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Witches of Canberra Had Better Watch Out

By Mathman - 8 September 2009 128

Pastor Danny Nalliah has written about his concerns with the growing menace of witchcraft in Canberra.

As I have been prayerfully seeking the Lord, the Spirit of God has been revealing to me that the whole nation is under a curse because the witchcraft covens from Mount Ainsley in Canberra are cursing the Federal Parliament, which is the heartbeat of Australia where decisions are being made that effect the whole nation.

In an effort to save Canberra from the clutches of evil he is planning to do something about it.

On Saturday 17th October 2009 we are calling on all Christians to mount an offensive spiritual warfare attack on the demonic strongholds over the nation. Christians from all over the nation will gather on top of Mount Ainsley in Canberra from 2pm to 5pm. We are calling a special afternoon of United Spiritual Warfare Prayer, Repentance, and Prophetic Worship.

Apparently our local Christian forces are suffering fatigue.

I wish to challenge you to get to Canberra, our nation’s capital and hold up the hands of the body of Christ, Pastors and Christians leaders living there who seem very tired of fighting this battle alone, as I have spoken to some of them.

Who would have thought Canberra would be the battleground between the forces of good and evil.

[ED (Kramer): Here’s the latest update from Catch the Fire Ministries on Spiritual Warfare Operation On Mount Ainslie In Canberra.]

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128 Responses to
Witches of Canberra Had Better Watch Out
Thumper 1:05 pm 08 Sep 09

man, that is evil…

peterh 1:00 pm 08 Sep 09

amazing that i was unaware of the forces of darkness being so prevalent in the canberra area, I mean, my priest has never mentioned the need to stand up and fight against the armies of darkness, ever. perhaps he is one of the “fatigued” defenders of the faith. Next, we will probably hear of multiple exorcisms, and demons walking the streets….

Kramer 1:00 pm 08 Sep 09
kwpendragon 12:53 pm 08 Sep 09

I thought Christians were meant to preach tolerance of others and their beliefs? Instead this guy represents them as ignorant (especially), intolerant fools. Just a wannabe modern witch hunter.

I might have to turn him into a newt.

fnaah 12:48 pm 08 Sep 09

This is the same crackpot that declared that the victims of Black Saturday “deserved it” because of Victoria’s horribly un-dogmatic abortion laws.

Pity he won’t be atop Mount Ainslie on the 17th, otherwise we could all show up and throw him off. I’d rather have witches telling me to drink camomile tea and the occasional plague of boils than his particular brand of zealous asshattery.

Thumper 12:45 pm 08 Sep 09

Thanks Kramer 😉

astrojax 12:45 pm 08 Sep 09

11pm, of course – i was bewitched when typing…

Spoono 12:44 pm 08 Sep 09

Spiritual Warfare Spiritual Warfare
Spiritual Warfare Warfare Warfare!

That little amphitheatre bit on th AWM side of the mount is the battleground for sure

astrojax 12:44 pm 08 Sep 09

will there be burnings? could be fun – do you bring your own marshmallows for toasting?

mount ainsley? is this anywhere near mt ainslie, mebbe? or is it the wrong place? (and why would they convene in the afternoon when the witches will clearly be there at 1ppm, start of the witching hour – don’t the christians want to confront the witches?)

RandomGit 12:33 pm 08 Sep 09

My work firewall kyboshed that link Kramer. The reason:

Religion/Ideology not allowed.

It’s so hard to come up with just one analysis of that phrase.

RandomGit 12:30 pm 08 Sep 09

ahhahahahahahahahahahahaha (rinse, repeat)

Thumper 12:27 pm 08 Sep 09

Can I say this Kramer?

**** off ***** you *** ****!

[ED (Kramer): No. 🙂 ]

AG Canberra 12:26 pm 08 Sep 09

mmm an extremist who can’t spell.

Are ‘witches’ another term for desperado’s making out in back seats on Mount Ainslie?

Deckard 12:24 pm 08 Sep 09

Where is this Mount Ainsley? Maybe we should organise a welcoming committee.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 12:23 pm 08 Sep 09

Where exactly is this “Mount Ainsley” place of which the Pastor speaks?

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