Woolworths – formerly the fresh food people

asp 25 August 2007 85

On the 7th April 2007, a batch of Southcape Garlic Feta Cheese was on a shelf in Woolworths Lanyon, when the clock ticked midnight, signaling the day of it’s use by. So why then did I find several blocks of this cheese today, the 25th of August? It was at the front and the shelf was fully stocked. It wasn’t marked down, no marked as being past the use by.

Cheese won’t make you sick if it is even a month over. But more than 4 months!

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85 Responses to Woolworths – formerly the fresh food people
VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 8:52 pm 05 Sep 07

This is an absolute cracker – I’d forgotten about this thread until I checked the latest comments areas. We’re still talking about old cheese, right? Naaaaaaaaaaasty.

Yes toolbeater, my comment was sarcastic. As far as I’m concerned we should be selling all the out of date items at discounted rates to the poor, for 2 reasons:
1) Many of the out of date items are still ok; and
2) As I said above, I own Woolworths shares, and would like to see them maximise their profits.

Peacekeeper Peacekeeper 8:39 pm 05 Sep 07

Out of date cheese… wow. What a horrible world we live in where products are left out on the shelf too long. They should be shipping all that cheese to the starving people in 3rd world countries, because they’d certainly appreciate it more.

Asp, sounds like a personal problem to me. Why forums like this were created I don’t know, but obviously it’s a great place just to waste your time. I’m really sorry that the staff aren’t doing a good enough job for you. Good on you for telling the proper authorities about the problem. I take it it’s all been resolved now, because you’re not posting here anymore…?

As for the ugly staff, you should definitely talk to the manager of the store and get them to hire the right people. I believe there are some pretty good modeling agencies in Canberra.

Toolbeater’s right. A pain in the ass, sure… but still right.

I’m really amazed at how much effort you’re going to to prove Tollbeater wrong. Even talking to staff at Lanyon to get information so you can come back to post something! In a better world, you would be my hero: Super-efficient supermarkets run by models, robots, and best of all *you*!

Well that was great fun! Come on say something else and make me laugh.

Toolbeater Toolbeater 7:32 pm 05 Sep 07

Read it dickhead, Coles runs the stores and Shell provides the fuel. YOU are all Mr ‘its a piece of piss’ to avoid Coles and Woolies then to prove your point you get your fuel from Coles… Way to go.

I’m glad no one cares what I post, I’m sure you’ll care enough to respond. You know I’m right about everything. So get a life ‘sunshine’ cause you are fighting a fight you can not possibly win.

Thumper Thumper 7:45 am 04 Sep 07


Shell and Coles have a business alliance.

I still don’t shop at Woolies or Coles.

And this thread was about out of date cheese.

You really are an idiot of the highest order. If you doubt this then go back and read your ridiculous rantings.

Like I said, get a life sunshine because if you notice, no-one cares what you post.


Toolbeater Toolbeater 1:15 am 04 Sep 07

“Listen, I’ll say it again. I very, very rarely visit Woolies or Coles.
I get my fuel from Shell.
Got it? Simple.”

Oh I get it, clearly you dont…


If I were handing out ignorance awards… you’d get two.

Thanks for the concern about my sleeping habits, as perverse as you may be I can assure you that your not keeping me up at night.

Speaking of posting times why is it you are posting at 10:30am, dont you have some sort of job to be doing?

And as far as the ‘fat surly trolls’ with their sweaty armpits and muffin tops are concerned… are you sure you’ve seen them working at Woolies? If so, you really should call the authorities; it would appear a few have escaped from the public service..

VicePope VicePope 10:52 am 03 Sep 07

Ingeegoodbee – we shall have to differ on the Kambah checkout people. Maybe we attend this retail cathedral at different times. Some of the checkout staff that I have dealt with are rather young and, perhaps, a bit shy/retiring. But they have all seemed well-presented, business-like and pleasant to me. If I had a problem, I’d let someone know.

Anyhow. Apart from the deli’s issues, I think the positioning of this supermarket is terrible. It could be managed by JC and staffed by the Apostles, and it would still not be right.

Badly oriented (did anyone know about feng shui when it was built?). Terrible exit flow from the express checkout. Poor access from the entry/exit area to to the express checkout for the ciggie addicts etc. Poor indoor temperature controls due to poor orientation and too many doors. Near a bloodhouse of a pub. Very little other retail activity in the centre (apart from a fairly good butcher). Moving it side on to face the car park and ditching the grog shop (the pub sells booze so no-one would miss out) would be good.

There are worse shopping centres around (Jamison, take a bow. Your turn, Pearce. Torrens, come on down), but this one could be a lot better.

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 10:27 am 03 Sep 07

VicePope, I fully accept that reasoned comment on this issue (like yours) would probably be more constructive in the context of this debate, however, honestly – that’s not what we’re here for. Look at when this guy posts. It’s after two o’bloody clock in the morning. In my own perverse way, it’s fun to know that you’re keeping someone up with just a few casual insults … but I digress … the condition of the Kambah Woolies “delicatessen” is a disgrace, to be fair to those that staff it, they themselves seem nice enough (which probably precludes them from a job in the ‘bunker’ at the front of the store where service with a sneer, sweaty armpits and bulging muffin-tops are de rigure.

VicePope VicePope 10:13 am 03 Sep 07

Ingeegoodbee. Just for the record, was your concern about the deli staff or the checkout people at Woolies in Kambah? I read it as being the deli staff.

I go there on a couple of milk/bread occasions a week. While I’d agree that the deli could be better (ok, a fair bit better in terms of turnover), I have found the checkout people to be pleasant and efficient. Not aware of any “surly fat trolls” among them – perhaps they’re all on at those hours I don’t go there. (“Quick, Vice-Pope is coming. Remove the Surly Fat Trolls. Hide the gimp!”).

But, if you think anyone there is showing insufficient admiration for the wonderful person you appear to be, why not let the manager or a more senior person know or have a burble on the Woolies website. Problems can’t be rectified if they don’t know about them.

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 9:14 am 03 Sep 07

Toolbeater you pathetic dipsh!t, how about you go back and actually read my post you rancid little excuse for an ar$s-wipe. If you actually bothered to read what people were posting instead of sprouting off about how bloody wonderful supermarkets are you might actually get the point. You’re a bloody fool.

And I stand by my comment about the checkout staff at Kambah Woolies. Without exception the checkout staff are a bunch of surly fat trolls.

Thumper Thumper 7:58 am 03 Sep 07

Listen, I’ll say it again. I very, very rarely visit Woolies or Coles.

I get my fuel from Shell.

Got it? Simple.

Get a life.

Toolbeater Toolbeater 2:33 am 03 Sep 07

You might not visit the supermarkets but what about your fuel? your alcohol? you don’t visit any Coles/Woolworths owned department stores? If you manage to completely avoid any of their business then you truly are in the minority.

IGA’s a good if you just want to pick up a few items but not really designed to do your weekly shopping. The prices are significantly more expensive than the majors, 10 or 20 cents may not seem a lot but as a percentage its a significant mark-up. Their range is also significantly smaller than that of the major supermarkets.

You mentioned Aldi. They are a completely different story. Yes they are cheap but so is their product. If you were to shop at Coles and Woolworths and purchased only their generic brands you’ll find that you can do the same shop there as you can at Aldi for a very similar price. The thing is though, that for most people when given the option of a generic brand Vs. a premium name brand they will go for the more expensive option so when they shop at Coles/Woolies they spend a lot more money simply through the choices they make on individual items.

A large part of this discussion is centred on customer service standards, something of which Aldi has none. The shop floor is usually void of staff and when going through the checkouts you get to pack your own bags. Though they are cheaper on the overall you. as always, get what you pay for.

You approach the deli with the attitude that the person serving you is a ‘fat surly troll’? I can’t work out why you possibly don’t get good service..

Good point. Most supermarket employees have a dislike for their job. In fact most retail employees don’t enjoy working in retail. I’d suggest the reason being not that the job itself is bad but that its ruined by shoppers like asp who walk around the stores with the attitude that they are better than everyone else.

Your getting a bit fired up there.
“If i’m retarded then what are you, a f*cking troglodyte.”
Def – “troglodyte” – a person characterized by reclusive habits or outmoded or reactionary attitudes
Sort of like someone who’d rather sit at home and post on the internet about a trivial piece of cheese without any real understanding of the issue? I had no idea that I was dealing with someone with such an extensive vocabulary. You’re still an asshole too by the way.

Thanks for the business 101 lesson. When I refered to expansion I was refering to diversification, sure it adds to their cost base but by diversifying into other markets more profitable than groceries but it also improves the bottom line of the entire company. Expansion doesn’t come from reducing costs. Profitability does. I already explained that the wages are the first to be cut when a supermarket isn’t profitable. Less staff means less time checking the dates on products but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen. Date checking is just one of a thousand tasks that happen in stores so the assumption that your out of date cheese is a direct result of Woolowrths turning a profit is pretty far fetched.

Why are you still arguing the carton size? 12 is the average size, end of story. I agreed that there are some products that come in larger qtys. Long life milk comes in boxes of 12, fresh milk in creates of 6-9, canned foods 12-24, personal care products almost always 6, shampoo 6, deoderant 6, face creams 6, cheese 12-24. You really are a cumstain, theres even supermarket employees comfiming what im sayaing.

If you managed to comprehend my explination you’d understand that lagrer quantities simply add the double handling and therefore increase costs, but you have ‘logic’ on your side, right? Stop arguing the carton size, you are wrong and its simply countering your argument.

Thanks for expalining what the acronym for FFS meant, this is my first time using the internet. Who told you about the pixie living in my cupbaord?

I’ll add you to the list of people who get it. Thankyou.

ant ant 8:11 pm 01 Sep 07

It’s the great Australian way. When the customers are upset about something, abuse them! That’ll teach the ungrateful buggers, we work hard all day and here they are complaining. How dare they.

el el 7:33 pm 01 Sep 07

bsunch of savages in this town

Genuinely LOL, caf…

asp asp 5:40 pm 01 Sep 07

Quite right.
And I would surmise that the increasing problems at Lanyon Woolies are not due to laziness, but rather under staffing and poor management. I don’t take it out on the front line staff. I just tell them if I find something off.

tom-tom tom-tom 7:29 pm 31 Aug 07

i should first say that i work for woolies, whenever someone tells me about out of date products i go check them and if they are out of date i get rid of them. simple. it’s hardly a hassle and besides i’m paid for it.
I do however object to comments like bd84’s blaming lazy staff. A perishables filler is expected to fill about 60 cartons per hour, at on average 12 units per carton, toolbeater is 100% right about that (you’re an idiot asp), this means the filler is handling stock for 5 seconds per unit. While it would be nice if the filler check dates on each item thats really not practical, besides most stock in my experience will sell long before the use by date.
If you find stuff thats out of date tell someone (who can actually do something, the 15 year old on the busy register can’t just leave and sort it out) Don’t yell at the staff or take Mr. Evils approach, that just makes you look like a tool.
out of date stock happens despite the best intentions of everyone. get over it.

asp asp 2:22 pm 31 Aug 07

“What I base making the statement that most lines come in boxes in quantities of 12 on is years of experience working in retail… Block Cheese – 6-12”
FFS (for f*ck sake) are you on drugs. Did you get all you facts from a little pixie who lives in your bdroom cupboard and tells you to smoke dope and set things alight? I was in Woolies yesterday and the boxes of Bega large block and Woolies Select large blocks were in QTY of about 24 per box. Not 6-12. Christ, logic would dictate that less boxes means less time consumed with handling.

All that BS you said about bigger cartons not been better is just that, BS. You only have to look at the boxes for a lot of canned items, health and beauty products, chesses and you’ll see that 12 or less is rare. Hell milk comes in QTY of 12 and larger items. But that is well less than half.

asp asp 2:06 pm 31 Aug 07

“…retarded” -toolbeater

I’m retarded. Christ, If i’m retarded then what are you, a f*cking troglodyte.

“I’d love to see your research that proves the ‘record profits’ vs. their out of code management practices. Perhaps you could request their shrinkage results and graph them against their profit for us? Surely its not possible that the increased profits isn’t a result of business expansion, technology advancements, better management practice and the like. You are the naive one.”
Well let’s see here. Service and quality getting worse, especially in delicatessen. And your argument about expansion accounting for increased profits is rediculous. Expansions also expands costs and is a drain on capital. For a coropration like Woolies, expansions comes from reducing costs. That’s business 101.

Ralph Ralph 12:08 pm 31 Aug 07

I’m not sure of the ethics of shopping there yet


green_frogs_go_pop green_frogs_go_pop 11:59 am 31 Aug 07

Well…i personally work at woolworths myself and..all i can say is..to the people who suposebly dont work there, yet are writing heaps about stuff, play in traffic.

Yeah..that does sound like lanyon woolies soo much..

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 11:35 am 31 Aug 07

The so called “delicatessen” at the Woolworths in Kambah does a a great line on pre-cut smallgoods that are drying up and curling around the edge. You also get the added bonus of waiting in a long queue to get served by some surly fat troll.

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