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With father of the year nomination Stanhope deserts his post, again

By johnboy 4 August 2006 71

On the morning of 18 January 2003 the acting Minister for Emergency Services, Jon Stanhope, was not at the headquarters of the Emergency Services Bureau when important decisions needed to be made about declaring a state of emergency and getting military help to limit the damage of the impending firestorm.

In my opinion he’s had a habit of deserting his post throughout his time as Chief Minister of the ACT.

Yesterday Our Brave Leader put out a media release announcing that he was nominating Terry Hicks (father of Guantanomo detainee David Hicks) as father of the year.

I think Terry Hicks is a brave man. I hope he does get named father of the year. But I think his nomination is a matter for the Premier of South Australia. I think the Chief Minister of the ACT should be nominating a Canberran for the award to recognise their contribution to our community.

Instead that potential nominee has been sacrificed on the altar of Jon Stanhope’s grandstanding for the national media. Missing from his post once again.

The Canberra Times has the story and I find myself in agreement with Bill Stefaniak which is only making me angrier.

UPDATED: Thanks to the Barking Toad for the heads up. Now the Tim Blair mob are hopping on and forcing the center out into the company of the Lunar Right. Well done Chief Minister when the ACT votes for the League of Rights to rid itself of your petulance.

What’s Your opinion?

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71 Responses to
With father of the year nomination Stanhope deserts his post, again
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simto 9:05 am 07 Aug 06

Thinking about this a bit more: I’m wondering how this came about.

Was it a case of Stanhope went away and thought carefully about nominating a father of the year for a week and a half, thus distracting him from his duties as chief pot-hole fixer for this great bourough?

Or was it a case of, all Chief Ministers and Premiers are asked to nominate potential Fathers of the Year in each location, the Chief Minister had a suggestion list from around the office, looked at it once, said “hey Terry Hicks’d be fun”, and left it at that?

Big Al 9:54 pm 06 Aug 06

It’s a big call. Bullshit aside. If it was your son? I know if David Hicks were mine that I would find it difficult to control my anger, my disappointment, my rage at the stupidity of it all – but I could never imagine not loving him. Would I respond in the same way? No idea. Does my response being different from his fathers make one of us wrong? Absolutely not.

These stunts like Stanhope’s rely on oxygen. In my view, he didn’t politicise it, the Respondents did. Stanhope would probably have politisised it if Terry Hicks didn’t get up – with the old “you didn’t award it to Terry Hicks just because his some is an accused terrorist” … but he doesn’t have to, because the conservatives who’ve run out of real ideas have politisised it for him – this aspect of the whole thing is lamer than a fart gag.

Thumper 8:58 pm 06 Aug 06

I have to admit that, by Stanhope’s ideals, this makes a lot of sense….

From the Tim Blair site.

“Of course by that first definition, the mother of Martin Bryant deserves Mother of the Year, as she’s reported to have never stopped loving her son, despite the blood of 35 innocent people being on his hands. Stanhope should look into nominating her too”

Thumper 8:53 pm 06 Aug 06

I just wish someone would give Mr Hedgehog a good does of reality pills.

Although, I can hardly wait for his next petulant little rant against the Federal government.

The problem with Stanhope being fun because of his odd leftist, marxist sort of anti howard agenda, is that he’s in charge of this place and so far we get less, and pay more.

And I can’t see it changing.

Any bets on what Stanhope’s next little rant will be about?

Big Al 5:51 pm 05 Aug 06

… and another thing, I think that Stanhope’s flights of fancy are more amusing than annoying and whilst its fun to poke fun at the ACT Government because there are local councils with bigger budgets, we at least have a legislature.

You’d have to be some sort of moronic shit-bag to get the keys to that thing and not want to take it for a spin – sure, the Libs are like being stuck behind gramps on the way home from bowls but watching Stanhope is like watching Indy cars – most of the time it’s just round and round and round – but there’s always the chance that you’ll see a great pile-up!

Yeah and I fully support (not) those dip-shits begging for a government that brings us into line with what people get along the east coast. If you dolts want a 2 hour drive to hospital, before you even join the waiting list, traffic and public transport that makes a 15km journey each way a 3 hour affair, and schools where it’s illegal for parents to enter the grounds (you can tell the school gate – it’s the one with the security guard standing by it) then move to Sydney – I’m afraid it really is simply a case of put up or shut up dick-heads.

Yeah, Stanhope’s a moron sometimes (well probably more than that), yeah he pisses you off with his weirdo lefty agenda – but hell, unless your some sort of sick pinko tosser, he’s got to be more fun the Morry Dilemma, or Bracks. Here endth the lesson.

Big Al 5:38 pm 05 Aug 06

On th bright side – he’s pissed off that maggot Ruddock – which is always a good outcome – anything that makes that prick have to work on the weekend is worth it.

johnboy 3:04 pm 05 Aug 06

Well you’e entitled to your opinion, but mine is that Canberra needs a Chief Minister (regardless of party) totally focussed on the improvement and promotion of the city.

And Jon Stanhope has a consistent record of neglect, of which I consider this glory-whoring to be a part.

DrShrink 2:37 pm 05 Aug 06

“Deserts his post”? You know this is a fun site, Johnboy, but it’s suffering under the weight of your desire to bash Stanhope however ridiculous the mental gymnastics required.
I don’t know about you, but I didn’t see “nominating a local for father of the year” in the criteria of Chief Minister’s functions and duties.

I think its a good choice by Stanhope, whatever ill we think of his son, Terry Hicks has been tireless in advocating on his silenced sons behalf.

Though all those saying the job of chief minister aint worth a nat’s testicle may get a chuckle out of this clumsy piece of journalism from the SMH’s story.

Anger over Hicks father nomination

“Jon Stanhope, head of the local Australian Capital Territory government – which has authority over the national capital Canberra”

Makes it sound like he’s in charge of the bake sale…

publius 6:52 am 05 Aug 06

Jon Stanhope needed a diversion from school closures, division amongst colleagues and ministerial codes of conduct – he found one. He panders to the left’s desire to annoy and defy the Howard Government at every opportunity. The community wants its Chief Minister and his team managing public policy a lot better than they have of late. This nomination only serves to erode his Government’s credibility in the broader community.

johnboy 8:55 pm 04 Aug 06

*sigh* so i need to thrash kramer into installing irony tags?

Big Al 8:52 pm 04 Aug 06

No sympathy JB – I have to objectively apply the same criteria that Mr Evil and Bonfire have used. He’s obviously a mand who cares deeply for his daughter and is seeking some form of justice – he is, therefore, by definition – a whinging bitch.

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