine if a tenant in a commercial site refused to vacate by the due date given them by the owner when the tenant’s contract expired. Of course the owner would have every right to get them out. Of course the police would be called! And no-one would say jack shit about it. But because it’s a government site, everyone’s all “ooh – how could they do that to that poor company?”. Again, good riddance to them. And to those bleating about it here and elsewhere, go mind your own business. You have no say in who is awarded government tenders. If you want that say, then apply for a job in the relevant area of the ACT Public Service (probably “Procurement and Tenders” or something like that).

And one final point – it is NOT Jon Stanhope or that Hargreaves bloke or any other politician that awards government contracts. It is a normal day to day function of government – ie. the public service – the MLAs do NOT get involved in piddly day to day government contracts. It’s NOT their role, and if they did it would be political interference. So don’t go blaming the politicians either, which people seem to do all too often these days.


Pandy 9:37 pm 02 Jul 07

They were told 3 months ago to piss off but refused.

bd84 9:02 pm 02 Jul 07

Basically their contract expired on 30 June. The tender for the contract to run the place was placed earlier in the year and awarded to another party, therefore they were to vacate by 30 June and did not do so, so the owner.. Mr ACT Government took back possession of their property. As for court documents, no idea.. doesn’t look like they have a leg to stand on there anyway, but I guess it will come out soon enough.

Coops 5:10 pm 02 Jul 07

Yeah, Police were involved on Saturday night, when ACT government tresspassed and locked revolve out illegally, claiming they hadn’t received court documents served on them on Friday. Cops were called and all is before the Supreme Court. Just more underhanded dealings by Chris Horsey and the ACT government – little mans syndrome they reckon’. Trading should be back to normal by the weekend.

DuffyMum 4:23 pm 02 Jul 07

Thanks for that info … I knew there was some dispute going on but as there hadn’t been anything in the media recently I thought it had all been sorted out.

Oh, and Bartron (my other half) says thanks for the update too. 😉

Danman 4:18 pm 02 Jul 07

Do not quote me on this but their tenure expired and they had not sold all of their stock – so lockout…

Thats what I gathered from the piece on 106.3 this morning

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