7 January 2008

Women abused at Summernats

| Jazz
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It should come as no surprise to Canberran’s that at this time of year we get a few articles in the various media outlets about the Summernats. Invariably it starts with Chic Henry espousing how this year will be different and its a safe family friendly event which, I’m sure it is, during the day perhaps.

But a few beers later and we also inevitably get the following. In this article from yesterday’s the Canberra Times, reader Jessieduck noted the following corker.

Mr Henry said he had not had to face any major security complaints.
“I haven’t had any reports of any incidents of any significance. My security manager is very happy,” he said. “I spoke to him late last night and he said everything was moving along very smoothly, no accidents that I’ve heard about.
“We took one unfortunate man to the hospital because he had a problem with his heart, but he is back at the event today, smiling.
“Essentially, it is all about cars that are driving on the street and so the people that come here recognise that. It isn’t a race meeting, it is a festival.”

Tool unearthed this story on News.com which quoted summernats spokesman Dale Britten with some nicely scripted responses.

“In relation to comments such as asking women to remove their shirts, regrettably this does occur at this event,” he said.

“It highlights the need for Summernats organisers to continue to improve the environment at Summernats so it is a tolerant and respectful environment.”

“Alcohol was a factor”.

“It is a new phenomenon; we have never had that happen at the event before,”

And this is different to the past 20 years how? For those readers who went to the Nats, Does this match with your experience of the event or are the media blowing things out of proportion by taking small isolated incidents and making the Nats out to be the bad guy?

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or to the artists themselves who, unlike you, are actually concerned about stuff like… – heh heh yeah.

Artists have been pulling that trick for at least the last 2 centuries as a pretty weak excuse to perve at chicks in the nip.

Now – linking that to summernats… nah it’d be too thin.

People who go to summernats also like to perve at chicks in the nip. Maybe they just aren’t very good at drawing.

Oh come on Jazz when have you ever known CC to be anywhere near the track – she’s out in the paddock dancing with the ponies.

As for Summernats

Blokes says ‘Show your tits’
Girl shows tits
Bloke sees next girl says ‘show us your tits’
Girl gets offended
It’s cause effect – plenty of girls go to the nats with the knowledge they will lift their tops for anyone who asks. Chic just needs to organise an area with topless waitresses so all the blokes who want to oggle can.
Reports I’ve heard is that the quality of the breast being flashed was fairly poor – from a female friend.

we’re getting a little off topic here, so unless you can somehow equate lifedrawing and Jon Stanhope with treatment of women at Summernats i’d like to get things back on track pls.

“Chester, If you can nail comrade Stanhope then I will be your humble servant till the end of time.

okay, at least till next month ;)”

Don’t think I’ll get him on the sexual harassment unfortunately. He’s very good at appearing to keep his nose clean while spraying shit on all of those around him. But you never know your luck in the big city. By rights, getting him on at least two serious privacy breaches should be a snap but it gets complicated when members of the judiciary start involving themselves in stuff they shouldn’t (doesn’t it Nik? 😉 ).

Still at least I’ll be dealing with Federal bodies instead of the ACT bozos. But I’ll hold you to your offer Thumper! 😉

“Are not nude models, especially 46yo ones fairly fugly?”

Pandy while I’d be the first to describe myself as a Plain Jane from the neck up, I think rather than dwelling on that, your time would be better spent not being such an offensive little twerp to people who work as artists’ models (draped or undraped) or to the artists themselves who, unlike you, are actually concerned about stuff like line, form, light and shade etc.

If you can’t get your mind out of the gutter, Sunshine, either try to fake it or simply head for a porn site and be done with it. My experience (barring CIT) has been that the art community appreciate and respect their models in all their various shapes and sizes. Oh and sexes! (They draw/paint male nudes too you know.)

Chester, If you can nail comrade Stanhope then I will be your humble servant till the end of time.

okay, at least till next month 😉

OK, I admit not exactly a stalker. Just somebody whose identity I know who deserves to have the wind put up them.

“Anyway, how can you deduce an email address from the RA headers when RA has been deleting them for months?”

Nik emailed me. I looked at the long headers (I assume, you know what that means – but m/b not). I saw his email address and name. I Googled (just to confirm he was who I thought he was). Voila! Jesus H. Christ, it’s not exactly rocket science.

Which bits do you still need explained to you?

As a warning to those who attempt to post defamatory comments under an anonymous title, as I have been concerned about a stalker on my blog for some time, I have requested that IP addresses be monitored. Feel free to comment but if you choose to make uninformed defamatory comments recognize that it works both ways.

I am not opposed to criticism just abuse, intimidation, harassment, voyeurism and the like.

I’m not to expecting Stanhope to be quaking in his boots, Thumper. Hell, not with sites like RA to do his bidding for him.

I do, however, know the difference between sexual harassment and a “bit of a lark”. And I’m afraid that, as I’ve said previously on a number of occasions, I don’t need yours or anybody else’s validation to work it out.

But I will be contacting a solicitor about the comments made here in regard to this matter because frankly, slack arses who don’t do their homework or who need to go along with the crowd, really piss me off. Not for my own benefit. Couldn’t give a f*ck. Too late for that.

The failure of the ACT Government to respect people’s privacy is your problem now, not mine. They’ve already damaged my reputation far too much – as exhibited by the brainless twats on this site who comment ad nauseum like anybody cares about their f*cking opinions. Get back to me when you got some facts, lovies.

In the meantime, any models who might unwittingly be entrapped by CIT need to know what they’re getting themselves into.

And I’m sorry huns, but not only have I got a body to die for (LOL – well, I have) but I got an offer of $35/hour to pose nude from a workman yesterday (rejected but $12/hour more than the going rate that apparently includes outrageous breaches of privacy), a declaration of undying love, and the vital information that I made some guy’s day.

And I wasn’t the least bit offended because, in my experience, the difference between good humour and sleaze is generally pretty obvious.

But I agree it’s something that comes with experience.

Its possible that someone mailed her directly, but do not feed the troll(op).

CC gets the red phone direct line treatment from RA Admins on account of she’s crazier than a madhouse for the criminally insane.

I’d love a sneak peek at that email traffic, on account of she’s nuttier than a snickers bar and they are pretty funny guys.

Are not nude models, especially 46yo ones fairly fugly? Post a few photos and proove otherwise CC.

Anyway, how can you deduce an email address from the RA headers when RA has been deleting them for months?

As a 46yo nude model with a thin grasp on reality during your more lucid days, I really can’t see your case going very far CC.

Anyway, Stanhope is more concerned about the death penalty, which is another big ACT issue.

Maybe he should move to Marrickville!

I’m sure Mr Stanhope is quaking in his boots….

Well as Jon Stanhope is about to become one of the subjects of a sexual harassment complaint I’m making, perhaps RA can desist from censorship long enough to let people see why and what his attitude to it is.

Anyone who does or may model for CIT in the future has the right to know about this. I have no doubt that their reaction will be the same as mine and that once aware of the situation they would not work for them in a pink fit.


popgoescanberra9:04 pm 08 Jan 08

Amusing take from a great gossip site….we are a laughing stock:

Im with Ripley on this:
“I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit – its the only way to be sure”

Mostly I just end up being surrounded by chicks yelling “you’re a dick”!

If I had a huge mob of sheilas shouting “show us ya dick” I’d be cheering!

Or if they were surrounded by a large angry mob shouting the same.

It’s worth noting to difference between circumstances and fault. It is possible for someone to create a circumstance where a negative event occurs, that isn’t their fault. That said, the wise tend to recognise and avoid the circustance…

The interesting question is more one of whether the blokes would be upset if a few sheilas shouted “show us ya dick…”

there is no excuse for this sort of behaviour. full stop.

whatever you’re wearing, aware of, participating in… certainly may encourage this objectifying behaviour, wrongly, but there is no excuse or valid reason for it.

“I wonder if it’s okay to go to the multicultural festival, form a mob and wander around screaming obsenities at women?”

Whilst wearing a monkey suit? 🙂

I wonder if it’s okay to go to the multicultural festival, form a mob and wander around screaming obsenities at women?

Afterall, there is now a precedent.

I would really like to know what women are doing at Summernats anyway: shouldn’t they be a home looking after the kids, cleaning the house and cooking dinner? 🙂

“Would they do the same for an event where people of other races were subject to insult? I don’t think so!”

Good point ant, very good point.

“Women showing us their tits are OK.

The Stanhope Government sponsors this event and gives Chic money to hold it. Therefore it must be OK.”

There’s probably a section in the Bill of Rights about it!

I would quite like to go and look at the cars, but being in such an overtly male-owned environment, where women are “visitors” and subject to insult, doesn’t appeal to me so I just don’t go. and I really resent the government subsidising such an event, where half the taxpaying population can be subject to insult.

Would they do the same for an event where people of other races were subject to insult? I don’t think so!

Qbn survivor9:46 am 08 Jan 08

BattleKath, you’re right. However, does it mean that I am completely blameless??

just because you’re aware that harrassment will most likely occurr, doesn’t make it ok.

Qbn survivor8:43 am 08 Jan 08

That’s the one thing about Summernats – it always encourages some pretty heated debates!
After reading all of these comments, I think everyone raises some pretty good points. I’m in two minds what I think of it. On the one hand, I love the Summernats and I would be so sad to see it moved elsewhere or, more than likely, cancelled altogether. However, on the other hand, I would really like to see the sexism and harassment banished from the event so all people from both sexes can enjoy it peacefully. However, we don’t live in a perfect world so I really don’t know if it’s possible.
I would really like to see the organisers do something proactive to combat the sexist behaviour, like allow police access to all areas of the Nats at any time, and more importantly implement a zero tolerance policy for those that engage in offensive behaviour. There is enough security within the grounds to enforce a policy like this, it’s just a matter of the organisers growing some balls and doing it. Sure, for the first year they might try and organise a protest rally in response to people getting kicked out but if the police are informed and security are ready, I really don’t see why it wouldn’t work.
Ant, in response to your question, I was 18, enjoying a few drinks and stupidly wandering around wearing next to nothing. Did I deserve to get harassed? No. However, did I go along knowing full well that it was highly likely I would get harassed? Yes. In the end, who is at fault? Do I have a right to complain about it?

Women showing us their tits are OK.

The Stanhope Government sponsors this event and gives Chic money to hold it. Therefore it must be OK.

I have no problem with chicks showing me their norks.

however, I don’t scream it out whilst pissed on JDs and coke.

Maybe it is family friendly until after midday?

If that is the case, then it should be noted by organisers and relayed to the punters.

Frankly, if someone said ‘show us yer tits’ to my missus she’d punch them in the face, followed closely by me.

Admittedly, I would then be beaten to a pulp, but that’s life 😉

I must go to a different event every year, ’cause I don’t see any of the drunken “show us yer tits” and hoon behaviour until the afternoon. It’s perfectly family friendly in the morning/midday, and that’s when I see all the families/couples out.

I’m sure I saw Chic Henry on the telly the other day saying “I’ve always said it’s an event for the 18-23 year olds…”

No, Chick Henry cannot pay for cops. He can pay for security guards.

The government pays for cops.

Maybe Chick can be charged some sort of fee but in the end we pay for it.

Queanbeyan Survivor said: “However after one particular year of being harassed the whole day by a mob of bikers I thought I would get more enjoyment going on the Sunday, where I could look at the cars in peace.”

Further on, you said that women who turned up in loincloths and faint boob-coverings shouldn’t be surprised if they got harassed, so, that begs the question, what provocative outfit were you wearing to motivate the bikies so?

I also heard some huge number of cops were on duty at the summernats. Um, they were paid-for by Chick Henry, I hope? Not the taxpayer?

NickD is right. It it wasn’t for the annual hand-wringing in the media over the behaviour at Summernats, what else would those of us who didn’t go to Batemans Bay have to fulminate over.

I was intrigued by a comment made by ACT Police in some of the early reporting – to effect, they wouldn’t go in without being called in by the organisers. (Yep, can just see Chic ‘Family-Friendly’ Henry admitting he needed to call in the cops to control an outbreak of boganism …)

Still, does this mean the police will sit by and tolerate behaviour in a public place that probably wouldn’t be tolerated outside the gates of EPIC?

Berlina etc – I meant the thread on crime in Watson.

Berlina etc – Special Ed hit first, and before I said anything – in fact, before I started reading this thread. That’s a cheap shot.

Given Special Ed’s proclivity for misconstruing anything in front of him, I felt I needed to make the offer to explain it in a way he might understand if he became confused. It was an act of kindness.

el ......VNBerlinaV88:06 pm 07 Jan 08

Loving the ad hom attacks against Special G VicePope. Really.

The limited reportage and uncontrolled film (ie, not PR) that I have seen suggests that Summernats is to families as Japan is to whales. Since the thing started, there has been outrage over some appallingly sexist behaviour – I don’t know a woman with any self-esteem who would choose to be there. And whoever said any subsidy should be pulled is dead right – Summernats may put some bucks in some cash registers, but so would selling heroin. (Note to special Ed – this does not mean that I am equating Summernats with drug dealing – it means that making money is not the sole test of whether something should be done. Would you like that in fewer syllables?).

Not a bad point….

This kind of stuff gets reported after every Summernats. Maybe if the public subsidies are removed the organisers will get serious about controlling crowd behaviour…

Dr Evil, you truly are, hehe..

I agree with Mikeys’s spade is a spade.

Hang on, chic Henry is lying about it on ABC news.

His lips are moving.

Stanhope’s hypocracy is astounding over this event.

p.s. how do you rev-heads afford petrol these days anyhow? How many tanks would a Summernats entrant go through during a weekend of cruising and burn-outs?

Chic Henry’s “this is a family-friendly event” reminds me of the Iraqi Information Minister during the Iraq War: “There are no Americans in Baghdad …”

Just call a spade a spade. Summernats is a booze and testosterone-fuelled event for guys who like cars and chicks who like to flash the guys. Stop pretending otherwise. Although admitting such probably makes it a little bit difficult for the ‘progressive’ Stanhope government to justify public spending on it.

And like others have noted in their posts, much of the leering and jeering I saw on the weekend was being actively encouraged by some, no doubt promoting that other (legal) industry in Canberra we prefer not to talk about too much.

Deadmandrinking5:43 pm 07 Jan 08

Wtf is wrong with this thing? No link, no! Goddammit! It’s ‘laughing out loud at Doctor Evil’

Deadmandrinking5:42 pm 07 Jan 08

Lol@Doctor Evil.

I do agree with the suggestion of giving repeat troublemakers lifetime bans. Does anyone know how well that worked with the Rugby? I paid about as much attention to the bulldogs fans fiasco as I did to the actual game.

I was there for the 4 days but what surprised me was on friday(Family day)there was a white limo doing the rounds with a female doing a full frontal from the passengers window for at least 3laps, I am presuming that this was some form of advertising for a strip revue. I only went for a few hours on Saturday but I did notice that some of the “women” who were passengers were actually encoraging the crowd gatherer’s in order to show their wares. Sunday for what I saw was fairly quiet.

Wonder what would happen if they banned alchohol altogether at the Nats?

There would probably be a group of about ten blokes standing on the side of the road saying “excuse me madam, if it’s not too much trouble could we possibly see your breasts? No? Ok, no worries”.

As I don’t know if this will work until I try it:

<a href = "Site you want to link to">Text you want to be the link</a%gt;
Should give the result
ABC Online Article “Summernats troublemakers should be banned: Seselja”

I’m surprised that Simon even realised it was on….

Holden Caulfield3:24 pm 07 Jan 08

Haha, well, that worked well, I tried to post the URL and article title, but failed miserably, so, please copy and paste the following…


I’ll happily accept remedial lessons if anyone cares to oblige.

Holden Caulfield3:23 pm 07 Jan 08

Big Zed has his say…

Deadmandrinking2:40 pm 07 Jan 08

Openly admitting that the summernats is not a family event probably indicates that this kind of behavior has given it the reputation it needs to stay true to what it is – a hoon fest. It’s not bad; the hoon culture represents a sizable proportion of Australian culture, so why not have a festival for it?

Qbn Survivor. I also went along yesterday. Spent quite a lot of time loving some of those old cars. The burnouts got old rather quickly. Apart from that the Soundoff was fairly enjoyable. I noticed quite a bit of Security, and 3 Police cars out the front when I left around 3pm. I didn’t have any issues with anything yesterday.

Holden Caulfield1:35 pm 07 Jan 08

“Can the hybrids drop a burnout?”

No. Idiots and cretins probably don’t drive hybrids. 😉

barking toad1:00 pm 07 Jan 08

You obviously live in a very different community sepi – most hippies do.

“Oi Deb, show us ya tits!”

I reckon you’d have to look at her knees to see them!

toad you are also pretty far out of step with the community with your aggressive chauvunism.

I attended in a volunteer position, and think that this year was pretty good. Some great cars, and mostly pretty good crowd behaviour was witnessed, even when there was a bit of a mob walking along chanting. As per any event (and I mean any) there were drunken f#%ktards who don’t understand the difference between having fun, and being a cock.

Was pretty surprised that I saw more breasts on the friday (family day?) then I did saturday or sunday….

it was most pleasing, when driving in and out of canberra on the weekend for a quick trip to sydney – to see lots of police cars on the highway pulling over lots of cars for speeding and car inspections. and before anyone bleats about the police targetting the summernats demographic – if you aren’t doing anything wrong, you won’t be booked, simple as that.

While I might dislike some aspects of Summernats, I dislike Frothsky much more!

Listening to her waffling on (and blinking constantly!) on tv last night made me want to throw up.

Who voted for her? I want names and addresses!

Just another case of Deb Foskey chasing a headline.

I couldn’t get over Chic’s complete change of attitiude last night on the news as he stated that Summernats is an event for “mainly 18-25 year olds, and it isn’t a family event”.

Well, in all the ads leading up to Summernats he said it was a great event for the whole family!

Mind you, why would you trust anyone called Chic!

Yeah Mr Toad, I read that as well.

Talk about being out of step with a section of the community.

As I’ve said before, people are different, some like flower shows, some like museums, some like car shows, etc etc.

This is a good thing, it’s called diversity.

People like the Summernats, that’s fine.

Something Ms Foskey doesn’t really seem to appreciate.

Oh, and after reading her self grandiosing (and so self idulgent in a navel gazing way) blog about her worrying about her carbon footprint from flying to NZ for a climate change meeting I can never take a thing she says seriously.

why don’t they just ban booze? then people would be much better behaved, and you wouldn’t get the knobs who only go there to get pissed and harrass women. It would be an actual car show.

Can the hybrids drop a burnout?

barking toad9:47 am 07 Jan 08

It will all be ok.

Our Deb, former Narrabundah snout-trougher, wants SummerNats to have hybrid cars and solar powered vehicles to reduce Chic’s carbon footprint.

I can just imagine the lads queuing up to look at them.

Do these hippies live in the same universe as the rest of us?

“Oi Deb, show us ya tits!”

“I was only joking! Please don’t! Noooooo!!!! Stop – my eyes are burning!”

Qbn survivor9:22 am 07 Jan 08

Good point Sepi, I apologise for generalising. I guess it just irks me because out of the thousands of women I saw at the Nats, I only saw about five who wore actual clothes, not a loin cloth and a handkerchief wrapped around their boobs.

See ‘women’ is lots of different people.

So the ones flashing are actually different to the ones who are complaining about being harassed.

AH, spelling mistake by me

‘There’, not ‘their’…

Need coffee…

Qbn survivor8:54 am 07 Jan 08

Thumper, the cars this year were absolutely amazing. It was a return to what the Nats is really all about – the restoration and alteration of classic cars, like the old American classics and the quintessential Aussie beasts. There were very few late model cars, and almost everything was V8 as opposed to the rotaries and turbos that seemed to be dominating for the last few years.
There also seemed to be a lot more emphasis on uniqueness – e.g. the old Valiant that looked plain, simple but managed to pump out 1080hp on the Dyno, a completely original 450SLC Mercedes and a lot of the old 50’s Roadsters.
Sorry for the double-post 🙂

Qbn survivor8:49 am 07 Jan 08

I went to the Nats on Sunday, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve been every year for the past 10 years, and this was by far the best-behaved crowd. Security was everywhere (I think I passed a guard about every 50 metres) and although there were the usual ‘show us your tits’ comments, they were only directed at one particular woman who was happy to oblige.
Up until about 5 years ago, I used to always go on Saturdays. However after one particular year of being harassed the whole day by a mob of bikers I thought I would get more enjoyment going on the Sunday, where I could look at the cars in peace. I think next year I will venture out on the Saturday again, because with the amount of security as well as police at the event I think its safer at the Nats than Civic on any Saturday night.
One other thing – I know the Nats has a bad reputation for the attitude of attendees towards women, and while this reputation is warranted I still find it ridiculous that women go to this event wearing next-to-nothing, flashing their boobs and then wonder why they get harassed. I think women should be able to go wearing whatever the hell they want, and it’s not fair that it contributes to the behaviour of some people, but at the end of the day what is more important – promoting women’s rights by dressing like a slut or your own safety and security?
Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that women dressed like sluts deserve to get hassled/raped etc. but surely common-sense has to prevail.

Either or….

I’m sure I’ve read reports from previous Nats about unruly crowd behaviour.

Whatever, it would appear that the event ran reasonably smoothly, without to many disruptions to nearby residents, and if that is the case then the organisers need to be congratulated.

Apparently the quality of car was exceptional this year. I got to see a few while in Mitchell on Sunday and I have to admit their was some nice pieces of steel on the road.

Would anyone who went care to comment?

I think they mean the angry mob, not the frightening attitude to women.

“It is a new phenomenon; we have never had that happen at the event before,”

How long can one have their head in the sand before they expire?

Obviously about twenty years….

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