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Won’t any one think of the private schools?

By johnboy - 26 August 2010 161

The Liberals’ Steve Doszpot is stamping his tiny feet that the Greens and Labor won’t agree with him about guaranteeing rivers of gold to private schools.

“I presented this motion today to give the Greens and the Labor Party an opportunity to step up an support the non-government education sector, which provides quality educational outcomes for over 40 per cent of Canberra students,” Mr Doszpot said today.

“I’m extremely disappointed that neither party could give the assurance of adequate funding to the over 25,000 students and their parents that chose to send their children to a non-government school in the ACT…

“In fact at a ACT Labor party conference only four years ago, Deputy Chief Minister, Katy Gallagher and former Education Minister, Simon Corbell voted for a motion to ‘unashamedly support’ public education over non-government schools.

In the true spirit of the modern Liberal party Steve promises to make sure that more money which could be spent making public schools good will go to schools parents will already pay to send their children to.

UPDATE: Andrew Barr has been in touch to let us know that Labor and the Greens passed the following motion yesterday instead of Steve’s:

    That this Assembly:

    (1) notes:
    (a) the old public-private debate is over; and
    (b) all children in all schools should get the best education possible;

    (2) reaffirms:
    (a) its strong support for the Australian Government’s comprehensive review into education funding; and
    (b) its strong support for a system that provides the most funding to the neediest schools, whether public, Catholic or independent; and

    (3) calls on all parties in this Assembly to:
    (a) support needs-based education funding in future; and
    (b) work together in the interests of all students in all schools, not to attempt to profit from the politics of division.

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161 Responses to
Won’t any one think of the private schools?
54-11 1:08 pm 26 Aug 10

Why don’t we have education vouchers, worth exactly the cost of a public education.

Then those who want to opt out can do so, receiving just the cost of the public alternative.

Then the private system can charge whatever the market will bear over and above that.

This way, it is revenue neutral to govt and to us who were educated in the public system, and who send/sent our kids there as well.

shadow boxer 1:00 pm 26 Aug 10

If I take my kids out of private school and send them to public school it will cost the taxpayer more. You will have to fund them, if all 40,000 parents in canberra do it and the private schools close and the organisations running them remove the 100’s of millions of dollars they put in you will have to fund them big time.

Governments know this, it’s economics 101

I have 4 kids at private school and it costs me about 22k a year from my public service salary. To achieve that I sacrifice a flash car, an annual holiday and various hobbies and entertainments through the year.

It’s a matter of priorities and the vast majority of parents I meet at the private school are doing the same thing and struggling along making sacrifices and doing the best they can.

I dont understand the relevance of your middle class welfare comment though..

astrojax 12:44 pm 26 Aug 10

of course, it is a spurious assertion that the single philosophy of how to provide a [free] education for all students resides in a single system and this means that alternative philosophies of education delivery exist. and it is, from their perspective – and who’s to say they’re wrong? – incumbent upon a government representing all to provide appropriate support.

not that i have an affiliation with any alternative education provider; just saying. it seems to be missing from the debate raging one-sidely above…

vg 12:22 pm 26 Aug 10

Someone might need to explain position of advantage and ‘exaggerated sense of entitlement’ that people who send their kids to private schools have.

Public education is entirely free and that ‘free-ness’ paid for by the Govt.

Private education is not free, it is paid for by the kids parents and partially subsidised by the Govt.

So what people are saying is that people who pay for their kids education are in a position of advantage as opposed to those who don’t? They must teach funny maths in those public schools.

Interestingly enough, parents of private school kids probably contribute to them their ‘taxes’ people are banging on about

Thumper 12:17 pm 26 Aug 10

Also interesting to note that the Liberals have started rhetorically confusing the distinction between ‘private’ and ‘public’ schools, and now refer to private schools as ‘independent’ or ‘non-government’.

In the federal Dept for Education, both DEEWR and DEST before that, they have always been referred to as such. So it’s not a liberal or labor thing, it’s just how it is.

No conspiracies I’m afraid.

johnboy 12:16 pm 26 Aug 10

I suspect it’s similar to the middle class “right” to the same welfare as the genuinely needy.

Jim Jones 12:14 pm 26 Aug 10

shadow boxer said :

Each and every kid is entitled to the same amount towards their education

Where the hell did that ‘right’ come from? I’ve searched through UNICEF and can’t find it anywhere.

Everyone has a ‘right’ to education – this is provided by the publically funded, public system. If you want to opt out of that system, why should the taxpayer have to pay for your choice? More importantly, why should the public system be starved of funds and suffer as a result of the private education system being funded by people who can’t afford to access it for their children?

shadow boxer 11:57 am 26 Aug 10

wow, I think some people on here are feeling guilty that they have settled for a second rate education for their kids.

Each and every kid is entitled to the same amount towards their education, if I choose to supplement it that is up to me and no skin of your nose.

banjo 11:52 am 26 Aug 10

I am amazed that private schools require government funding at all, they are funded by the parents of the kids who pay upwards of $80 a week per child. I did attend a private school for two years for availability reasons and the school had no shortage of funds, kids were given free scholarships for their rugby ability, all school excursions were covered by the school, “brothers” who were supported by the school never seemed to do anything yet had new cars every year, facilities were perfect. Prior to that I had come from a public school which I enjoyed even though the school was falling apart, excursions had to be covered by the parents and obviously not all kids families could afford to send them, teachers earned a lot less and probably had to put up with a lot more. I have nothing against parents that chose to send their kids to private schools but why should those with kids who are getting a public education have to pay for the private school kids through their taxes when public schools are falling apart, and those students that need more help are going unnoticed…

When was the last time teachers employed by private schools went on strike…

Jim Jones 11:45 am 26 Aug 10

Also interesting to note that the Liberals have started rhetorically confusing the distinction between ‘private’ and ‘public’ schools, and now refer to private schools as ‘independent’ or ‘non-government’. They’re not technically ‘private’ any more, because they now get f$ckloads of money from the government.

shirty_bear 11:43 am 26 Aug 10

The knowledge that private schools receive *any* govt funding drives me spare. Education and health care for the masses; what greater priority could any self-respecting Australian govt have? If people want to go do their own thing, fine. Do it on your own dime.

I’ve heard all the mealy-mouthed arguments in favour of funding non-govt schools. It’s still wrong. Discretionary spending can’t possibly warrant subsidising.

It’s bad enough that the churches – some of the biggest and most successful businesses in the world – get tax breaks for misleading/exploiting the sheep. Actually giving them $$ on top? Beggars belief.

p1 11:30 am 26 Aug 10

If parents want the government to pay for the education of their children, why don’t they just send them to public school?

That’s not to say I won’t necessarily use this to my advantage if and when I have kids, but I do think the government funding private education is an oxymoron.

colourful sydney rac 11:21 am 26 Aug 10

If you want to send your kids to private school you can bloody well pay for it yourself.

Pommy bastard 11:13 am 26 Aug 10

I agree Jim. If you want to “privately” educate your child, away from all the common nit ridden kids, then pay for it. Don’t ask me to.

Jim Jones 11:05 am 26 Aug 10

So much for the almighty ‘power of the free market’, apparently it needs to be constantly propped up by middle-class welfare with an exaggerated sense of entitlement.

Next they’ll be demanding that the gummint supports private health insurance at the expense of the public system … oh, hang on, already happening.

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