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Wireless Internet?

By blah 22 February 2008 36

Does anyone know of venues around Canberra that offer free wireless internet?

I know the Front in Lyneham has it, Wig and Pen in the city… any other ideas? Southside (esp. Kingston) venues?

What’s Your opinion?

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Wireless Internet?
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c` 11:07 pm 24 Feb 08

Ah, I’m hearing you now.

By and large, if you’re using windows or Mac OS X things should be pretty much automatic. Just turn your wireless card on and if it’s not on a network it should be looking for one. From there, it depends on the policy of the network you want to join.

Sands 9:35 pm 24 Feb 08

oh, I just re-read your post and actually I think I missed your point! I thought you were saying you had broadband access at home but didn’t use it for fear of someone hacking your personal information!! haha.

I think I’m going to have to get someone to show me the wireless thing.

c` 6:25 pm 24 Feb 08

Sands, I’m not worried about people getting past my router. If they join my LAN which is what you do when you let other people use your wireless, that’s a completely different kettle of fish, because they’re now already behind your router.

Unless I’ve missed your point somehow.

BTW with free wireless hotspots, it may simply be open, in which case your wireless card inside your computer will pick it up and hopefully ask if you want to join it. It may be secured by a password which presumably you can get off the waitstaff.

Sands 1:30 pm 24 Feb 08

God c, how do you survive being so scared of the internet!! I’m after a service that will let me download movies galore.

c` 10:17 am 24 Feb 08

3 Broadband internet works fine – I get a gig download a month for the price of a couple of pints of beer and I don’t need no steenking hotspots. A gig’s plenty for the kind of ‘work’ you’re doing at a cafe. I’ve got fixed line broadband at home as well, and I’d open it up if not for the paranoia of someone getting access to my computer.

MAC address filtering is not foolproof. It’s quite easy to capture network data even if you’re not a part of that network, determine the MAC address and ‘spoof’ it to join the network.

Sands 10:40 pm 23 Feb 08

as in used my internal wireless router, not the lounge wireless access.

Sands 10:39 pm 23 Feb 08

I’m certain I’ve used it in the past but it just didn’t work for me this time. I’m just wondering if you sign up for say a 3 Mobile account, that they override the wireless settings or something. I could access and log on to the hot spot in the lounge (ie, it said I was connected), but yet I couldn’t access a web page. Very frustrating.

shauno 10:29 pm 23 Feb 08

Not sure what the issue is with the Qantas club when im in there I can just connect straight to it. Make sure you connect to the telstra wireless hotspot and then when you open a browser hit the qantas club link and your in.

Free wireless hotspots like qantas club and i assume pancake parlour is an unsecured connection so you dont need a key or account to connect. Has your laptop got a built in wireless router?

Sands 10:09 pm 23 Feb 08

can someone explain (simply please) how I would access the free wireless at, say pancake parlour? Would I need to have an existing account with a service provider or could I just click in? I tried to get access via the wireless broadband in the Qantas lounge the other day but just couldn’t connect. I usually use a wireless modem but didn’t take it with me so maybe there’s a connection issue I need to address. I have no idea. But I really want to know!

shauno 9:35 pm 23 Feb 08

I think the whole kiddie porn thing has been blown massively out of proportion I mean honestly how many people out there get off on this sort of thing. It must be bugger all I reckon such a small minority of people but the way its been portrayed in the press its like its rampant and every man and his dog is into it.

With regards to encrypting wireless networks i really don’t know why some people don’t do it. It takes literally seconds to set up. Mine uses a 256bit key AES encryption and mac address filtering. Once its setup its just set and forget totally transparent.

NathanaelB 9:32 pm 23 Feb 08

Also Meraki has a customisable splash page that’s shown to all users when they connect to your Meraki wifi network … so there would be good opportunity to let people know you’ve logged their IP address (which you gave them anyway, but nonetheless the more you tell them you know about them the better), their device ID and MAC address and that anything illegal can be tracked back to them – as a deterrent.

astrojax 7:58 pm 23 Feb 08

really, what is the actual likelihood of someone finding your place, as opposed to dozens of others in your neighbourhood, or even more likely the advertised places, with open wireless will and have them download k/p and get the feds involved?

or mebbe you’ll get hit by a meteor. (and anyway, there’ll actually be nothing on your computer – will there now?) or is it more likely that something will balls up with your settings one day you’re a bit brain phased and you have to remember that password as opposed to the squillion others you have…

Sammy 10:14 am 23 Feb 08

And whether or not you are eventually able to convince the feds that you weren’t downloading the kiddie pr0n, I don’t really want the neighbours seeing the feds raid my house.

Mud sticks, whether it’s clean mud or dirty mud.

astrojax 8:22 am 23 Feb 08

and bruce schneier was writing in a US context – i’m not so sure we have the same sort of legal system here, so i wonder how relevant all of what he wrote actually is to this discussion?

and as a general rule, the person passwords (and locks generally) mostly inhibit is yourself…

b2 11:51 pm 22 Feb 08

deli marco in dickson

NathanaelB 10:17 pm 22 Feb 08

John, the Meraki technology we use for our Free Canberra Wireless initiative tracks all devices that connect to your network and logs their device ID and MAC network adapter address.

I haven’t looked into it yet but considering the devices run Linux I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard, if it hasn’t already been done, to create a program to log all traffic and http requests that come through the device and send them to a computer on the network for storage.

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