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Woden Tradies Redevelopment – told you so.

By Pandy - 12 December 2008 24

Plans are now on the ACTPLA.ACT.GOV.AU website

The union controlled Woden Tradies Club and a few years old hotel will be demolished to make way for a 17 storey apartment block, hotel, new club, health centre and gym. They have taken control of half a existing long stay carpark. The LDA wrote in August 2007 that the “Government agreed to this direct sale”. Was this done with mates rates in mind? Where was the public consultation?

There are several new massive building being built in the Woden area. Recent expansion to long stay car-parking spaces have already reached saturation point. The Tradies redevelopment leads to a net decrease of 172 long stay public carpark spaces saying that it fits in with the Governments’ sustainability plans. Funny thing there is no reference to any particular policy but I guess it sounds warm and fuzzy.

This carparking decrease is contrary to the following Government policies:


The strong economic growth in the ACT has seen a steady expansion of the main commercial centres. The increase in employment, and the consequent demand for land for commercial buildings, has put pressure on the existing parking supply. This situation is likely to continue with further redevelopment in the city and town centres.

The ACT Government is implementing strategies for car parking around town centres to ensure that parking
shortages are addressed in the short and medium term. These include making temporary car parking sites available and identifying sites for new parking structures.
• Ensuring that accessible parking is available day and night, and is available for multiple uses • Increasing the efficiency of car parking by facilitating the provision of private as well as public parking

ACTPLA Parking in Major Centres March 2007
Existing publicly available surface car parks will generally be required to be replaced by structured car parks on or next to sites that are released for development. These car parks will need to be made available to the public seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

What’s Your opinion?

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24 Responses to
Woden Tradies Redevelopment – told you so.
astrojax 12:17 pm 15 Dec 08

the pool will shade out the tradies, then… 😉

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 9:50 pm 12 Dec 08

I don’t think it could shade the pool, because it’s to the south, isn’t it?

sepi 9:10 pm 12 Dec 08

It is across the road from Phillip Pool, heading towards phillip.

I think this is the development that is going to shade out the pool for parts of the day.

Felix the Cat 8:43 pm 12 Dec 08

Vic Bitterman said :

I’m having a Seniors Moment right now.

Where exactly is the Woden Tradies?

Woden I believe! 😉

Vic Bitterman 8:27 pm 12 Dec 08

I’m having a Seniors Moment right now.

Where exactly is the Woden Tradies?

Affirmative Action M 2:12 pm 12 Dec 08

Any redevelopment should provide an equivalent number of carpartks underground.

Problem with the tradies is that they cater to the over 70’s – just look at the type of beer & food they opffer ?

Duke 12:45 pm 12 Dec 08

Woden Tradies is a dive that should have been demolished long ago. No discernable atmosphere, awful food. It serves no other purpose than to run pokie machines and Housie tournaments.

The new development is welcome. As for the lack of car spots, catch a bus! Woden is a major town centre.

S4anta 12:22 pm 12 Dec 08

time to reprise the luddites, and send them out to the woden clubs me thinks.

ant 12:00 pm 12 Dec 08

Taht horrible sky plaza won some kind of prize, which continues to astonish me.

Mr Evil 11:59 am 12 Dec 08

Yay, people can move into the apartments, then complain about the noise from the Club, and then have the Club closed down.

Win-win situation for all involved! 🙂

PreciousLilywhite 11:56 am 12 Dec 08

Sorry, should read ‘area?’

PreciousLilywhite 11:55 am 12 Dec 08

Would it be too much to hope for a reduction of pokie machines in the are?
Between the Hellenic Club, The Southern Cross Club and the Tradies, Woden must seriously have the Golden Triangle of pokie machines within a 2km area.
Add W/C getting a couple of new retirement facilites on the old school sites into the mix…


nomnomnom 11:43 am 12 Dec 08

I’d recon it would be a pretty good bet that the people who can afford to live in the 17 stories of apartments arent the same people who put their pay cheques throughthe pokies. Not quite the same as building a very large new retirement home rigth near Ainslie footy club, for example.

I think most people would agree that increasing the number of poker machines isn’t a good thing, but if the number of machines stayed the same and the club got bigger, surely it means more space for socialising, eating which is what a good club is there for.

That issue to one side, surely more accomodation near the hubs means a better critical mass for non-peak transport services, which everyone should benefit from.

PreciousLilywhite 11:30 am 12 Dec 08

The Tradies going in to bat against the Southern Cross Club. Great.
Anyone else feel like someones trying to turn Woden/Weston into the Bankstown of Canberra? Shall we get another fug monstrosity like Sky Plaza?
I completely disagree with having units near/part of Clubs, pitched as convenient living to people who end up putting their paychecks through the pokies.

AG Canberra 11:11 am 12 Dec 08

Good to see they don’t discriminate when it comes to planning in woden compared to the city. Both areas seem to be losing more and more carparking to development without the comensurate replacement via multi storey facilities.

Surely it is still profitable to sell sites solely for carparking?

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