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With father of the year nomination Stanhope deserts his post, again

By johnboy - 4 August 2006 71

On the morning of 18 January 2003 the acting Minister for Emergency Services, Jon Stanhope, was not at the headquarters of the Emergency Services Bureau when important decisions needed to be made about declaring a state of emergency and getting military help to limit the damage of the impending firestorm.

In my opinion he’s had a habit of deserting his post throughout his time as Chief Minister of the ACT.

Yesterday Our Brave Leader put out a media release announcing that he was nominating Terry Hicks (father of Guantanomo detainee David Hicks) as father of the year.

I think Terry Hicks is a brave man. I hope he does get named father of the year. But I think his nomination is a matter for the Premier of South Australia. I think the Chief Minister of the ACT should be nominating a Canberran for the award to recognise their contribution to our community.

Instead that potential nominee has been sacrificed on the altar of Jon Stanhope’s grandstanding for the national media. Missing from his post once again.

The Canberra Times has the story and I find myself in agreement with Bill Stefaniak which is only making me angrier.

UPDATED: Thanks to the Barking Toad for the heads up. Now the Tim Blair mob are hopping on and forcing the center out into the company of the Lunar Right. Well done Chief Minister when the ACT votes for the League of Rights to rid itself of your petulance.

What’s Your opinion?

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71 Responses to
With father of the year nomination Stanhope deserts his post, again
Mr_Shab 12:53 pm 04 Aug 06

Bonfire – shall we wait for the results of the Hicks trial before we pass judgement so harshly? I agree – it looks like our boy was indeed a prime dickhead, but that’s for the court/commission to determine. I’m not sure hyperbole (either Sonic’s or yours) informs the debate.

As for Sonic – smokescreen or grandstanding – you decide…

barking toad 12:49 pm 04 Aug 06

After nearly choking on the cornflakes reading the crimes this morning I resolved to make no comment until the blood pressure had returned to normal.

Now that it has, I can make a reasonable comment unclouded by emotion.

Stanhope, you are a stupid cunt.

Why don’t you fuck off out of lives with your political grandstanding and personal agendas. Go and work for gareth gareth at the UN. And take terry with you!

johnboy 12:13 pm 04 Aug 06


bonfire 12:11 pm 04 Aug 06

Unless there is a medical miracel, sodomy between two homosexual males does not lead to pregnancy.

snahon 12:10 pm 04 Aug 06

You all keep forgetting its his head on block and if he wants to expedite that with silly nominations thats his problem but that doesn’t mean you all have to cry foul because he didn’t get up there say “Here is an ACT father that deserves the award”

snahon 12:07 pm 04 Aug 06

Yes the CM made a big deal about it and is obviously grandstanding instead of just quietly nominating but still, why does he have to vote for an ACT person ?

Fine if his nominations are suppose to be politcally based but FOTY isn’t. (Well it shouldn’t be).

LG 12:02 pm 04 Aug 06

snahon – I think part of it is that the CM has made such a big deal about it (CT article + media release). he could have just nominated him and kept quiet instead of his usual grandstanding.

snahon 11:58 am 04 Aug 06

Just because he is the CM doesn’t mean squat. I *thought* that FOTY is non-political and hence anyone can nominate anyone they feel appropriate. (Not saying his choice is reasonable).

If you think there are ACT fathers worthy, go vote for them.

simto 11:51 am 04 Aug 06

Is that confirmed – that Andrew and his partner don’t want kids? Or is it merely that they’re being realistic and don’t think they can get ’em?

On other matters – I understand proximity to the federal government makes Mr. Stahnope feel like he should be involved in it. But he’s not – he’s a Territory chief minister (in our case – an inflated mayor, or a deflated premier, take your pick). And while, yes, he can legitimately raise concerns where the federal government conflicts with territory affairs (e.g. the gay marriage thing, the local terrorism laws thing, and any time he attempts to resurrect euthanasia or heroin injecting rooms, the two other bugbears that got blocked by the current federal government under previous leaderships).

But if he really wants to do nonsensical protests that don’t influence anything in the slightest, he should go join the greens.

Will I still be voting labour over liberal? Well, I tend to allocate my preferences on a personal basis anyway rather than just party political (ignoring the fact that they’re probably not in the same electorate for a moment, I’d vote for Stefaniak over Stahope, but Stanhope over Pratt).

But any half-decent independants are looking more and more likely to get my first couple of preferences. Hell, if the squeegy-guy who nominated at the last election runs again, I might well vote for him…

johnboy 11:48 am 04 Aug 06

When it’s the Chief Minister? You don’t think an ACT father deserves that nomination?

snahon 11:42 am 04 Aug 06

Since when should FOTY nominations by a political figure be a member of their constituency ?

johnboy 11:31 am 04 Aug 06

If he wanted to do right-on grandstanding he could at least have nominated Andrew Barr.

Highlighting the oppressive laws which stop Andrew from getting married and adopting kiddies to become a father.

The drawback being it might draw attention to the minor matter of the Minister closing down 1/3 of the ACT’s schools never intending to have children.

bonfire 11:28 am 04 Aug 06

Un fucking believable.

im sorry, but what relevance does mr hicks senior have to the residents of canberra ?

ignoring the agenda barrow pushing, i’d like to think there are some residents of canberra this clown can nominate instead of mr hicks senior.

‘…and doing so with graciousness and an exemplary lack of rancour.’

Hicks senior has made many derogatory comments about our prime minister. I assume in labor stanhope world, thats OK.

“In December 2001 Terry Hicks experienced something no parent could ever wish to experience, when his son David was picked up in Afghanistan and handed over to the United States military,” Mr Stanhope said’

In order to bring some reality and truth to the debate, lets pnder a more truthful version:

“In December 2001 Terry Hicks experienced something no parent could ever wish to experience, when his son David who had a long history of involvement as a non-state actor in terrorist organisations was picked up in Afghanistan along with his Al Qaueda comrades, who have foughat aganst Australian soldiers, and whose other branches organised the bombings ion Balie resulting in the death of nearly 100 innocent Australians, and handed over to the United States military who were fighting in Afghanistan to eliminate a terrorist organisation which had launched an attack on America resulting in the destruction oif the world trade towers and the deaths of 3500 people” Mr Stanhope said.

Mr Hicks should be ashamaed of his son, and Mr Stanhope should address the needs of his constituents.

LG 11:24 am 04 Aug 06

National media exposure and a cheap shot at the Commonwealth – that appears to be our CM’s priority these days.

Agree that he should have nominated a Canberran, what’s Terry Hick’s got to do with the ACT? Although I agree that the way he continues to handle himself is amazing.

Mr Evil 11:23 am 04 Aug 06

Terry Hicks = Fuckwit of the Year.

Stanhope = Idiot of the Year.

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