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By TroyWilliams 28 September 2007 22

Author : Troy Williams
Troy Williams, Liberal Candidate for Fraser, has today welcomed the announcement by local online personality Samuel Gordon Stewart that he will run as an independent candidate in the coming election.

“The inclusion of an independent candidate on the ballot paper is a healthy thing for democracy and good news for voters in the Fraser electorate,” Mr Williams said.

“The more people prepared to take a stand against the tired and disinterested approach of Labor’s Bob McMullan, the better. He has done little to deserve his place in parliament over the past two decades, and it is great to see other members of the community putting their hand up to do a better job.”

Mr Williams said he was particularly pleased to welcome Mr Stewart to the campaign trail as they share many common views.

“Earlier this month Mr Stewart went on the record and stated that John Howard is his preferred Prime Minister and that is something I completely support,” Mr Williams said.

Mr Stewart has also written publicly about his support for the industrial relations changes introduced by the coalition government. On his popular online blog he recently wrote that: “The flexibility in my workplace seems to be quite beneficial to both me and my employer.”

Mr Williams and Mr Stewart also agree on the dangers posed by Kevin Rudd and his union mates, with Mr Stewart having stated that: “Despite Kevin Rudd’s assurances that he would not be controlled by the unions, I believe that he would be, especially considering the way the unions seem so happy to promote the Labor party.”

“I welcome the news about Samuel’s candidature and I welcome his contribution to the policy debate,” Mr Williams said.


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BeyondThought 11:54 pm 28 Sep 07

SGS is buggered! i see troy williams is advertising on RA (again) so i figure he is either [a] stupid or [b] trying to make a difference. possibly both, who knows???? sad thing is McMuppet won’t do a damn thing and still get relected.

Jonathon Reynolds 5:31 pm 28 Sep 07

The spin starts here has a thread dedicated to the SGS candidacy:

pseudonym 4:56 pm 28 Sep 07

With policies like those, wouldn’t be slightly better to run in Eden-Monaro, or have you been importing bogans up north?

Mr Evil 4:41 pm 28 Sep 07

“he should use that photo of him in a poloneck skivvy for his poster.”

I hope that wasn’t an imported poloneck jumper; after all, we can produce that kind of thing in Australia!

Jazz 4:38 pm 28 Sep 07

jonnb, what makes you think that this isnt a form of propganda as well. for that matter what makes you think anything you read isnt an attempt to sway your opinion or thoughts on any matter?

Personally i find post like this one a far more revealing insight into the character of those about to run for elected office than any mass produced party line doctrine that you’re about to be subject to in the lead up to the next federal election.

Jazz 4:35 pm 28 Sep 07

sorry troy, couldnt find you in the list. i’ll change it over

bonfire 4:33 pm 28 Sep 07

he should use that photo of him in a poloneck skivvy for his poster.

TroyWilliams 4:13 pm 28 Sep 07

Hi Jazz

Yep, I’m here 🙂

Troy Williams
-Liberal Candidate for Fraser

Jonnb 4:06 pm 28 Sep 07

So if “Not all minor parties are created equal!” is propaganda why is this crap not considered propaganda?

Jazz 3:58 pm 28 Sep 07

for the record mudge-python i dont hold any political affiliation and i’m undecided on who i will vote for.
I’ve posted this on troys behalf as he doesnt have a username… yet… note subtle hint Troy 🙂

Growling Ferret 3:13 pm 28 Sep 07

I don’t think he’s a member of the Riotact Facebook group – yet. SGS – please join, so you can connect with your potential consituents and talk in real time about what people REALLY want.

Maelinar 2:11 pm 28 Sep 07

S4anta – are you trying to get SGS to look up the liberal website so you can locate his IP with a IP hook-trapper by any chance ?

Nice call bro !

S4anta 1:25 pm 28 Sep 07

SGS – like youf health care woffle. whats the line in regards to Stem cell use in medical research?

natecv8 1:19 pm 28 Sep 07

PS. SGS – do you still work for Telstra? You might want to be careful with your anti-Telstra diatribe there, I doubt they’d be real sympathetic to your cause

Ralph 1:18 pm 28 Sep 07

I do support his position on global warming.

Not much else though. Import tarrifs?? Hasn’t he heard the Government has just announced even more welfare for inefficient farmers?

If anything I do hope a Federal Labor government shows a bit of spine and beats down the leacherous farm lobby.

natecv8 1:15 pm 28 Sep 07

Just read the SGS policies page – Hahaha. I kind of figured that they would be modeled on the uneducated ramblings of talkback radio hosts, but I didn’t realise it would read like a John Laws transcript. Well done SGS.

After reading that, I’ll consider any votes you manage to be a much greater achievement.

mlm 12:51 pm 28 Sep 07

“This can be (mostly) funded by putting a tax on imported matter that we produce in this country. At the present time we import an awful lot of products that our farmers produce, so the tax would not only make Australian products more attractive, but fund the recovery of our farming sector.”

I am not sure which I like better, the good ole fashioned National Party style protectionism, or the fact that we have ‘imported matter that we produce in this country.’

Maelinar 12:46 pm 28 Sep 07

I like the ambiguity that comes from ‘local online personality’ – you can’t quite define if he really is a socioligy experiment or actual physical human being, even in the press release…

Androyd 12:32 pm 28 Sep 07

Oh FFS Troy… The enemy of my enemy is my friend and all that, but a media release welcoming/co-opting loopy independents? Anything for oxygen I guess. Hope you’ve done your due diligence on SGS’s other policy views.

By the way, is he Mr Stewart or Mr Gordon-Stewart?

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