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You get a vote on the Dickson supermarket options

By johnboy 22 November 2011 30

dickson master plan

The Economic Development Directorate is setting a potentially dangerous precedent by asking the public for their votes on a development issue.

The Dickson Centre Master Plan was released in May 2011 following extensive consultation with the community. It included a number of sites for future supermarket and retail development in the Dickson Group Centre.

The Master Plan indicated that Block 19 would be released to a supermarket operator as a first priority.
It also indicated that Block 21 would subsequently be released for a full line supermarket and other speciality retail shopping stores in the future.

However, there is an opportunity for the ACT Government to release Block 21 for two supermarkets. This would see two new supermarkets developed on this one site.

This would mean that Block 19 would not be released for development at this time. In the short term this block would remain a surface car park.

The ACT Government would like to know your preference for supermarket development at the Dickson Group Centre.

Voting closes 9 December 2011

The two options are:

    — Both supermarkets accommodated on Block 21 now.
    — One supermarket on Block 19 and one supermarket on Block 21 later.

(We’ll resist the urge to run our own poll for fear of confusing the punters)

For those wondering:
— Block 21 is the land currently known as “The car park next to woolies”.
— Block 19 is “The car park behind the post office”

UPDATE: After our readers reported their votes being misallocated the voting process now leads to this message:

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with the online voting tool. We apologise for any inconvenience and will provide notification on our homepage when this has been rectified.

Considering every house in the inner North got a flyer yesterday asking them to vote it’s a bit of a problem.

What’s Your opinion?

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30 Responses to
You get a vote on the Dickson supermarket options
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rosscoact 1:52 pm 25 Nov 11

WilliamZ said :

Let us instead vote out the government and let the free market decide where the supermarkets (or any store or petrol station for that matter) goes. It is time to open up Canberra!

Not sure that was one of the options, you must have got a different post card to me.

WilliamZ 10:29 pm 23 Nov 11

Let us instead vote out the government and let the free market decide where the supermarkets (or any store or petrol station for that matter) goes. It is time to open up Canberra!

johnboy 11:50 am 23 Nov 11

This in from the EDD:

I wanted to bring you up to speed with the problems we’ve encountered with the Dickson supermarket options poll we’ve been running on EDD’s website. Something went wrong with it yesterday evening – IntACT thinks it was some kind of system fault – and led to the problems Rioters have raised. We’ve rebuilt the page and it is now running as we intended. We think we’ve captured all the votes lodged, but to be sure are urging people who may already have voted to have another go. Any questions, please give me a call.

poetix 9:24 am 23 Nov 11

TomGreenwell said :

Could anybody who has voted (or anybody else who has an opinion) please explain the pros and cons of the two options?

I just thought having two supermarkets built at once would be less disruptive that one now, one later. Also I prefer open air parking as underground makes me freak out a little, even though it’s the way things are going.

Hardly big ideas behind my (attempted) vote. And more little shops might be good, but it was written as if the two new supermarkets are going to happen, no matter what.

peterepete 9:12 am 23 Nov 11

Who’d be interested in being in government? There is so much whinging and negativity here. I’ve seen stacks of consultation, options, preliminary plans go around over the last few months. I’m a local resident so I’ve stayed involved and interested as I have a stake in it. Granted if the voting is screwed then it defeats the purpose of it but I guess when you treat children like adults they start to behave like little brats.

nice_enough 8:44 am 23 Nov 11

I love how ACT Labor, has not put to market the land out the front of the Tradies, but instead has basically handed it to the Tradies on a silver platter. So much for their love of market based approaches, seems to only apply when it suits them and doesn’t involve on of their biggest donors.

The Tradies has done nothing but build what could only be described as some of the ugliest architecture in Canberra in the Dickson area. The last thing Dickson needs is a mega club, the Dickson Tradies already has the MOST pokie machines of any club in Canberra.

TomGreenwell 8:03 am 23 Nov 11

Could anybody who has voted (or anybody else who has an opinion) please explain the pros and cons of the two options?

Deref 7:03 am 23 Nov 11

deye said :

I-filed said :

thehutch said :

Deref said :

If I was a restaurant proprietor in Dickson I’d be screaming blue bloody murder. Lack of parking will kill Dickson.

In fairness, the plans I remembered reading from May, included underground parking. I don’t think there will be loss of carparking in the longer term.

Personally, if we are going to have development, I believe development in areas like the Dickson group centres actually makes sense.

People want free parking out of hours to go to a restaurant. Underground paid parking will also kill Dickson restaurants!

maybe the underground parking would be free at certain times, or certain lengths of time like Woden.

And porcines might engage in aviation. The parking lot under the building that houses Three Rivers charges 24/7.

Bramina 11:36 pm 22 Nov 11

ThisIsAName said :

That map/plan doesn’t resemble much of what I remember from the community consultation event. Aside from the wide E-W footpath and mention of a bus area, this looks like much more of a developer bastardised one: more multi-storey buildings and retail spaces.

Thanks for listening ACT govt!

That was the final plan. The idea is that the heights of the buildings gently flow down from Northbourne like a wave.

But that is ridiculous. Of al the considerations that go into planning, for them the most important was what the skyline looks like from a certain angle.

Mumbucks 10:31 pm 22 Nov 11

PantsMan said :

I got a “postcard” voting slip in the mail – complete with reply paid postage – about this from the “Communications Unit, Economic Development Directorate.” Sounds like the CIA’s “General Plans Division.”

I think 10 years of bad consultation, total service delivery failure, and bent administrative decisions is really starting to catch up with this Government, but I don’t think a postcard will fix it.

Watch out for the fridge magnet

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