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Wireless Internet?

By blah - 22 February 2008 36

Does anyone know of venues around Canberra that offer free wireless internet?

I know the Front in Lyneham has it, Wig and Pen in the city… any other ideas? Southside (esp. Kingston) venues?

What’s Your opinion?

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36 Responses to
Wireless Internet?
deejay 6:06 pm 22 Feb 08

I just read the linked post by Bruce Scheidner, who basically dismisses the child porn allegation risk as trivial because, at the worst, they might seize all your computer equipment, catch you for any pirated stuff of your own, and require you to take a plea deal.

WTF? What planet is this guy on?

As a government worker in a government city with a clearance, I can’t afford a criminal conviction, even of the plea bargain variety, and I don’t know anyone who could. Furthermore, if I got a conviction for an offense of that nature, I can’t get a job that brings me anywhere near children again, and there’s a good chance DHCS would take my kids. Taking a child porn rap is a HUGE deal for almost anyone IMO, and not something I would risk just to be hospitable. I love the internet too, but I don’t regard saving someone from a connectivity emergency as a civic duty when the stakes are so high.

deejay 5:49 pm 22 Feb 08

Pancake Parlour in Civic.

And I have my connection locked to within an inch of its life. Not only because I don’t want to share my none-too-cheap bandwidth (although I don’t) and not only because I don’t want to prove I wasn’t the one to download kiddie porn/DCMA protected material/whatever (although I don’t). Most importantly, there are plenty of holes in Windows such that if both I and a random stranger are connected to my network at the same time, and the random stranger knows what he/she’s doing, he/she can access my computer.

Mælinar 3:16 pm 22 Feb 08

@farout – I’m prepared to let the coppers sit in my house with a DF unit and my PC. I’ll probably even offer them Mælinar’s specialty coffee’s, and if they’re really game, I’ll tap my latest homebrew ginger beer (non alcoholic of course) for independent assessment.

justbands 3:10 pm 22 Feb 08

I have mine restricted by MAC address, so only my home pc, my laptop & my PDA can connect. That’s only ’cause I’m on a limited download plan though, otherwise I’d be happy to share…the odds of someone using my connection for illegal stuff would be very, very small…I’d take that risk.

Sammy 3:00 pm 22 Feb 08

Legal issues aside, I don’t want some tightarse stealing my bandwidth.

farout 2:50 pm 22 Feb 08

@Mael – agreed it reasonably easy to prove, but do you really want to be arsed talking with the cops, getting the logs and handing them over, proving that you haven’t tampered with the logs, and so on, just because someone else used your connection for something you would not? I’d prefer to just slap on a password. But to each his own, I guess.

caf 2:35 pm 22 Feb 08

Bruce Schneier agrees with you, Maelinar.

Mælinar 2:30 pm 22 Feb 08

@Sammy – In the same manner as All Bar Nun is comfortable, I am happy with that style arrangement.

What people elect to do with their connections, is up to them and the AFP, it is reasonably easy to prove that it wasn’t my PC’s doing the downloading as my IP addresses end in .1 and .2, but a random will get .3, .4 etc.

I doubt a ‘willfully left unsecured’ case would hold up in court, it’d affect way too many dumb people, and besides, its legal.

Sammy 1:39 pm 22 Feb 08

Mælinar, so when someone sits outside your house and downloads all the kiddy-pr0n their sick little hearts desire, you’d be comfortable with that?

I suspect the internet connection in your name (and willfully left unsecured) could open you up to some liability in the event of a prosecution.

Mælinar 1:32 pm 22 Feb 08

You can use it from my house – I had a 10second think about the merits of applying security to an all you can eat connection, and decided to leave it to all and sundry.

The problem, though, is I live out near woop woop.

EtFb 1:25 pm 22 Feb 08

Search the RiotACT site. This comes up all the time.

GreenAnt 12:26 pm 22 Feb 08

The National Library

farout 12:09 pm 22 Feb 08


justbands 12:05 pm 22 Feb 08

oh…& several of my neighbours in Duffy. 🙂

justbands 12:05 pm 22 Feb 08

I only know that All Bar Nun has it.

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