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johnboy 8 September 2011 1

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A reader has been along to the information session on the proposed UC CIT merger and sent in this report (as well as a picture of her well maintained fingernail)

Monique Skidmore is speaking, not sure who she is..

Nothing new here. They’re pretty much just reassuring UC students that nothing bad is going to happen/their degrees won’t be devalued when the merger goes ahead.

General consensus is that students it’s going to dumb down their degrees.

I think most people are misinformed though. There will be more choices and opportunities should the merger go ahead.

Monique mentioned that by amalgamating UC and CIT they will become an internationally ranked uni.

Student comments:

-Will they add more parking if we get CIT students? (they don’t want to pay)

USCA president said UC is looking to get a gated system and you have to swipe to student ID get in so pubes don’t steal the parks.

-UC is raising the ATAR from 65 to 75

-UC students worried about liability of CIT’s financial situation as the government has already bailed them out.

-worried that UC will become a ‘super tafe’

-brought up how swinburne and rmit are doing well in world rankings.

-will UC be worse off if it doesn’t go ahead with the merger? If it’s not broke don’t fix it.
-system is changing, 5th smallest uni in the sector, not funded by gov for specialized research like ANU.
-all facilities eg. disability services, library services will improve.
-together UC and CIT will be powerful, separately they’ll have to market against each other.

-looking to become a world ranked uni by 2018

-hoping it to go through by 2013.

-UC going to rebrand itself soon.

And now I’m bored. I’ll let you know if anything actually happens like a riot or some s***.

Here’s a photo.


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One Response to Word from the UC CIT information session
ryza ryza 3:57 pm 08 Sep 11

I am currently a Masters student at UC and I think the merger is… a little silly.

CIT performs such a different function to a university that this should never have been considered. I actually started my tertiary education at CIT so it holds a special place in my heart but it is most certainly not a university.

Funny to mention RMIT as thats where I recieved my undergraduate degree.

So what if the CIT does not make money, is that really the point? I thought it was to get people into a trade supported by the government?

I just hope we don’t end up with a degree in hairdressing or something…

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