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Woden Valley Flood Memorial

By Moggie8 - 6 December 2009 32

I am the sister of one of the flood victims. There is a memorial due to be erected to the 7 flood victims on 26 jan 2010. Our family was lead to believe that an information sign would be included but at a meeting on fri Dec 4 with Jon Stanhope’s representatives this was not going to be included due to a lack of funding. We then offered to pay and were then informed it was a matter of liability. I am upset at the late notice and feel it is an attempt to tie our hands. None of us are interested in compensation, only that a true and historical record be given to members of the public and to provide closure to my family. I have only just found this site. Any comments or community support would be appreciated.

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32 Responses to
Woden Valley Flood Memorial
Mordd 11:47 pm 07 Dec 09

I personally see no objection to erecting a plaque somewhere, thats not exactly a cost or time intensive effort, and disturbs absolutely no-one, its a plaque for cyring out loud. If the families are happy to pay for it themselves, then I see no reason they should be denied, especially if previously told this would be done and at governments cost not their own. I can’t see what the issue could be other than funding, and if thats a non-issue it does seem strange for them to do a 180 on erecting a plaque. Is there more to this we’re missing here??

Granny 11:03 pm 07 Dec 09

The Facebook group Danman mentioned may also be happy to help you campaign to get your sign, Moggies. I’m sure at least some of us are capable of writing letters to the editor or whatever we can do to support you. I know Danman was wondering what was happening with the memorial. We are also very keen to see this happen.

Bam Bam 10:15 pm 07 Dec 09

I totally agree greenit. I’ve always known it occurred but didn’t know the details. Such an awful tragedy and especially as all the victims were so young (6-20) and 2 sets of siblings!? Is that correct? three kids from the one family and two from another? It’s quite a horribly surreal thought to picture something like that happening along that stretch of road.

Oh well, the cockles of my heart can be even warmer now as I drive past the vomited twisted girder mess or the twirly orange wavy wind distraction knowing the thousands and thousands spent on them was money much better spent.

greenit 8:02 pm 07 Dec 09


Never been affected by tragedy? How fortunate you are… 40 years may seem a long time to you, but to the families who lost loved ones and those in the woden community who tried desperately to save lives on that day – it is something they live with every day. And those of us living in Canberra at the time – this was a major los s of life which should not be in vain – I remember the chilling news reports of the situation – how did this happen in planned Canberra?Why a memorial? To remember a tragedy, and perhaps to remind us all, and particularly planning agencies in the future, that building in the flood corridor, w illbe disastrous. I don’t want to make this post political, but I cannot believe that on one hand the ACT Government is finally putting up a memorial, and on the other hand, building on flood corridors throughout the city.

A Noisy Noise Annoys 7:52 pm 07 Dec 09

Anna Key said :

I mean no disrespect, but why do you need a memorial to be erected to give you “closure” almost 40 years after the event?

But it seems a bit odd that you are even being blocked from funding your own memorial.

I think it’s perfectly reasonable to erect a memorial to Canberrans killed in a local flood, especially since a memorial to the sinking of a refugee boat thousands of km away exists in Weston Park.

I’m surprised it’s taken so long, actually.

basketcase 5:33 pm 07 Dec 09

Indeed an emotive issue, and very personal, but I do note that little Katie Bender has a marker down by the lake.

54-11 1:55 pm 07 Dec 09

How about Stanhope sells the Al Grassby statue to Hargreaves, and donates the proceeds to this memorial.

sepi 9:38 am 07 Dec 09

I would just put up a plaque, what are they gong to do about it?

They can’t be that worried about liability. They are now building units on this floodplain afterall.

Thumper 9:11 am 07 Dec 09

what nemo said…

no, actually, (d) all of the above.

housebound 7:24 am 07 Dec 09

A matter of ‘liability’. What a cop-out.

Clown Killer 7:14 am 07 Dec 09

If Stanhopes representatives told you the reason there couldn’t be a sign was ‘liability’ then they were lying. But then again, they work for Stanhope so lying to people for no other reason than to hurt them would come naturally for these a-holes.

Mr Evil 11:30 pm 06 Dec 09

While it is sad that this incident happened, I don’t agree with a memorial being established so long after the event.

Closure is a private headstone in a cemetery: not a publically funded memorial on public land. Where do we draw the line on these ‘roadside’ memorials?

Nemo 10:13 pm 06 Dec 09

Moggie – perhaps if the memorial consisted of some large poles and was situated at weston park you might have more support from the Stanhope Government.

Could you have your own information sign errected?


Danman 10:10 pm 06 Dec 09

plenty of money was forthcoming earlier this year via the facebook group that was set up by a fellow RA reader.

If money is an issue, I can come to the party with the full support of the FB group – and can finaly have the pledges from earlier this year honored.

Anna Key 9:20 pm 06 Dec 09

I mean no disrespect, but why do you need a memorial to be erected to give you “closure” almost 40 years after the event?

But it seems a bit odd that you are even being blocked from funding your own memorial.

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