Women abused at Summernats

Jazz 7 January 2008 79

It should come as no surprise to Canberran’s that at this time of year we get a few articles in the various media outlets about the Summernats. Invariably it starts with Chic Henry espousing how this year will be different and its a safe family friendly event which, I’m sure it is, during the day perhaps.

But a few beers later and we also inevitably get the following. In this article from yesterday’s the Canberra Times, reader Jessieduck noted the following corker.

Mr Henry said he had not had to face any major security complaints.
“I haven’t had any reports of any incidents of any significance. My security manager is very happy,” he said. “I spoke to him late last night and he said everything was moving along very smoothly, no accidents that I’ve heard about.
“We took one unfortunate man to the hospital because he had a problem with his heart, but he is back at the event today, smiling.
“Essentially, it is all about cars that are driving on the street and so the people that come here recognise that. It isn’t a race meeting, it is a festival.”

Tool unearthed this story on News.com which quoted summernats spokesman Dale Britten with some nicely scripted responses.

“In relation to comments such as asking women to remove their shirts, regrettably this does occur at this event,” he said.

“It highlights the need for Summernats organisers to continue to improve the environment at Summernats so it is a tolerant and respectful environment.”

“Alcohol was a factor”.

“It is a new phenomenon; we have never had that happen at the event before,”

And this is different to the past 20 years how? For those readers who went to the Nats, Does this match with your experience of the event or are the media blowing things out of proportion by taking small isolated incidents and making the Nats out to be the bad guy?

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79 Responses to Women abused at Summernats
Mælinar Mælinar 8:58 am 10 Jan 08

or to the artists themselves who, unlike you, are actually concerned about stuff like… – heh heh yeah.

Artists have been pulling that trick for at least the last 2 centuries as a pretty weak excuse to perve at chicks in the nip.

Now – linking that to summernats… nah it’d be too thin.

People who go to summernats also like to perve at chicks in the nip. Maybe they just aren’t very good at drawing.

Special G Special G 5:34 am 10 Jan 08

Oh come on Jazz when have you ever known CC to be anywhere near the track – she’s out in the paddock dancing with the ponies.

As for Summernats

Blokes says ‘Show your tits’
Girl shows tits
Bloke sees next girl says ‘show us your tits’
Girl gets offended
It’s cause effect – plenty of girls go to the nats with the knowledge they will lift their tops for anyone who asks. Chic just needs to organise an area with topless waitresses so all the blokes who want to oggle can.
Reports I’ve heard is that the quality of the breast being flashed was fairly poor – from a female friend.

Jazz Jazz 10:53 pm 09 Jan 08

we’re getting a little off topic here, so unless you can somehow equate lifedrawing and Jon Stanhope with treatment of women at Summernats i’d like to get things back on track pls.

chester chester 9:35 pm 09 Jan 08

“Chester, If you can nail comrade Stanhope then I will be your humble servant till the end of time.

okay, at least till next month ;)”

Don’t think I’ll get him on the sexual harassment unfortunately. He’s very good at appearing to keep his nose clean while spraying shit on all of those around him. But you never know your luck in the big city. By rights, getting him on at least two serious privacy breaches should be a snap but it gets complicated when members of the judiciary start involving themselves in stuff they shouldn’t (doesn’t it Nik? 😉 ).

Still at least I’ll be dealing with Federal bodies instead of the ACT bozos. But I’ll hold you to your offer Thumper! 😉

“Are not nude models, especially 46yo ones fairly fugly?”

Pandy while I’d be the first to describe myself as a Plain Jane from the neck up, I think rather than dwelling on that, your time would be better spent not being such an offensive little twerp to people who work as artists’ models (draped or undraped) or to the artists themselves who, unlike you, are actually concerned about stuff like line, form, light and shade etc.

If you can’t get your mind out of the gutter, Sunshine, either try to fake it or simply head for a porn site and be done with it. My experience (barring CIT) has been that the art community appreciate and respect their models in all their various shapes and sizes. Oh and sexes! (They draw/paint male nudes too you know.)

Thumper Thumper 8:40 pm 09 Jan 08

Chester, If you can nail comrade Stanhope then I will be your humble servant till the end of time.

okay, at least till next month 😉

chester chester 6:20 pm 09 Jan 08

OK, I admit not exactly a stalker. Just somebody whose identity I know who deserves to have the wind put up them.

chester chester 6:17 pm 09 Jan 08

“Anyway, how can you deduce an email address from the RA headers when RA has been deleting them for months?”

Nik emailed me. I looked at the long headers (I assume, you know what that means – but m/b not). I saw his email address and name. I Googled (just to confirm he was who I thought he was). Voila! Jesus H. Christ, it’s not exactly rocket science.

Which bits do you still need explained to you?

chester chester 6:09 pm 09 Jan 08

As a warning to those who attempt to post defamatory comments under an anonymous title, as I have been concerned about a stalker on my blog for some time, I have requested that IP addresses be monitored. Feel free to comment but if you choose to make uninformed defamatory comments recognize that it works both ways.

I am not opposed to criticism just abuse, intimidation, harassment, voyeurism and the like.

I’m not to expecting Stanhope to be quaking in his boots, Thumper. Hell, not with sites like RA to do his bidding for him.

I do, however, know the difference between sexual harassment and a “bit of a lark”. And I’m afraid that, as I’ve said previously on a number of occasions, I don’t need yours or anybody else’s validation to work it out.

But I will be contacting a solicitor about the comments made here in regard to this matter because frankly, slack arses who don’t do their homework or who need to go along with the crowd, really piss me off. Not for my own benefit. Couldn’t give a f*ck. Too late for that.

The failure of the ACT Government to respect people’s privacy is your problem now, not mine. They’ve already damaged my reputation far too much – as exhibited by the brainless twats on this site who comment ad nauseum like anybody cares about their f*cking opinions. Get back to me when you got some facts, lovies.

In the meantime, any models who might unwittingly be entrapped by CIT need to know what they’re getting themselves into.

And I’m sorry huns, but not only have I got a body to die for (LOL – well, I have) but I got an offer of $35/hour to pose nude from a workman yesterday (rejected but $12/hour more than the going rate that apparently includes outrageous breaches of privacy), a declaration of undying love, and the vital information that I made some guy’s day.

And I wasn’t the least bit offended because, in my experience, the difference between good humour and sleaze is generally pretty obvious.

But I agree it’s something that comes with experience.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 4:43 pm 09 Jan 08

Its possible that someone mailed her directly, but do not feed the troll(op).

Mælinar Mælinar 4:40 pm 09 Jan 08

CC gets the red phone direct line treatment from RA Admins on account of she’s crazier than a madhouse for the criminally insane.

I’d love a sneak peek at that email traffic, on account of she’s nuttier than a snickers bar and they are pretty funny guys.

Pandy Pandy 3:20 pm 09 Jan 08

Are not nude models, especially 46yo ones fairly fugly? Post a few photos and proove otherwise CC.

Anyway, how can you deduce an email address from the RA headers when RA has been deleting them for months?

Mælinar Mælinar 1:28 pm 09 Jan 08

As a 46yo nude model with a thin grasp on reality during your more lucid days, I really can’t see your case going very far CC.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 12:06 pm 09 Jan 08

Anyway, Stanhope is more concerned about the death penalty, which is another big ACT issue.

Maybe he should move to Marrickville!

Thumper Thumper 12:03 pm 09 Jan 08

I’m sure Mr Stanhope is quaking in his boots….

chester chester 11:11 am 09 Jan 08

Well as Jon Stanhope is about to become one of the subjects of a sexual harassment complaint I’m making, perhaps RA can desist from censorship long enough to let people see why and what his attitude to it is.

Anyone who does or may model for CIT in the future has the right to know about this. I have no doubt that their reaction will be the same as mine and that once aware of the situation they would not work for them in a pink fit.


popgoescanberra popgoescanberra 9:04 pm 08 Jan 08

Amusing take from a great gossip site….we are a laughing stock:

KandyA KandyA 1:45 pm 08 Jan 08

Im with Ripley on this:
“I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit – its the only way to be sure”

Mr Evil Mr Evil 1:10 pm 08 Jan 08

Mostly I just end up being surrounded by chicks yelling “you’re a dick”!

VYBerlinaV8 VYBerlinaV8 11:58 am 08 Jan 08

If I had a huge mob of sheilas shouting “show us ya dick” I’d be cheering!

sepi sepi 11:54 am 08 Jan 08

Or if they were surrounded by a large angry mob shouting the same.

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