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Workers Memorial begins consultation

johnboy 18 July 2011 12

The National Capital Authority is letting us know they want to know what you think about establishing a “national memorial to honour, and pay tribute to, all working Australians who have died as a result of work related accidents, incidents and disease”.

They’re holding a drop in session at the proposed site in Kings Park on 24 July 2011 (2-3pm).

Perhaps more exciting the tripping bird flies forth once again on the NCA consultation page, albeit in a toned down form from its glory days.

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12 Responses to Workers Memorial begins consultation
Listers_Cat 11:18 pm 18 Jul 11

Personally, I feel that workers memorials like this would make more sense in industrial cities (for example, Wollongong, Newcastle etc)... you know, where lots of workers have actually died

54-11 6:50 pm 18 Jul 11

I thought the NCA was going broke. Why are these whackers looking for even more useless ways of spending money they don't have?

Gary Rake must have some relevance deprivation problems.

troll-sniffer 3:16 pm 18 Jul 11

[quote comment="338799"]Hope nobody gets hurt putting it up, we could end up in an infinite loop...[/quote]


Gungahlin Al 3:11 pm 18 Jul 11

[quote comment="338752"]A workers memorial?

Um, why?[/quote]

And maybe one for anyone killed in a car accident? Or who had the misfortune of contracting an illness?

Yes where does it end?

I think there is a marked difference between 1/ people who put their hands up to go fight a war on behalf of our country, courtesy of a decision by our elected reps that may or may not be questionable in its relevance and importance to our nation and 2/ people killed in accidents of whatever sort.

I'd rather see the NCA put the funds towards restoring some of the former glory of the parliamentary triangle public areas through restoring the lawns and landscaping.

Erg0 2:29 pm 18 Jul 11

Hope nobody gets hurt putting it up, we could end up in an infinite loop...

Henry82 1:10 pm 18 Jul 11

I think we should have a public memorial for anyone who has died.

All names are stored in a text file (updated once a year), which is saved on a usb and kept inside the memorial.

problem solved.

Classified 12:49 pm 18 Jul 11

A complete waste of money at a time when we should be pulling our belt in.

Fashion Queen 12:34 pm 18 Jul 11

Another way to hide "public art" expenditure???

busgirl 12:34 pm 18 Jul 11

What a waste of money

troll-sniffer 12:18 pm 18 Jul 11

Talk about a society struggling to find relevance!

Not wishing to be left out, I propose the following memorials be considered alongside the above nominee:

A memorial to all workers who didn't use all their sick leave

A memorial to all workers who have had to go home with a migraine

A memorial to all workers who suffered a paper cut and decided not to report it

A memorial to all workers who have ever been unjustly rated in an interview process

A memorial to all workers who have suffered the loss of a loved one but carried on without feeling sorry for themselves

A memorial to all workers who could have been killed or injured at work but through their superior coordination and cognitive skills, managed to avoid the ultimate price

A memorial to all workers whose feelings have been hurt at work by someone saying something that they consider to be not quite pc enough for their delicate little metro sensibilities

A memorial to all those who have received an email that normal well-adjusted people find funny but choose to find offence because they now have the power

A memorial to all public servants crucified in the arena of public opinion for proposing a never-ending stream of memorials of dubious social value.

Thumper 10:28 am 18 Jul 11

A workers memorial?

Um, why?

ma7trlb 10:06 am 18 Jul 11

does it seriously cost $3.6m to build a memorial these days? I'm in the wrong game...

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