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Wild Bill turns himself in.

By johnboy 24 May 2006 20

Following on the heels of the Stateline mobile phone fiasco the ABC has the news that the Leader of the Opposition is going to go down to the police station today and demand they give him a fine for talking on the phone while driving.

“I accept the consequences of my actions, I accept responsibility for my action, I believe people should be responsible for their actions and that applies to everyone but I think it’s particularly important for politicians,”

Now, will the Chief Minister continue to conflate this issue with his disgraced and convicted former staffer?

What’s Your opinion?

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Wild Bill turns himself in.
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RichRick 3:24 pm 25 May 06

I hold no brief for the big Bill, but was interested to hear Stateline’s Phil Williams on 666 this morning saying that if they’d pulled the footage and it became known (who’d reveal it…?) they would be criticised. As he said they’d spent a long time with Bill – somewhat like Australian Story does with subjects – what’s the difference between editing and pulling? Too good to leave out? Public duty? Maybe the ABC should issue pollies with a warning along the lines of the real Bill: “Anything you say (or do) may be taken down and used against you in court, in the legislative assembly, or in any ABC program which needs a boost …”

Big Al 10:02 am 25 May 06

Honestly you lot! We get the politicians that we deserve – this lot, all of them, are either the best that Canberra can come up with, or (and I suspect this is more accurate) anyone of merit couldn’t be arsed doing it for the money.

Stanhopes’ not flash by any means – although I kind of like the way he lets himself get distracted by the big issues at the expense of local governance stuff, its entertaining and I actually like the fact that Simon uses the call in powers at the drop of a hat – firstly, because that’s the reason we have them, and secondly, because its hilarious to see all the NIMBY shit-bags get their panties in a knot when he does.

On the other hand, while I quite like the idea of Wild Bill at the reigns it scares me to think that a Liberal Government might mean leaving Ms Dunn in charge of something – have a think about that people…

Thumper 8:39 am 25 May 06

Send him to East Timor as a negotiator.

I’m sure they’ll listen to his views on Utopia.

barking toad 8:38 am 25 May 06

The mayor’s not a big fat poopy head.

He’s just a typical product of the labor left that has come through the system, got himself into local politics but, with delusions of grandeur, thinks that he deserves more prominence and aspires to be a world statesman and uses his position to pose as if he is. This while holding down a job equivalent of local mayor.

His pathetic attempt at sniping wild bill shows he doesn’t even have the political skills at council level.

Thumper 8:37 am 25 May 06

“Dr Call In Powers and Mr Run and Hide.”

Hahahahahahaha… I just spit coffee all over my keyboard…..

Thumper 8:35 am 25 May 06


His spikey hair looks like that old SEGA game character Sonic the Hedgehog…


Pandy 1:04 am 25 May 06

Why the name Sonic? Someone?

Androyd 11:24 pm 24 May 06

and Amen to Mr Shab re Stanhope = big fat poopy head posts. Boooring.

Androyd 11:19 pm 24 May 06

Stanhope was obviously showing bizarre misjudgement in not dropping graffiti boy. Having said that, graffiti is not going to knock me off my bike and injure me. Drivers yakking on mobiles might. Book im Danno.

Pandy 7:47 pm 24 May 06

What I want now is for all of the Labor pollies to come forward and tell us what demerit points they have still on their record.

Mr Evil 4:24 pm 24 May 06

Yeah, but at least with Simon you get two people -Dr Call In Powers and Mr Run and Hide.

Mr_Shab 4:23 pm 24 May 06

Oh dry up everyone. Every mention of Sonic seems to end in a tirade of “Jon Stanhope is a big fat poopy-head” posts. It’s a little tiresome.

True Thumper – cunning bit of politics by Wild Bill by making light of the offence, though. I’d say kudos, if I wasn’t thoroughly pissed off at him.

Thumper 4:20 pm 24 May 06

Don’t even joke about it Mr Toad….

barking toad 4:14 pm 24 May 06

Nobody could be worse the the prick in charge at the moment. Hang on, what about sad simon?

Mr Evil 3:38 pm 24 May 06

Well, I don’t think he’d be any worse than the prick in charge at the moment!

Big Al 2:59 pm 24 May 06

What a load of toss. This bit of grandiose performance art makes Stanhopes hysterical press release look like a considered statement of facts.

Wild Bills stunt reminds me of the gay activists in Tassie that would report themselves to police on a Sunday morning to make a detailed statement about what they got up to the night before and insisting that, seeing as they were confessing to their ‘crimes’, they be charged for their illegal homosexual activity – at least that was kind of clever and you could get a laugh out of the squirming desk sergeant as they revealed their most intimate ‘misdemeanours’. Bill on the other hand is trying to make light of what is essentially a public display of gross absence of judgement – basically the message he’s selling us is – “sure I’ve got what it takes to run the territory … well on my good days at least.”

Thumper 1:37 pm 24 May 06


Excellent piece of politicking by the big fella. He’s going to turn a mistake into a bonanza by making the Comrade look like a spoil child after his tanty.

Nevertheless, he should never had touched the phone whilst a camera was in there.

Just stupid, plain stupid…

Mr Evil 1:17 pm 24 May 06

Good point, JB. Although Stanhope did the same when his lapdog went around spraying graffiti all over Canberra: he only finally acted when the media and opposition got hold of the story.

Politicians are such great role models, eh! 😉

The reality is that Bill should have used a little bit of gray matter before deciding to faff around with his electronic penis extension in front of the ABC camera in the first place.

I still think that Sonic looks like a pathetic little tool by throwing a tanty on behalf of his “night-time” artist lapdog.

johnboy 12:49 pm 24 May 06

On the other hand would he be taking responsibility like this if the media hadn’t taken up the issue?

Mr Evil 12:25 pm 24 May 06

He’s already proving himself to be more of a man than that spineless prick, Sonic.

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